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Chapter 375: You Have Encountered Too Few Setbacks

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“Chen Chen, I…”

Li Xiang was extremely unwilling. Why was it that other people could gain something by playing chess with this Chen Chen, yet she only lost Spirit Stones?

Thus, she subconsciously took out a very precious Dharma treasure, wanting to imitate him.

Chen Chen glanced at the Dharma treasure, shook his head, and directly refused, “I won’t play anymore.”

At this moment, he suddenly realized something.

If he wanted to live like a fish in water in the Li Xian Sect, he had to label himself as a mysterious person.

It was best to give himself a koi-like character, so that it would naturally replace the impression of a “Pretty Boy” that everyone had of him.

Engaging in mystery and metaphysics couldn’t be done often, or else he would be exposed.

Especially since everyone had witnessed this scene, the psychological impact would be greatly reduced if he tried it again. At that time, there was an 80-90% chance that it would have no effect.

Li Xiang’s eyes were filled with a trace of anger when she heard this. However, she did not directly attack like before. She only snorted in dissatisfaction.

The other female cultivators also stopped thinking when they saw this. Even the eldest Senior Sister was not willing to speak to Chen Chen. It would be a waste of effort for them to bring it up again.

“Senior and Junior Sisters, let’s call it a day. Farewell.”

Chen Chen smiled and cupped his hands, then slowly turned around and left.

The moment he left, the group of female cultivators immediately began to discuss. A day later, this news inevitably spread throughout the entire Li Xian Sect. As a result, more and more cultivators invited Chen Chen to play chess, and the style of playing chess within the sect became more and more popular.

If it was in his previous life, playing this kind of “chess” every day would inevitably be labeled as not having a proper job.

However, in this cultivation world, many cultivators had lived for hundreds of years.

For them, if they could find a chance to break through in their cultivation, not to mention playing “chess” for only a month, even spending eight or ten years on it was nothing.

Looking at the group of cultivators who stayed up all night and played cards for five or six days in a row, Chen Chen was secretly shocked.

If this went on for some time, the Li Xian Sect might as well not be called the Li Xian Sect, but the God of Gamblers’ sect.

And he would probably have to go from being the saint of gambling and the founder of the Li Xian Sect to being the smelly younger brother of the sect.

“This won’t do. I have to make use of this opportunity to earn more things. It’s just a few supreme-grade Spirit Stones. It’s really a waste of the good situation that I inadvertently created.”

Chen Chen hid in the room, his eyes flickering.

At this moment, he frowned slightly. Then, the door was opened, and Li Xiang barged in again.

Compared to Chu Yun who knocked on the door every time she came over, Li Xiang was really too careless.

“Chen Chen, play chess with me!”

Once she entered the door, Li Xiang said without a word.

Chen Chen heard this and said with a cold expression, “I don’t have time. Besides, why should I play with you just because you want me to? There are disciples outside asking me to play chess with them for a hundred supreme-grade Spirit Stones a day. I’m not even willing.”

Li Xiang stretched out two fingers when she heard this. “Then I’ll pay two hundred top-grade Spirit Stones a day.”

Chen Chen was speechless when he heard this.

Just how rich was this woman? Even a small city lord like Jiang Chengzi only had a thousand top-grade Spirit Stones, yet this woman was willing to spend two hundred top-grade Spirit Stones a day to play chess, and this was not including the Spirit Stones she had lost.

However, when he thought about the storage ring that Li Xian casually gave him, Chen Chen felt relieved.

That perverted woman was so generous to him, let alone her personal disciple cum adopted daughter.

After a long silence, Chen Chen’s tone suddenly became serious.

“Li Xiang, why do you want to play chess with me?”

“Of course it’s because I want to comprehend the Dao, and then break through,” Li Xiang answered matter-of-factly.

Chen Chen shook his head when he heard this.

Like those ordinary disciples, losing a few hundred Spirit Stones would give them a heart-wrenching feeling, and then they would be enlightened.

As a personal disciple and a nouveau riche, it would be a miracle if he could casually throw out a few hundred top-grade Spirit Stones and not feel any heartache.

“Li Xiang, you don’t feel any heartache at all after losing a bit of Spirit Stones. How can you feel the pain of failure?”

Li Xiang took out a shiny magic treasure reluctantly, which made Chen Chen Chen a little envious.

However, he still shook his head and said, “This method has been used by others. Although it will stimulate you, it will definitely not be too strong.”

Looking at his face that was full of holy light and how he looked like he was thinking for himself, Li Xiang shrank her body and asked in a low voice, “Then what do you think should be used as a bet?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s smile gradually turned evil, and he asked indifferently, “What do you think is the most precious thing to you?”

“Of course it’s my personal treasure, but I can’t use it as a bet. If I lose it, my cultivation will be affected.” Li Xiang shook her head.

“Do you know what Chu Yun used to bet with me?”

Chen Chen’s expression instantly turned serious again.

“Isn’t it just a supreme-grade Spirit Stone?” Li Xiang asked curiously.

Chen Chen shook his head slightly, and a hint of admiration flashed in his eyes. “That woman has an extremely strong desire to pursue the Dao, and I even admire her very much. On the night before you came, she said that if she lost, she would be willing…Well, it’s too hard to say, you should know what I mean.”

“I don’t understand. What is she willing to do?” Li Xiang seemed to be at a loss.

Chen Chen glanced at some special parts of her body. Li Xiang instantly understood and revealed a disbelieving expression.

Chu Yun, that woman, was actually willing to do such a shameless act in order to surpass her!!

Chen Chen only then added, “You better not spread this. I didn’t say anything about this matter. If you were to say anything, no one would admit it.”

Li Xiang clenched her teeth. Her expression changed again and again.

Chen Chen felt that it was funny when he saw this. This woman had been secretly competing with Chu Yun. He had already seen through it when the three of them played “fighting the sect master”.

“I still remember what Junior Sister Chu told me at that time. She said that she was willing to do anything as long as she could surpass you. I was shocked at that time. Fortunately, she won in the end. Of course, if she loses, I won’t do anything to her. Everyone in the Li Xian Sect knows my character.”

Li Xiang’s face gradually turned red when she heard this, as if she was making some sort of decision.

At this time, Chen Chen changed the topic and said, “I regretted it after I made that bet with her. Now, if you ask me to do something like this again, I definitely won’t agree to it.”

Li Xiang was at a loss again when she heard that. What exactly was Chen Chen trying to do?

“Then what do you think I should use to make the bet?” Li Xiang gritted her teeth and asked.

During this period of time, people in the sect were gradually discussing that Chu Yun should be the eldest Senior Sister. The pressure in her heart was extremely great.

Her master was now in closed-door cultivation. When she came out of seclusion, she would be a Unification realm cultivator. However, her only personal disciple could not be compared to her master’s rival disciple. That would be too embarrassing. When that time came, how would she have the face to stand firm in the Li Xian Sect?

While she was feeling conflicted, Chen Chen was patiently guiding her.

“Li Xiang, it’s just that you have encountered too few setbacks and fought too little against other cultivators. Your status in the sect is too high, and no one dares to offend you. That’s why you were surpassed by Chu Yun. As the saying goes, how can you see the rainbow if you don’t experience the wind and rain? Failure is the start of success. You get back up from where you fell.”

“You’ve been living a sheltered life all your life. How can you break through quickly? You must know that the reason why sect master Li Xian was able to gain enlightenment and step into the Unification stage was also because she had had a life and death battle with another cultivator. That was how she found that glimmer of opportunity.”

Li Xiang listened to Chen Chen’s words and only felt that it was reasonable and convincing.

Seeing that her expression was gradually becoming a little lost, Chen Chen suddenly smiled evilly, revealing his fangs.

“How about this, you and I play a game of chess. If you lose, you will obey my orders before the sect master comes out of seclusion, how about that?”

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