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Chapter 374: Sorrow And Joy

The air suddenly became quiet for a moment. Looking at Li Xiang, who was completely different from the person she was a month ago, Chen Chen could not help but sigh.

Some things were indeed not to be touched. Once a person with weak willpower touched it, it was easy for something unfavorable to happen.

Although this woman had attacked him before, he had to admit that this woman still had some immortal aura.

‘Now… Ah!’ He sighed.

“Do you have it or not!?!” Li Xiang asked unhappily.


Chen Chen thought for a moment and told her about the way to play. He also gave her a detailed introduction.

Compared to “fighting the landlord” and “running fast” this “golden flower” chess game was more like gambling in nature.

As for what Li Xiang would become in the future, he could only leave it to fate.

Chen Chen thought sympathetically.

At this moment, Li Xiang suddenly pulled him up. Without any explanation, she pulled him away.

“What are you doing?” Chen Chen asked in surprise.

“The reason that Chu Yun had an epiphany last time was because she heard a bunch of reasoning from you. Now that you’ve finally come out of seclusion, you have to play chess with me.”

Li Xiang pulled Chen Chen as she explained.

‘I still have to? Do you really think I’m your father?!’

Chen Chen cursed in his heart, but he did not reject her.

It was indeed a little boring to just come out of seclusion. It was not a big deal to play “chess”. More importantly, he wanted to understand the extent to which these cultivators were playing cards.

A moment later.

Chen Chen sat in front of a long table. In front of him, other than Li Xiang, there were also a few outstanding disciples from the sect. All of them had cultivation bases above the Essence Soul realm.

What was even more terrifying was that there was a storage ring placed in front of all of them. There was a sinister look in their eyes as if they were looking for someone to devour.

Chen Chen’s throat twitched.

Li Xiang, who was beside him, introduced, “He is the person my master brought back. The reason that Chu Yun was able to have an epiphany was because she played chess with him. Other than that, it was also because my master met him that she went into seclusion to break through after she returned.”

The eyes of the group of female cultivators lit up when they heard this. Chen Chen’s pupils constricted slightly.

After hearing Li Xiang’s words, he felt that he really had the aura of a son of fortune.

“Could it be that I’ve come to the upper realm to experience extreme bliss?”

When Chen Chen thought of this, he suddenly became happy.

“This time, we’ll try a new method. This new method was just mentioned by Chen Chen. I’ve never tried it before, so don’t say that I’m taking advantage of you.”

After saying this, Li Xiang sat next to Chen Chen, took out a storage ring, and placed it on the table. Then, she began to explain the rules of the “golden flower”, and finally decided on a supreme-grade Spirit Stone as the base.

Chen Chen’s heart thumped when he heard this. In his previous life, one yuan was the base, so it was normal to lose a few hundred yuan.

With this calculation, losing a few hundred supreme-grade Spirit Stones now was a piece of cake.

However, supreme-grade Spirit Stones were not as large in number as middle-grade Spirit Stones. Even Void Refinement realm cultivators did not have many.

He still remembered that back then, when he obtained Jiang Chengzi’s storage ring, there were only a thousand supreme-grade Spirit Stones in it.

And Jiang Chengzi was the city lord, and he was a cultivator at the peak of the Void Refinement realm!

It would be pretty good if this group of female disciples had a few hundred supreme-grade Spirit Stones on them.

It was very obvious that, including Li Xiang, they did not understand the concept of the “golden flower” game. They thought that the “golden flower” game and “fighting the sect master” were about the same as winning or losing.

“Let’s begin,” Li Xiang said with a smile.

The group of female disciples agreed eagerly.

Hence, a sinful game of “golden flower” began.

“Chen Chen, you’re so young. Why do you dare to place such a big bet?”

“What young? You’re the one who’s young! Do you know that this is called a psychological game?”

“Chen Chen, why did you give up on such a big chess piece so early? Isn’t it too unreasonable?”

“Junior Sister, when you looked at the cards, your smile was so wide that the corners of your mouth reached behind your ears. How could I not know that you have a card with a big number? Today, I will tell you a principle. As a powerful expert, it is very important to not show your emotions.”

“Chen Chen, with such a big chess piece of yours, why did you bet one Spirit Stone right from the start?”

“This move is called luring the enemy deeper, do you understand?”

Just like that, two hours later.

Other than Li Xiang, the storage rings in front of the other female disciples had disappeared without a trace.

The group of female disciples had a sickly red face, and their eyes were filled with confusion.

At this moment, they deeply experienced the pain of losing.

The feeling was very subtle. They did not cultivate, nor were they robbed. Just like that, they had lost all their supreme-grade Spirit Stones for no reason. This made them begin to doubt their lives.

“Junior Sisters, only when you give up can you gain. There is a saying that goes, ‘when you make a mistake, you will learn from it’. What you have lost today is only Spirit Stones. If you meet your enemies in the future and make the same mistake as today, you will lose more than just Spirit Stones. That is why I said that every time you play chess, you must treat it as your life is on the line. Only then will you understand the logic behind this chess game.”

Chen Chen said as he put away the six or seven storage rings in front of him. Among them, zero had nearly three thousand supreme-grade Spirit Stones.

Playing this game with a bunch of rookies, in his eyes, was simply robbery.

Hearing his words, the pain in the eyes of a female disciple became clearer. That suffocating feeling made her breathing involuntarily become rapid.

At this moment, she felt that her entire life had darkened a little.

After all, she had just lost more than ten years of her savings.

“Senior Brother Chen, can you play another game of ‘Go’ with me? I seem to have found a certain feeling.”

The female disciple suddenly said, and then took out a dharma treasure from another storage ring.

Seeing the Dharma treasure, a few exclamations immediately came from the side.

“Junior Sister Wang, this is your personal treasure! It’s worth hundreds of supreme-grade Spirit Stones!”

“You can’t!”

Chen Chen saw this and smiled as he took out a storage ring and placed it on the table. It was all the Spirit Stones that Junior Sister Wang had just lost.

“Okay, then I’ll accompany you to the next round.”

After saying that, Chen Chen glanced at Li Xiang who was beside him.

Li Xiang immediately came to her senses and began to play chess.

This time, Chen Chen did not use any fancy tricks. As soon as he finished playing, he revealed the cards.

The female disciple also revealed the cards. It was instantly clear who would win and who would lose.

Looking at the cards of the two people on the table, Chen Chen smiled and pushed the storage ring in front of the female disciple. He said, “Junior Sister Wang, you win.”

Junior Sister Wang looked at the storage ring in front of her. Her face was flushed red, and her eyes lost focus due to ecstasy.

Life’s great joys and sorrows were at this moment.

Then, she suddenly stood up, picked up the storage ring and the magic treasure, and said, “Senior Brother Chen, I understand! I’ll go back to seclusion now! Thank you for your guidance, Senior Brother Chen!”

After saying that, she ignored the shocked gazes of the crowd, turned around, and left the room.

Looking at her back, Chen Chen smiled calmly. At this moment, he understood a lot of things.

These female disciples’ daily lives were too boring, there was no excitement at all.

When they left the Li Xian Sect occasionally, they rarely fought with others, let alone a life-and-death battle.

Therefore, they had never suffered such a huge shock.

For example, Junior Sister Wang, the impact of the game just now was no less than that of a life-and-death battle for her. Moreover, it was an extremely dangerous life-and-death battle. She was about to lose, but in the end, she made a desperate gamble and turned defeat into victory.

Under such circumstances, she was suddenly enlightened and could understand.

If the gamblers in her previous life had just learned how to gamble not long ago and used all their assets as stakes, they would probably also be as agitated.

However, this kind of stimulation was only temporary. If they lost too much, they would gradually become numb, and in the end, they would become heartless and disloyal.

This was the great harm of gambling.

In his previous life, Chen Chen had only gambled for fun during the New Year. Even with his intelligence, he had always won more than he lost. He would not usually get too involved in this field.

He would even give a few words of advice to some of his friends when they were showing off how much they had won.

Compared to Chen Chen’s calmness, the other female disciples around him were not so calm. The way they looked at Chen Chen was simply amazing.

Another person suddenly understood. Could it be that this man in front of him really had some kind of magical power?

Or did this chess piece really contain the Heavenly Dao, as if it was life?

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