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Chapter 514:Chapter 512, the sacrificial array

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“It’s true that no power of laws can be used here. Looks like we’ll have to rely on fairy for this journey.”

Reverend Green Lotus snapped back to his senses. After sensing for a moment, he frowned and turned to look at Holy Mother Heartless.

Holy Mother Heartless did not say a word. Instead, she took a step forward and arrived in front of the outermost layer of the array. When the others saw this, they hurriedly followed.

Chen Chen looked around. There were many traces of digging on the outer layer of the array formation, but the inside of the array formation was unusually smooth.

It seemed like the divine treasure spiritual master had not even broken through a single layer of the array formation, let alone stepped into the deepest part.

However, even so, he still found the spirit god Golden Scabbard. This made Chen Chen Chen even more excited about what was inside.

It was a pity that he could not take out the green bean. Otherwise, he would have broken through all the array formations here at any moment and used the system to wantonly plunder.

The heartless Holy Mother came before the formation and bent down. Then, she touched the barrier lightly and a ray of green spiritual light was reflected from the formation.

“It’s the celestial sect’s heaven-locking formation. This kind of formation is usually used as a sect-protecting formation. If it is broken by force, it requires a cultivator in the crossing calamity stage to attack continuously for four hours.”

The heartless Holy Mother said slowly.

Chen Chen understood what she meant.

It required a cultivator at the tribulation transcending stage to continuously attack for four hours. And in this mystic realm, the power of laws could not be used. The cultivator at the tribulation transcending stage could not display the strength of the cultivator at the tribulation transcending stage. It was no

wonder that the godly treasure spiritual master could not break this first layer of formation.

“Thank you for your trouble, Fairy.”The Godly Treasure Spiritual Master said with a smile, with a hint of flattery in his eyes.

The heartless holy mother nodded her head, and then waved her hand. Thirty-six small flags appeared in front of her, and these small flags quickly formed a small-scale formation.

Immediately after, the spiritual light released by the small-scale formation actually fused with the light of the celestial sect’s heaven-locking formation, and it seemed like they were going to cancel each other out.

“Ineed two hours to break this formation.”

After saying that, saint heartless sat cross-legged on the ground. She closed her eyes and started to control the formation flag wholeheartedly.

‘The Green Lotus Spiritual Master could not take it anymore and flew out to search the surroundings.

The Divine Treasure Spiritual Master did not move. God knows how many times he had searched the surroundings of this formation. If there was still a low-grade spirit stone, he would lose.

Chen Chen naturally did not move either. His reward was only two treasures. Logically speaking, he did not have the right to look for things casually.

Of course, he did not care about ordinary things either. If he could find two things that were useful to him, he would be satisfied.

Bored, he began to use the system to search for things in the vicinity.

“System, is there anything valuable within a radius of 100,000 meters?”

“850 meters in front of the host, there is a spiritual treasure that has lost its spirituality, the heavenly orb. 1,600 meters southeast of the host, there is a spiritual treasure fragment that contains the Psychic Devil Gold. 3,500 meters northwest of the host, there is a land seal…”

There were over a hundred items listed on this list, and it did not stop until it was 100,000 meters away.

Most of them were spiritual treasures, but most of them had lost their spirituality and had become empty shells.

If there was one item that he was most interested in, it should be a secret art called Void Divine Thunder.

Although he did not know what the specific content of this secret art was, Chen Chen subconsciously felt that this secret art was precious. After all, among the over a hundred items, this was the only secret art.

As for the medicinal pills, there was not a single one.

He had no choice but to mourn for Spiritual Master Shenbao. After all, what he wanted the most was the medicinal pills that could prolong his life.

Without realizing it, more than an hour had passed. Saint heartless exhaled lightly. The array formation in front of her suddenly flickered, and then a big hole appeared.

Spiritual Master Shenbao’s old eyes suddenly burst out with light. He praised, “Fairy, you are indeed worthy of being the DAO Companion of Senior Heaven Array! This array formation’s cultivation level…”

Before he could finish his words, he was coldly interrupted by Holy Mother Heartless.

“Don’t mention that person in front of me!”

Spiritual Master Shenbao immediately shut his mouth when he heard this, and his old face flushed red.

Senior Tiancheng had been dead for many years. It was indeed rude of him to mention it in front of his widow.

“The formation has been broken? Then let’s go in.”

Spiritual Master Qinglian appeared at the right time and said excitedly.

Only then did Reverend Shenbao reply, “Yes, Little City Lord. I’m afraid there’s danger inside. Follow me closely.”

With that said, he took the lead and walked into the formation. Chen Chen could only follow behind him.

‘As soon as he entered, Chen Chen saw a large formation about forty li away in front of him.

Previously, when he had not broken the formation, he had seen that the large formation was only a thousand meters away. He had not expected that after breaking it, the real distance would be so far. It seemed that this mystic realm was much larger than he had imagined.

The others had also noticed this point, and the joy on their faces was even greater. The bigger the mystic realm, the more treasures it contained.

‘The four of them were divided into two groups. One group faced left, and the other group faced right.

At this level, their spiritual senses were incomparably powerful. They did not need to be afraid of who would find the treasures hidden away, because they could see everyone’s every move.

Chen Chen naturally followed the divine treasure spiritual master. In fact, there were countless small-scale formations within this ring that was dozens of miles wide. They were like chess pieces on a chessboard, densely packed within the ring.

It was very obvious that the owner of this mystic realm was a top array master.

It was unrealistic to break all of these formations. This was also the reason why the Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure had invited Chen Chen over.

“Little City Lord, what do you think of that square stone?”

After walking for less than a thousand meters, the spiritual master of Divine Treasure could not help but ask when he saw that a palm-sized square stone was wrapped within a small formation.

Chen Chen glanced at the square stone and said indifferently, “This is a suppression-type magic treasure, but it has lost its spirituality. As long as this thing leaves the array, I’m afraid it will turn into powder in an instant.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the spiritual master of Divine Treasure revealed a disappointed look.

Chen Chen bent down at this time and found a magic treasure fragment from the soil. Then, he looked at the center of the Mystic Realm with a frown.

‘There were so many magic treasures around the mystic realm, and they had all lost their spirituality. They were even wrapped in a formation. What was going on?

If one had to think about it, this situation was a bit like a sacrifice.

But what exactly was it that required so many treasures to be sacrificed?

When he thought of this, he felt a little curious, but he was more vigilant.

If there was a shocking treasure in the center of the Mystic Realm, how should the three transcending cultivators divide it? There would inevitably be a dispute.

If it was not a treasure but a cultivator or a true spirit, it would be even more terrifying. Who knew what kind of terrifying existence that was?

He could see the clues. He did not believe that the three cultivators could not see it. However, the three of them did not mention anyone. It was obvious that they had ignored the risk.

It had to be said that to be able to stand at the top of the world of cultivators, they had to fight with their lives.

“When I get close to the center, I’ll use the system to check what exactly is in the center. If it’s something dangerous, I’ll think of thirty-six ways to escape.”

Chen Chen secretly made up his mind. These tribulation-transcending cultivators needed to desperately look for opportunities, but he didn’t have to..

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