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Chapter 513:

Chapter 511, Underground Valley

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The two discussed for a while and then decided to set off three days later.

According to the Spiritual Master Shenbao, the mystic realm was in the south of the land of no return. Chen Chen looked at the map. If he were to go to the boundless desert, he would just pass by that area.

However, the Spiritual Master Shenbao did not say where exactly it was. It was obvious that he was afraid that a disciple of the Heavenly Devil City would secretly send someone to intercept him.

Chen Chen did not think much of it. At the same time, he made up his mind to make a trip to the vast sea desert after going to the mystic realm. He would give the heaven mending pill to the main body that was still giving the Scorpio the law of destruction, he would also take back the storage ring that he had

gotten from the netherworld.


Three days later, everything was ready.

“Senior, I only brought some ordinary treasures and some life-saving items with me. I didn’t bring anything else.”

Chen Chen said faintly when he saw the spiritual master of Divine Treasure come to visit.

‘The Spiritual Master of divine treasure felt rather awkward when he heard this. How could he not understand what Chen Chen meant?

What he meant was, don’t look at me as a nouveau riche, but I didn’t bring anything with me. Even if you plot against me, you won’t get much benefit.

‘Little City Lord, you must be joking, You’re the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City Lord. How would us itinerant cultivators dare to plot against you?”

Chen Chen smiled and did not say anything else. He could not be too careful right now.

‘The Heavenly Devil City had announced that the myriad transformation divine edge belonged to the Heavenly Devil City and the time he had joined the city was only a few days apart. If someone thought about it, they might have some evil intentions toward him.

Of course, whether or not he had brought him along was only a matter of words with the Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure. In fact, he had brought a lot of things and was fully prepared.

Even if the Daoist priest of divine treasure said on the surface that he didn’t need to take action, what if he did?

Moreover, the Daoist priest of Divine Treasure had asked him to evaluate whether some of the treasures were worth taking action. It was very obvious that the mystic realm was extremely dangerous, and there were many situations in which he had to take action.

Otherwise, the Daoist priest of divine treasure really didn’t need to invite him, a unity cultivator who had the backing of a super sect. As long as he saw something, he would take it with him.

“Haha, Senior, I’m just saying, Let’s go. I think the other seniors are still waiting at the border of the Huwai Land.”

Chen Chen laughed and skipped over this matter.

Both of them were rich people. They took a teleportation array and arrived at the sky-reaching city in the Huwai land after half a day.

After some contact, Spiritual Master Shenbao brought Chen Chen to a mansion in sky-reaching city and saw a man and a woman.

Both of them looked middle-aged. The man was dressed in a Daoist robe. His hair and beard were neat, and his eyes were gentle. He didn’t look like an itinerant cultivator.

The woman was dressed in a palace robe. She had willow-like eyebrows and phoenix-like eyes. Her expression was cold, and she looked like she was trying to keep people away from her.

‘Little City Lord, this is Daoist Master Qinglian, the sect master of the Green Lotus sect. He’s a big shot in the Immortal Alliance. I usually don’t see him.”

Reverend Shenbao pointed at the middle-aged man and introduced him.

“As for this fairy… Her Daoist name is saint heartless. She is a loose cultivator like me, but she is a formation master. Her abilities are much greater than mine.’

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen bowed to the two of them and said with a smile, “Greetings, seniors.”

Reverend Shenbao then introduced Chen Chen Chen to Reverend Green Lotus and saint heartless.

‘When they learned that Chen Chen was the disciple of the city lord of Heavenly Devil City, their expressions changed slightly. Then, they nodded at Chen Chen, and even Holy Mother Heartless’s expression softened a lot.

“Senior Lin, where is the mystic realm you mentioned? Can We reveal it now?”

After the introduction, Spiritual Master Qinglian looked at Spiritual Master Shenbao.

spiritual Master Shenbao’s surname was Lin. He had lived for a long time and had a high seniority. Therefore, many cultivators of the same realm would address him as senior LIN. Chen Chen had heard of this before.

“Haha, fellow Daoist, don’t be impatient. Get on my flying boat. I’ll take you there.”

The Daoist Master of divine treasure laughed and then took out a flying boat.

The flying boat was decorated in a rather elegant manner. There were maids accompanying it. It had to be said that the Daoist Master of Divine Treasure knew how to enjoy himself.

The three of them got on the flying boat and left sky-reaching city. Along the way, the Daoist Master of Divine Treasure kept taking out some of his collection items to show off.

There were some good treasures among them, but most of them were useless.

The other two were not in the mood and just casually complimented him. Chen Chen, on the other hand, carefully followed behind and studied them.

It had to be said that the spiritual master of the godly treasure also had some research on treasure appraisal, but it was far from being comparable to him cheating.

Even so, Chen Chen still learned a lot. In addition, he could talk. After more than half a day had passed, the spiritual master of the godly treasure had given him the title of an old friend.

“Senior Lin, ever since you told me about the mystic realm, I’ve been searching through ancient books, but I haven’t found any information about the mystic realm.

As for the scabbard… I can’t find any clues either. Could This mystic realm not belong to our world?”

After flying for more than half a day, Daoist master Qinglian couldnt help but ask.

Daoist master shenbao smiled and said, “The true spirit world has a long history, so there are too many things that we can’t find out. The current situation where several super sects stand together has only been formed for a hundred thousand years.

As for what happened before, those super forces might have records, so how can we find out?

“And that scabbard, the weapon refining list has only appeared for a few tens of thousands of years, so it’s normal that we can’t find out.”

Chen Chen nodded slightly at the side.

That was indeed the case. In the history of the true spirit world, there had been countless large sects and many super forces, but in the end, they all disappeared in history.

As for why they had disappeared, it was very simple… they had been destroyed by powerful cultivators or powerful true spirits.

Cultivators in the cultivation world were like that. The truly supreme experts had the power to destroy a super sect by themselves.

For example, Sky Devil City was a small city more than a hundred thousand years ago. In the end, the previous city Lord had obtained a heaven-defying opportunity, and it had gone out of control. In the end, he had become one of the strongest people in this world. Under his leadership, heavenly Devil City

was in its current state.

As for how many sects had disappeared due to the rise of Heavenly Devil City, no one knew.

However, Chen Chen was sure that there were definitely sects with Mahayana realm cultivators among them.

‘If there are formation-type magic treasures, please don’t fight with me.”

At this moment, Saint Heartless, who had been silent all this time, finally spoke.

Upon hearing this, Spiritual Master Shenbao and spiritual master Qinglian repeatedly expressed their stance, indicating that they absolutely did not want any formation maps or related magic treasures.

‘They flew for another two days.

The flying ship stopped in a deep mountain forest. A group of low-level cultivators appeared around it, and the strongest among them was only at the level of an avatar.

“Greetings, master! Greetings, seniors!”

The avatar cultivator in the lead looked at Spiritual Master Shenbao as if he was his own father, and his face was full of smiles.

‘The Spiritual Master of the godly treasure casually threw out two spiritual crystals and asked, “Has anyone come to the mystic realm?”

“Thank you for the reward, master. Don’t worry, master. No one will come near the mystic realm. You will look exactly the same as you did when you left last time!”

The split-soul cultivator took the spiritual crystals, and his smile became even brighter.

“Take us there.”

“Yes, Master!”

The split-soul cultivator replied, and then stomped on the ground.


‘With a muffled sound, a huge crack suddenly appeared in the deep mountain below, revealing the complicated cave passage inside.

‘The Avatar led the way, and soon, they reached the deepest part of the cave.

Chen Chen estimated that they should be two thousand meters underground.

At this moment, they passed through a narrow passage. After passing through the passage, the scenery in front of them suddenly brightened up, and a huge valley appeared in front of them.

Other than the spiritual master of Divine Treasure, everyone else was stunned when they saw this.

“I didn’t expect that there would be a valley underground. It’s really mysterious to the extreme.”

‘The Spiritual Master of Green Lotus praised.

Old mother heartless stared blankly at the layers of formations in the valley. The coldness on her face disappeared, and her eyes were filled with wild joy.

Chen Chen was also amazed. The layers of formations in the valley were stacked on top of each other. At a glance, there were dozens of layers. Each layer had a gap of about a thousand meters, protecting the valley like a protective doll.

Under the layers of formations, once there was a glimmer of light, it would immediately refract a seven-colored light. No one knew what kind of treasure was in the deepest part of the mystic realm, but the light shone in all directions, under the refraction of dozens of layers of formations, the valley was

illuminated like a fairyland.

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