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Chapter 401: Returning In Defeat

Sensing the presence of Perfected Yu Ding below, Second Demon Venerable panicked. His opponent was no weaker than him to begin with, and with the addition of the sect master of the Jade Tripod Sect, who was at the peak of the Spirit Severing Stage, it was very likely that he would die here even if the sect master was an alchemist.

His eyes darted around, and the Second Demon Venerable pretended to flee but before he could fly a few thousand meters away, his speed suddenly slowed down.

For some reason, he felt that he had suddenly fallen into the mud. The air around him seemed to have become a thousand times denser.

He turned his head and realized that a huge black cauldron had appeared above Perfected Yu Ding’s head. The mouth of the cauldron was emitting an earthy yellow light, and the earthy yellow light was shining in his direction.

“What a powerful Dharma treasure.”

Second Demon Venerable subconsciously let out a low cry, and a trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. Then, he gritted his teeth, took out a pill from his storage ring, and swallowed it.

In the next second, the aura on his body surged, and in the blink of an eye, he was out of the range of the yellow light.

Sect Master Yu Ding and another peak Spirit Severing stage expert immediately gave chase, and the three streams of light disappeared into the distance in an instant.

Chen Chen watched this scene silently in the sect. After all the experts had left, he quietly used the Haoran Sacred Light Technique to absorb some of the spiritual force of the cultivators who had just died.

He was not as open-minded as Perfected Yu Ding, and he did something shocking in front of everyone.

At the same time.

In the Crimson Fiend Sect, the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect was looking at a black-robed cultivator in front of him, and his smile was somewhat strange.

The black-robed cultivator said calmly with a respectful expression, “Sect Master, this is what the Second Demon Venerable has been doing recently.”

“Linglong Divine Gold, I see. This second brother of mine has discovered something amazing. No wonder he didn’t want me to make a move and didn’t invite other brothers to go to the Jade Tripod Sect.”

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect raised his hand and drank a cup of fine wine as he said slowly.

The black-robed cultivator felt a little uneasy when he saw the sect master’s expression.

He was the subordinate of the Second Demon Venerable, but he was marginalized. He had no choice but to join the great Demon Venerable this time. However, he didn’t know if the great Demon Venerable would appreciate his kindness.

“You did well. Follow me from now on.”

Hearing the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect’s words, the black-robed cultivator hurriedly knelt down and said gratefully, “Thank you, sect master. I will serve you wholeheartedly from now on. I have no other intentions!”

“Get up.”


The black-robed cultivator stood up with a trace of joy on his face. Since he had joined the great Demon Venerable, he naturally had to share the burden of the great Demon Venerable.

With that thought in mind, he said with utmost attentiveness, “Sect Master, based on the time, the second Demon Venerable should have already led his men to attack the Jade Tripod Sect. Are we really going to watch the Linglong Divine Gold fall into his hands? As the saying goes, those who have virtue will get the treasure. Although the Second Demon Venerable’s strength is not ordinary and his character is not bad, compared to you, sect master, he is still not qualified.”

“Then what do you think I should do?” The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect glanced at the black-robed cultivator and asked indifferently.

“I think that when the Second Demon Venerable returns, you can directly ask him for it. With your prestige, the Second Demon Venerable definitely won’t dare not to give it to you,”the black-robed cultivator said softly.

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect sneered.

Traitors are just like this. After betraying his master, he wished that his master would die immediately. This way, he could make them feel less tainted.

He knew what kind of character his second brother had. If he directly asked for it, there was an 80-90% chance that it would be disbanded. He might even go to great lengths for it.

He was naturally not afraid of his second brother. If he had arranged it in advance, it would not be difficult for him to take down his second brother.

However, the Linglong Divine Gold could not be converted into combat power as soon as he got his hands on it. He had to find a master artifact refiner to refine it.

And where could he find such an elite artifact refiner?

If the Linglong Divine Gold could not become his natal dharma treasure in the end, then it would not be worth it for him to destroy his second brother.

Therefore, he was a little hesitant at this moment. At this moment, one of his communication tokens suddenly lit up. It seemed that it was sent by one of his subordinates.

Seeing the great Demon Venerable take out his communication token, the black-robed cultivator hurriedly said, “Sir, I believe that the Jade Tripod Sect has already been taken down. You should make a decision quickly…”

However, he couldn’t continue speaking because the great Demon Venerable’s expression had become very strange. There was anger, a trace of joy, and a bit of hesitation.

“Sir, you are…”

“My second brother failed to attack the Jade Tripod Sect. He was beaten to a pulp and fled in all directions. More than half of the forty to fifty experts under my command, along with the experts he brought with him, died.”

The Great Demon Venerable said faintly. Although his tone was calm, his eyes were filled with shock.

He had some impression of the Jade Tripod Sect. It was said that the sect master was also an expert at the peak of the Spirit Severing Stage.

This sect was an alchemy sect. In the past thousand years, it had not had any fights with other sects.

Who would have thought that this attack would actually erupt with such powerful strength? This was simply beyond his imagination.

“What!?!” The black-robed cultivator cried out in surprise. He immediately felt extremely fortunate.

Fortunately, the Second Demon Venerable had isolated him. If he had not isolated him and instead brought him to the Jade Tripod Sect, he might have died by now.

Thinking of this, cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

“This second brother of mine didn’t even know to check out his opponent’s background before facing the enemy. What a fool!”

After a long time, the great Demon Venerable cursed in a low voice. Then, he suddenly stood up and ordered the black-robed cultivator, “Send someone to investigate the Jade Tripod Sect. I want to see all the information about the Jade Tripod Sect within three days!”

“Yes, Sir!” The black-robed cultivator replied and left the main hall in a panic.

Four hours later.

Some of the defeated soldiers of the Crimson Fiend Sect escaped back to the Crimson Fiend Sect one after another. Compared to the imposing and valiant aura they had when they left, these cultivators were like stray dogs, their faces filled with fear and lingering fear.

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect sat quietly in the main hall. The wine cup in his hand had been toyed with by him for a long time.

At this moment, an immortal soul suddenly barged in and cried out sorrowfully, “Big Brother! You have to make a decision for me!”

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect had just heard this sentence two days ago, but this time, whether it was in terms of emotion, tone, or expression, it was much more realistic.

“It’s good that you escaped. If your body is gone, you can find another one. As long as you’re alive, it doesn’t matter. As for the matter of the Jade Tripod Sect, I already know about it.”

The Crimson Fiend Sect’s sect master stood up, his tone quite grave.

Second Demon Venerable’s face was full of sorrow. He never thought that he would almost lose his life when he went on an expedition to an alchemy sect.

He swallowed a battle pill and temporarily increased his speed, but the two of them had swallowed more pills than him, which gave him an edge.

If he hadn’t used some secret technique, he might have really died outside today.

At this moment, he did not want to talk about the Linglong Divine Gold anymore. Only when he faced death once did he realize how illusory those external things were.

In this world, the most precious thing was still his little life.

“Big Brother, the Jade Tripod Sect has gone too far!”

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect narrowed his eyes and said, “Second brother, did you forget to tell me something?”

The Second Demon Venerable’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this. He hesitated for a moment, but still told him everything about the Linglong Divine Gold.

In the end, he said angrily, “Big Brother, I didn’t do this properly. Now, I don’t want any Divine Gold. I only hope that you can help me seek justice!”

Hearing these words, the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect smiled in satisfaction. Then, his tone suddenly became extremely cold. “In this case, let’s fight with the Jade Tripod Sect. It’s been a long time since the ten of us have fought together.”

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