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Chapter 59: Chapter 59: 8,000 Spirit Stones, Face The Music


Hearing the elder’s words, Xiao Wuyou subconsciously wanted to smash the bowl that he was holding, however, he stopped abruptly when he recalled that it was Chen Chen’s bowl.

“Master, you can smash it, it’s alright…” Chen Chen said cautiously as he waited at his master’s side.

Moments later, Xiao Wuyou tossed the bowl to Chen Chen before turning to look at the statue of the ancestor in the hall.

The hall fell silent, and the atmosphere grew depressing.

After a long time, Xiao Wuyou finally murmured, “The new king has ascended to the throne and the Wuxin Clan has completely disregarded the other 35 clans. It seems that the rumors are true, the Wuxin Clan wants to unify and dominate the 36 clans to establish a kingdom like the State of Zhou.”

The outer clan elder next to him wiped the cold sweat off his forehead upon hearing his words.

There were 37 forces in the State of Jin and the Wuxin Clan was the strongest of them all, followed by the royal family of the State of Jin. In the past, the royal family of the State of Jin led the other 35 clans and managed to barely rule over the Wuxin Clan; however, now that the old king had passed away, the new king who grew up in the Wuxin Clan had ascended to the throne.

The balance was completely broken and the suffering of the 35 clans would probably continue.

If the pressure from the State of Zhou Demon Clan was reduced by a little, the Wuxin Clan would certainly take action to destroy a few clans to warn the others, so as to forcibly unify the 36 clans.

If the 35 clans united, things wouldn’t be so bad, Unfortunately, the 35 clans were all disunited and many clans had already defected to the Wuxin Clan, in preparation for a change.

“Clan master, what do we do about Wang Feng?” the outer clan elder asked bitterly after a moment of silence.

At this juncture, no one wanted to be the one to get killed so as to serve as a warning to others. The other clans were unwilling and even more so was the Tianyun Clan. Hence, they mustn’t let the Wuxin Clan get hold of any evidence against them at this point.

“Master, I’ll just make a trip to the outer clan.” Chen Chen said out loud as he waited to the side.

Xiao Wuyou’s brows immediately furrowed into a frown.

“I am very experienced in dealing with such people, Master, please don’t worry.”

Chen Chen chuckled as he turned around to leave the hall.

Looking at Chen Chen’s back, Xiao Wuyou did not block him. Instead, his expression grew somewhat complicated.

“As the successor… you must not be impulsive!” The outer clan elder yelled worriedly.

He then dashed forward in an attempt to stop Chen Chen but he was pulled back by an invisible force before he could take two steps forward.

Xiao Wuyou then said coldly, “There’s no harm in that. Let him go. No matter how weak my Tianyun Clan may be, we are not weak to the extent that we can’t even protect a disciple.”

His gaze instantly became full of certainty and firmness, as if he had made some kind of decision.

Meanwhile, chaos had already broken out at the square outside.

Wang Feng stood in the middle of the square, looking at the disciples below in askance. None of them dared to look him in the eye.

“Sun Tiangang, don’t you always brag about how you’re the strongest fighter in the inner clan? Why wouldn’t you dare to fight me?”

Wang Feng pointed at Sun Tiangang, who was standing among the crowd and mocked him loudly.

The surrounding inner clan disciples grew furious as they listened to Wang Feng’s words. In terms of status of cultivation, Sun Tiangang could easily defeat Wang Feng, however, he couldn’t do so now.

“Sun Tiangang, if you don’t step up now, you’re a coward. You might as well call yourself a wimp from now on!”

Wang Feng continued to taunt Sun Tiangang contemptuously but the latter simply closed his eyes. However, it was obvious from the bulging veins looping around his neck that he was already extremely infuriated.

“Zhao Xiaoya, hurry up and apologize to me for hitting me yesterday or I will report to the Wuxin Clan immediately and tell them that the Tianyun Clan doesn’t respect the Wuxin Clan. Don’t you forget, when Sun Tiangang touched me previously, the Tianyun Clan had compensated with 5,000 Spirit Stones! I’m giving you the chance to apologize only because you are a beautiful woman!”

Zhao Xiaoya became extremely aggrieved when she heard Wang Feng’s words. It was clearly him who flirted with her first, but now he was forcing her to apologize. How could she tolerate lying?

“Zhao Xiaoya, are you going to apologize?”

Wang Feng was losing his patience. He took out the communication token from his pocket, and then drew something on it.

The disciples could clearly see that he was snitching on them.

Seeing this, Zhao Xiaoya had no choice but to grit her teeth and apologize, “I’m sorry!”

She had grown up in the Tianyun Clan, and the Tianyun Clan was her home. If everyone in the Tianyun Clan suffered because of her, she would never be at peace with herself.

“That’s more like it.” Wang Feng put away the communication token smugly as he turned towards Murong Yunlan once again.

He didn’t forget that she had just slapped him.

Thinking of this, he pointed towards Murong Yunlan and said, “Murong what’s-her-name, come forth and fight me! Show me what the Tianyun Clan is made of!”

When they heard Wang Feng’s proclamation, the eyes of the disciples became filled with infinite contempt. As a cultivator who had been cultivating for many years and whose status of cultivation had reached the sixth level of Qi training, Wang Feng had actually challenged a new disciple of the outer clan. He was probably the only person on the premise of the Tianyun Clan who could bring himself to challenge a new disciple.

‘This Wang Feng is horrendous… The Wuxin Clan simply sent him here to irk the Tianyun Clan!’

After being called out, Murong Yunlan’s face turned pale. Even the authoritative Senior Sister Xiao Ya would have to bow down to Wang Feng. What was she, a new disciple of the sect, supposed to do?

If she were to go and get beaten up by Wang Feng in public, how could she hold her head high in the Tianyun Clan in the future?

She didn’t expect to get caught in such a helpless situation even after stepping onto the immortal path and becoming an immortal in the eyes of mortals.

Murong Yunlan’s heart was filled with grief and anger at this moment, while tears began welling up in her eyes.

“I’ll fight you, don’t make things difficult for Junior Sister Murong!” One of the disciples of the outer clan couldn’t stand it anymore as they began walking directly to the center of the square.

“Hah, you want to be the hero saving the damsel in distress? I’ll fulfill your wishes.” Wang Feng said in disdain.

He was at the sixth tier of Qi training and even in the outer sect, he rarely had an opponent. The disciple in front of him was only at the sixth tier of Qi training and was truly not his match.

Hence, the two of them soon got into a fight.

However, Wang Feng had been addicted to vices of alcohol and lust for years, and his status of cultivation was rather weak even though it was in the sixth tier. Hence, he began to get weaker during the fight.

Seeing this scene, the disciples below grew more and more disdainful towards him.

“Take that, 5,000 Spirit Stones!”

At this moment, Wang Feng hollered in exasperation.

Hearing the mention of 5,000 Spirit Stones, the outer clan disciple’s face changed dramatically.

The disciple fighting was an outer clan disciple who earned a few hundred Spirit Stones a year, which was considered a large sum. However, if he were to beat Wang Feng, the Tianyun Clan would have to compensate him with at least 5,000 Spirit Stones, which made him become fearful all of a sudden.

Seeing that, Wang Feng exclaimed loudly, “Take another move of mine and it’s 8,000 Spirit Stones. Plus, you have to face the music!”

At this point, Wang Feng had completely given up on defense and was attacking with all his might. He didn’t believe that the outer clan disciple in front of him dared to lay a hand on him.

Sun Tiangang, Zhao Xiaoya, and the other inner clan disciples could easily settle the matter by compensating him with some Spirit Stones; however, if an insignificant outer clan disciple laid a hand on him, they may be interrogated by the Wuxin Clan and then pay the price by losing their life.

As expected, that disciple looked ahead and began to feel his resistance getting weaker. In the end, Wang Feng finally grasped an opportunity and smacked him more than ten meters away, causing him to spit out a large mouthful of blood and fall on the ground.

Seeing this, Wang Feng retracted his palm and stood with his hands behind his back, pretending to be a lonely expert. He then looked toward Miss Murong Yunlan.

“Junior Sister, come spar with me. I’ve always given in to women so I won’t do anything terrible to you, rest assured. However, men and women can sometimes come into close physical contact during sparring, so don’t mind it, Junior Sister. Haha!”

As he spoke, Wang Feng couldn’t help but laugh and he continuously imagined some lewd scenes.

Hearing his words, the disciples below began glowering at Wang Feng furiously, but they dared not speak up. There were even some who looked confused.

They joined the Tianyun Clan, all because they wanted to practice cultivating immortality and become existences that others admired.

Why were they being bullied like ants?

If that was the result of staying in the Tianyun Clan, it would be better to return to the mortal world for a carefree life.

Such was what Murong Yunlan was thinking at the current moment. Back in her hometown, her father was the city lord and she was the center of attention. Most of the city’s officials and wealthy figures dared not gawk at her at all.

The jarring disparity between then and now made her doubt her life.

“Junior Sister, are you going to step up or not? Or is it that you’re looking down on me and the Wuxin Clan?”

While speaking, Wang Feng took out the communication token again, making the expressions of the disciples present turn grave.

“I… I…” Murong Yunlan became incredibly aggrieved as tears rolled down her cheek. At this moment, she simply felt extremely helpless.

Just as the aura in the square became extremely oppressive, a voice of displeasure sounded from afar, breaking the silence.

“Who’s that? Who’s bullying the person under my protection?”

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