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Chapter 515:Chapter 513, in the middle of the mystic realm

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“Senior Lin, come and see what this is!”

The voice of the Green Lotus Spiritual Master could be heard from afar. Upon hearing this, the Spiritual Master Shenbao walked over with Chen Chen.

It was a human-shaped sculpture. Its entire body was covered in green rust, and even its facial features had become somewhat blurry. It was just lying on the ground in a daze, and there was no array formation surrounding it.

The Spiritual Master of Godly treasures turned to look at Chen Chen, and his meaning was self-evident.

Chen Chen pretended to bend down and stroke it for a while, then, he said softly, “It’s a puppet made of earth vein fire copper. This kind of earth vein fire copper has an extremely high temperature. If a specific array formation is carved on it, it can easily cast fire-type spells. Coupled with the intensity of the

heat that can not be dissolved, it’s enough to rival an ordinary unity cultivator.”


To rival a unity cultivator.

‘This was nothing in the eyes of the three cultivators at the crossing calamity stage. However, the Green Lotus Spiritual Master became excited all of a sudden. With a wave of his hand, two strange cat-sized objects flew out of his storage ring.

As soon as these two strange objects appeared, they jumped onto the earth vein fire copper puppet and began to gnaw at it crazily. Their appearance was quite horrifying. Not long after, the earth vein fire copper puppet was completely gnawed away.

‘Then, a strange scene happened. The two strange things began to emit a red light. After a while, they actually spat out two fist-sized, intact earth vein fire copper ingots from their stomachs.

Chen Chen was flabbergasted by what he saw. Although most of the puppet was abandoned, there should still be a part of the earth vein fire copper in its body intact. It was just that it was extremely difficult to get it out.

He did not expect that Daoist Green Lotus would casually get two small puppets and extract the intact earth vein fire copper in an instant.

On the side, Daoist divine treasure seemed to have noticed Chen Chen’s astonishment and said with a smile, “Daoist Green Lotus loves the art of puppets. He came here because he wanted to find some good puppet materials.”

The Art of puppets!

Chen Chen suddenly came to a realization. He had not come into contact with this art many times, but he knew that it was not simple.

When he was in the lower realm, the demon sect had a puppet lineage. However, due to the limitations of the lower realm’s materials and spiritual energy levels, no matter how strong the puppet was, it could not be carried forward.

However, it was different in the upper realm. There were some cultivators who specialized in the puppet technique, and they could even use it to become famous experts.

It was very obvious that Reverend Green Lotus was such a person.

Chen Chen had originally thought that someone with such a dao name was a sword cultivator. Now, it seemed that he had made a preconceived idea.

“Puppet materials… if I find divine gold, I’ll have to do something about it.”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

“Although I practice the puppet technique, I don’t have your eyesight. When we get out, I’ll definitely reward you well!”

Reverend Green Lotus happily put away the earth vein fire copper ingot and said to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen thanked him and didn’t say anything else. In his heart, he had already silently regarded this Reverend Green Lotus as a competitor.

‘The four of them continued to pick and choose from two different groups. After half a day, Chen Chen finally understood the true purpose of this trip.

They were here to pick up trash!

Without exception, the three of them all had the ability to pick up useful items from the trash.

‘And he was clearly the person in charge of the appraisal.

Although the value of an item extracted from a magic treasure was limited, it would add up to a lot. If the total harvest from this half a day was converted into spirit crystals, it should be worth close to a thousand. If the three of them split it equally, each of them could have more than three hundred spirit


This amount of spiritual crystals was nothing to Chen Chen. However, he was still a little envious that he could earn so much in just half a day.

Time passed quickly. The battle that he had imagined did not happen once. This mystic realm was like a huge garbage dump. The four of them were constantly picking up garbage inside.

Seven days had passed unknowingly.

During these seven days, with the help of Saint Heartless, the four of them had broken through six formations in a row. The various items they had obtained were worth more than ten thousand spirit crystals.

‘As they went deeper, the gap between the formations became smaller and smaller. By the time they had broken through the sixth formation, there were only ten thousand meters left in the circular area.

The four of them knew that they were approaching the center.

“Saint Heartless, why don’t we go all out and enter the deepest part of this mystic realm? We can come back and pick up these things after we have taken the item in the deepest part.”

Spiritual Master Green Lotus looked at the array formation not far in front of him and said anxiously.

At first, he would be a little excited when he saw materials like the earth pulse fire copper, but now, he no longer felt anything.

After picking up trash for seven days, he was already numb.

Holy Mother Heartless looked at spiritual master divine treasure, who nodded.

As for Chen Chen, the unity cultivator, he was directly ignored.

“Then I’ll go break the array.”

‘As she spoke, saint heartless walked to the front of the array and took out her array flag.

Spiritual Master Shenbao said to Chen Chen, ‘Little City Lord, we didn’t expect this scene to happen here. When we get out, each of us will get 30% of the items we obtained. You get 10% .”

Chen Chen smiled and thanked her. From choosing two items to 10% , he had to say that it was not bad.

Of course, what he was most interested in was the thing in the center. Seeing that the distance was almost there, he began to ask the system in his mind.

“System, where is the most powerful magic treasure within a radius of 100,000 meters?”

“The myriad manifestation divine edge in the host’s body.”

Chen Chen raised his eyebrows and asked again, ‘What about the second strongest one…”

Only after asking did he realize that the Magic Treasure placed in the center of the mystical realm did not seem to be any magic treasure, because the magic treasures of the previous few strong ones were the natal treasures hidden in their bodies.

This gave Chen Chen a vague ominous premonition. Could it be that cultivators were hidden in the center of the mystical realm?

That would be alittle terrifying!

“System… where is the strongest person within a 100,000-meter radius?”

“The spiritual treasure master next to the host.”

“Where is the most precious natural treasure within a 100,000-meter radius?”

“The spirit treasure of the mystical ginseng that saint mother heartless carries with her.”

Chen Chen asked a few times in a row, but none of the answers led him to the center of the Mystic Realm.

This made him suspect that the center of the mystic realm was not much different from the outside.

‘Could it be that this is a garbage dump from the immortal world?”

Chen Chen thought subconsciously.

This made him both disappointed and relieved. He was disappointed that there was no divine gold as he had imagined, and relieved that there was nothing that could threaten his life inside.

“Forget it. It Wontt be a loss even if I get a thousand crystals. How can I encounter a heaven-defying treasure every time?”

Chen Chen comforted himself, and his state of mind gradually calmed down.

After about half a day, the array was finally broken by saint heartless, Other than Chen Chen, the other three people entered at almost the same time at an astonishing speed.

The truth was just as Chen Chen had thought. There was only one layer of array left.

‘The array formation covered an extremely small area of only thirty meters, but it was emitting seven-colored light. There was a huge passageway at the top of the array formation, and the branches of the passageway were all over the place, it was like a meridian connecting countless array formations of

various sizes.

Most of them were already dim, but there was still a small portion of the passageway that was slowly absorbing the seven-colored light into the small array formation.

Chen Chen’s originally calm mind suddenly stirred. He did not expect that there was really something in the center of this mystical realm.

However, that thing was not a cultivator, not a magic treasure, not a medicinal pill, and not even a true spirit..

‘What was it?

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