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Chapter 323: Disappointed And Disheartened

“How is that possible? This kid can sense my divine sense attack, wouldn’t that mean…”

A trace of horror flashed in the eyes of that Void Refinement realm elder.

An Essence Soul realm cultivator possessing a divine sense comparable to his was simply incredible!

However, he was still a little unconvinced and launched another divine sense deterrent at Zhou Renlong.

However, the result was exactly the same. The divine sense deterrent vanished without a trace.

“This punk is really terrifying!”

The Void Refinement realm old man looked at Chen Chen and a divine sense mightiness pressed towards Chen Chen.

He refused that he couldn’t beat him.

However, as soon as his divine sense probed out, he faced a violent counterattack from the other side.

The two strong divine senses collided on the ring, stirring up numerous strong might. The Essence Soul realm powerhouses in the surroundings had a drastic change in expression when they sensed that scene.

‘Where did these experts come from? Why are they attacking each other with divine senses? Could it be that the demons are here to create trouble again?’

“Settle the things in the ring. If you bring this matter outside the ring, don’t blame me for falling out with you.”

A message was spread over in his head via divine senses and the Void Refinement realm elder frowned.

Who would have thought that he would one day be threatened by a junior whose strength was in the Essence Soul realm?

Just as he wanted to send a message via divine senses to berate them, Yu Qiong landed near him, blocking his view of the ring. At the same time, the two divine sense attacks dissipated into nothingness.

Although she didn’t say anything, it was obvious that she meant for him to leave.

“How dare you!”

The Void Refinement realm old man was furious and his face was as red as a tomato but nevertheless, he was at fault for this so he could not say anything. All he did was glower at Xiao Liang furiously before retreating to the edge of the arena.

If it wasn’t for Xiao Liang who thought he was being by confronting Chu Chong, he wouldn’t have been shamed.

Now, not only had he failed to anger Chen Chen he was going to get a beating too.


There was a loud sound of an explosion!

Above the ring, Chu Chong was directly blasted onto the top of the array, and a large dent was formed in his chest.

According to the plan, he was supposed to properly humiliate this Zhou Renlong and at the same time, beat him up into a pulp but in the end, things had developed to such a point.

At the thought of this, he subconsciously looked at Xiao Liang, only to find that Xiao Liang was looking at the sky and seemingly spacing out.

Seeing this scene, his heart dropped and he had an ominous hunch.

“Didn’t you say that I’m not presentable enough? Old man, I bet you’re asking for a beating!”

On the other side, Zhou Renlong didn’t give him a chance to catch his breath at all as he flew to his side immediately and started launching attacks.

The only thing Chu Chong could do was to try and quickly fend off the attacks. Soon, he received another blow to his body.

As a prince of the imperial dynasty, he could not bring himself to lower his pride and concede defeat to Zhou Renlong, a cultivator of a small country.

Hence, in no time, his physical body was battered with bruises and he was almost on the verge of breaking down.

At this moment, he finally discovered that the Void Refinement realm cultivator who was maintaining order had somehow become Yu Qiong from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

That made him feel horrified because he was initially still hoping that the Void Refinement old man could stop them from continuing to fight, so that he could have a reason to leave but now it seems to be impossible.

With that, he immediately hollered, “I concede defeat!”

After saying that, he withdrew from the ring, his face incredibly sullen.

“You’re quite sensible. Otherwise, I’ll beat you up!”

Knowing that he was right, Zhou Renlong refused to give in at all. At this point, he nevertheless added another sentence to mock him.

Chu Chong was so angry that he almost vomited blood, and after casually taking out a few elixirs and swallowing them, he turned around and left the mountain peak regardless of the situation behind him.

He had been thoroughly embarrassed today and really didn’t have the cheek to continue.

After Chu Chong left, Xiao Liang stepped onto the ring almost without hesitating at all.

The faces of the surrounding Essence Soul realm cultivators all became a little strange.

Xiao Liang was recognized as the strongest expert below the Void Refinement realm and logically speaking, someone like him should be the last to appear but now, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan had yet to get inside the ring and Xiao Liang was already eager to fight.

What’s the point of that?

At the side, Chen Chen glanced at Xiao Liang with anger in his eyes that he couldn’t hide.

When Chu Chong was leaving, he looked at Xiao Liang, who also made eye contact with the old man. Afterwards, the Void Refinement realm elder attacked Zhou Renlong.

None of that escaped the detection of his divine senses.

He didn’t believe that there wasn’t anything fishy between them.

Besides, it was by no means possible that they were the ones who purposely targeted him because of Chu Xiong. Reason being Xiao Liang, Chu Chong and the Void Refinement realm elder belonged to three different imperial dynasties.

Was there a need for Xiao Liang and the Void Refinement elder to avenge Chu Xiong?

The relationship between the four imperial dynasties was definitely not good enough for them to do that.

The only explanation is that this group of people had been targeting him since the beginning! Even if there was no Chu Xiong, they would have targeted him all the same!

At this point, Chen Chen smiled self-deprecatingly.

He originally thought that the four dynasties would not make things difficult for him in the future, but now it seems that he thought too much.

How can the prejudice within one’s heart vanish so easily?

“System… Does anyone nearby harbor murderous intentions towards me?”

Chen Chen asked in his head.

The system soon gave him a list of answers.

Apart from the Essence Soul realm cultivators of the four imperial dynasties, there were even a few itinerant cultivators who had murderous intentions towards him.

After receiving the answer, Chen Chen’s heart gradually became icy cold.

He had the Adversity-Overcoming Seal on his body so he was destined to never be tolerated by the world. Even if some cultivators treated him with respect on the surface, they would immediately kill him in order to fight for the blessings bestowed by heaven.

Having figured that out, Chen Chen said to Zhou Renlong, “Old Zhou, let’s go back, this is not the place we should be.”

Zhou Renlong looked at Xiao Liang in the sky and somewhat jumped for joy, but after hearing Chen Chen’s words, he suddenly laughed and jumped down from the ring.

“Since you don’t like it here, I shall not participate. Let’s go back to Mount Wufeng to enjoy life.”

Xiao Liang’s face changed greatly when he saw this scene, and he shouted in a deep voice, “Hold on!”

Chen Chen looked up at Xiao Liang and said indifferently, “What’s wrong? Do you want to kill me now?”

Yu Qiong, who was at the side, also sensed that something was wrong and said with a slight frown, “Xiao Liang, what do you mean? Zhou Renlong has already conceded defeat, isn’t that enough?”

Xiao Liang’s expression changed repeatedly as his previous elegance and easygoingness vanished. Instead, he was now gloomy and ferocious.

The ancestor wanted to kill Chen Chen, how could he dare to let Chen Chen go easily?

“Chen Chen! Others can leave! But you can’t!”

Yu Qiong was exasperated to hear his words and she barked, “Chen Chen! Leave with your person! I’ll see who dares to stop you today!”

“In the name of the Saintess of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, I hereby declare that anyone who dares to stop you shall no longer be entitled to the supply of elixirs from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan for a hundred years!”

At this moment, she also realized that the situation wasn’t right, so she spoke in an extremely determined tone.

The surrounding cultivators hurriedly made way to avoid Chen Chen like the plague.

Being denied the supply of elixirs from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan for a hundred years was totally unacceptable.

Even the four major clans and four great dynasties wouldn’t be able to afford such a loss.

If he were to have his supply cut off for a hundred years, the strength of the clan will definitely be greatly weakened, and they may not be able to accept any disciples at all.

Hearing this, the veins on Xiao Liang’s face bulged and a moment later, he finally made up his mind and hollered, “Stop Yu Qiong, I’ll capture Chen Chen alive!”

Yu Qiong’s expression changed dramatically when she heard this.

She never thought that this Xiao Liang would really fall out with her at this moment!

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