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Chapter 324: Dominating The Scene

As soon as Xiao Liang finished speaking, the entire mountain peak was suddenly in chaos and the various Essence Soul realm cultivators didn’t expect things to have escalated to the point that a fight was about to break out.

Even the Void Refinement realm elder was stunned.

“Chen Chen, what does Xiao Liang mean?”

Zhou Renlong subconsciously stood in front of Chen Chen to stop him with a gloomy expression.

He had been trapped by the Prime Minister of the Grand Xia Dynasty for more than ten years, so he had an extremely bad impression of the cultivators of the imperial dynasties. Besides, Xiao Liang was the Prime Minister.

Now that he had suddenly heard such words, he naturally thought that the tragedy that happened to him at the beginning would happen to Chen Chen too. Thus, anger surged within him immediately.

Chen Chen sneered and said, “What do you mean? I have the Adversity-Overcoming Seal on me, so I’m like a walking heaven-defying elixir. Naturally, others will be targeting me.”

“Chen Chen, I’ll send a message to the Clan Master and ask him to do some justice…” Xia Xishuang, who was at the side, took out the communication token.

At this moment, the entire mountain peak had been blocked and even a fool would be able to tell that it was a premeditated plan. Hence, Xia Xishuang was extremely anxious.

Chen Chen stopped her and said calmly, “Advance to the Little Carefree Immortal Palace first. I might charge out later.”

Xia Xishuang’s face turned pale when she heard that but she eventually nodded and entered Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

“Old Zhou, you should go in too.”

“What? Chen Chen, are you looking down on me?”

Zhou Renlong was furious.

“Xishuang is a disciple of the Haoran Sword Clan after all. No one dares to do anything to her but I’m not sure about you, Old Zhou. What if they catch you and threaten me?”

Chen Chen tried to persuade but Xiao Liang who was in the air, didn’t continue waiting and instead made a move. A golden bell emerged from behind him and shrouded Chen Chen.

Seeing this, Zhou Renlong subconsciously tried to resist but he was grabbed by Chen Chen who shoved him into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Seeing that the golden bell was about to cover him, a red cauldron nearby charged towards him and slammed hard against the golden bell ruthlessly.


An earth-shattering explosion occurred and the golden bell was blasted away while the entire mountain peak began to tremble.

Xiao Liang suddenly vomited blood and glowered at Yu Qiong who was below.

The Void Refinement Elder finally reacted at this time and blocked Yu Qiong by standing in front of her,

Chen Chen took this opportunity to rush to the edge of the blockade formation and summoned Green Bean.

At the same time, his message, which was sent via divine senses, reached the ears of all the disciples of the disciples of Mount Wufeng on the Divine Ape Mountain.

“Everyone, hurry along, don’t tell anyone else that you’re from Wufeng City.”

After that, Green Bean had already broken the array.

When Xiao Liang saw this scene in the distance, his pupils instantly constricted. This array was the strongest trap in the entire human race, which even Void Refinement realm experts had to put in a lot of effort into breaking.

However, Chen Chen managed to do it effortlessly.

‘If we let him escape, how can we catch him in the future?’

The thought of it made him extremely anxious and he subconsciously took out a black orb from his pocket.

The black orb was covered in dense patterns that were emitting negative energy. Clearly, it wasn’t a good thing.

Just as he was about to use this orb, Yu Qiong, who was near them, asked a question.

“Xiao Liang, are the four imperial dynasties trying to make a clean break with the four major clans?”

Hearing these words, his heart dropped and he hesitated for a moment.

In that moment, Chen Chen had already flown out of the range of this mountain peak.


About 50 kilometers away from the Divine Ape Mountain, the newly advanced Void Refinement Powerhouse of the Mountain Divine Ape Clan, Demon Venerable Pingtian, looked in the direction of the Divine Ape Mountain quietly.

There were thousands of experts from various clans behind him, among which there were dozens of Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors who were the forces of the eight major demon clans.

If it were in the past, they definitely wouldn’t leave the land of their clan.

However, the Demon Courts are different now. The Demon Lord had managed to summon all the powerhouses and gathered them to help him destroy the human race’s Battle of Techniques.

In his opinion, the human race was insulting the demon race by using the land of the Mountain Divine Ape Clan as the reward for the Battle of Techniques.

If they really let the human race hand out the rewards, the Mountain Divine Ape Clan would forever be humiliated.

Thinking of this, he became more and more grateful to the Demon God.


Just as he was silently waiting for his chance, a dull sound suddenly came from the distance!

He could hear it clearly even if he didn’t use his divine senses.

“Is this a exchange of blows between Void Refinement realm experts?”

Demon Emperor Pingtian was bewildered. He initially intended to strike when the Battle of Techniques was drawing to an end but now it seemed that there was a hiccup.

Without hesitation, he took the demons behind him and quickly moved toward the Divine Ape Mountain. Soon, everything that was happening on the Divine Ape Mountain started to become clear in his divine senses!

The Void Refinement realm cultivators of the human race were having an internal battle!

That left him at a loss for words for a while and there was nothing within him except agitation.

Although he had swallowed the Ancestral-Returning Blood and was stronger than ordinary cultivators who were in the early-stage Void Refinement realm, he still wasn’t sure about fighting two people lone. However, the two Void Refinement realm cultivators of the human race who were guarding the Divine Ape Mountain actually began fighting.

‘No! I must quickly inform the Demon God! We might really be able to get the Divine Ape Mountain back!’

Above the Divine Ape Mountain.

Chen Chen originally wanted to escape directly, but when he saw that there were already imperial dynasty cultivators in the other two peaks who were attacking the cultivators of Wufeng City. Some of them even killed the cultivators and he was furious!

“This group of people are such bullies!”

Cursing angrily in his head, the Divine Condensation Pearl in Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness suddenly emitted a dazzling ray of light.

In the next moment, dozens of divine sense attacks swept out, and in an instant, all the cultivators of the imperial dynasties who had killed the cultivators had their heads explode. In fact, there were even some so-called elites among them.

In an instant, the two peaks were dead silent and not a single low-ranking cultivator dared to move a single inch.

Chen Chen’s eyes were bloodshot and he broke the array before shoving all the cultivators of Wufeng City into his Small World.

After sending the last Core Formation realm cultivator into the Small World, there were already more than ten Essence Soul realm cultivators of the imperial dynasty in the sky who were blocking all his retreats.

The leader, Xiao Liang, hovered silently right above with a cold and indifferent gaze.

“Capture him alive!”

Xiao Liang bellowed, and more than ten Essence Soul realm cultivators simultaneously attacked Chen Chen.

In an instant, all kinds of magic treasures flickered with light towards Chen Chen and suppressed him.

Chen Chen didn’t say a word but the Omni Divine Blade darted out and turned into a hundred meter long.

Clang! Clang!

The treasures retreated and no one could object.

Xiao Liang frowned slightly. Although he had a trump card, he wouldn’t use it unlesss necessary because that would harm him greatly.

If possible, the best result is to capture Chen Chen alive and send him to the ancestor. However, it seemed a little difficult to do so now.

While he was thinking, more than ten Essence Soul realm cultivators launched a second round of attack again.

The weakest of these ten Essence Soul realm cultivators was a middle-stage Essence Soul realm cultivator but now, they couldn’t even defeat Chen Chen, which made them feel furious. This time, they went all out!

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