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Chapter 325: How To Live With Himself?

Chen Chen glanced at Xiao Liang coldly and turned around to leave.

However, at this moment, thousands of demon race experts at the boundary of his divine sense detection flocked towards the Divine Ape Mountain.

The leader of the group, a Void Refinement realm Demon Venerable, arrived in an instant and smacked the mountain peak in the center with his palm.

The mountain peak was full of talented Nascent Soul realm cultivators, and there were about as many as several hundreds of them. Apart from the Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the four great dynasties, there were also many from the four major clans.

If the palm were to smack down on them, most of the hundreds of Nascent Soul realm cultivators would probably die!

With that thought, Chen Chen didn’t hesitate any longer and merely blocked the palm with his body. In an instant, his spiritual power was maximized, and a bright ray of golden light lit upon his body!


With the loud sound of an explosion, the palm dissolved and vanished, but the powerful shock wave had nevertheless injured many Nascent Soul realm cultivators.

On the contrary, Chen Chen was smacked into the mountain by the palm of a Void Refinement realm cultivator. Cracks appeared around him, and his physical body seemed to be on the verge of collapsing in the blink of an eye.


Chen Chen spat out some clots of blood, and stimulated the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique in his body, and flew out of the mountain.

No matter how hard it was, he had nevertheless taken the blow.

Many Nascent Soul realm cultivators around him looked at him with a look of gratitude and then tried to quickly get away from this place.

However, before they could fly out of the range of the Divine Ape Mountain, a large number of Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors appeared all around them, thus sealing the Divine Ape Mountain.

Chen Chen casually swallowed some treasures and checked the surrounding conditions.

There were nearly a thousand demon race experts, all of whom were members of the direct lineage of the eight major demon clans. Based on their aura alone, they were obviously not weak.

In the distance, Yu Qiong and the Void Refinement realm elder had already stopped fighting. Instead, they were looking at the Demon Venerable Pingshan, ready to attack at any time.

“Kill them! Kill all the human cultivators!”

Demon Venerable Pingshan roared furiously. At this moment, there had long been chaos in the Divine Ape Mountain, and the Mountain Protection Arrays had been punctured numerous times. They were virtually useless.

If he let his subordinates launch a killing spree here, the human race would be badly damaged!

The ones gathered here were all the best human cultivators who were also representing the human race.

Seeing that those demonic cultivators were flocking towards the human cultivators like predators to prey, Yu Qiong panicked and rebuked, “Look at what you’ve done! If a few more people die today, you’ll be the great sinner of the human race, Xiao Liang!”

At this moment, Xiao Liang also snapped out of his agony and looked at his surroundings, drenched in a cold sweat.

In such circumstances, he didn’t hesitate at all and simply swallowed the black pearl. As soon as it entered his body, Xiao Liang trembled a little, but there weren’t any drastic changes.

In the next second, he spoke in an old voice.

“How dare a bunch of nobodies dares to create such a scene?”

His voice was almost demonic as it spread across dozens of kilometers. The Nascent Soul realm cultivators and Essence Soul realm cultivators within that range all died, regardless of whether they were at the Essence Soul realm or the Nascent Soul realm!

Seeing this scene, the face of Demon Venerable Pingshan changed drastically, and even Yu Qiong widened her eyes in shock. They were full of disbelief.

With just one sentence, nearly a hundred demon experts were killed. That wasn’t something that Xiao Liang could do. In fact, even Void Refinement realm cultivators like them couldn’t do it.

“Who exactly are you?”

Demon Venerable Pingshan questioned furiously.

Hearing this, Xiao Liang raised his head, looked at the surroundings, and said indifferently, “I’m Bai Dongsheng of the Great Jing Dynasty. I didn’t expect the human race to have really infiltrated the demon race’s territory. How courageous.”

Bai Dongsheng…

Hearing this name, both Demon Venerable Pingshan and the experts of the human race were dumbfounded.

It was because they had never heard of an expert with that name before.

Only Yu Qiong muttered with horror in her eyes, “Didn’t the former emperor of the Great Jing Dynasty… die in the tribulation after failing to transcend it when he reached the peak of the Void Refinement realm?”

Now, there wasn’t a powerhouse who was at the peak of the Void Refinement realm in the human and demon races.

Once one reaches this level, they will definitely face a Tribulation of Ascension at any time. Regardless of whether they succeed or not, they wouldn’t be able to stay in this world.

Hence, for safety reasons, the experts of the human race and demon race who were at the peak had all suppressed their cultivation level at the late-stage of the Void Refinement realm.

Bai Dongsheng had clearly failed to transcend the tribulation, but he actually managed to survive till this day…

Such situations were few and rare in the history of the human race. Who knows what kind of secret technique he had used?

“A bunch of tricks!”

Demon Venerable Pingtian’s expression changed again and again, after which he pulled out a large rod and smashed it at Xiao Liang.

Xiao Liang did not react vigorously to this and instead, merely reached his hand out to swing it casually before blocking Demon Venerable Pingtian.

He then waved his hand again and Demon Venerable Pingtian was rendered immobile. The demon was confined in the air.

The crowd of human cultivators was overjoyed to see this, and at this moment, they already believed that a human expert had really possessed Xiao Liang.


After imprisoning Demon Venerable Pingtian, Bai Dongsheng extended a finger and pointed at Demon Venerable Pingtian.

A black ray of light darted out, and it immediately reached Demon Venerable Pingtian’s forehead.

However, at this moment, numerous patterns suddenly appeared in the air, and a figure in a black veil walked out of the void. Immediately afterwards, he pointed at it, and the black light turned into nothingness.

Seeing this figure, the Demon Venerable Pingtian heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Lord Demon God, you’re finally here!”

Some time ago, the Demon God broke through to the late stage of the Void Refinement realm and became the strongest expert of the demon race. Hence, in his opinion, the fact that the Demon God had arrived meant that there would be no more accidents.

Yao Qing nodded slightly. She first glanced at Bai Dongsheng before turning to look at Chen Chen who was covered in wounds with a look of derision in his eyes.

“Chen Chen, you didn’t trust me when I told you to go to the Boundless Sea. What’s the point of suffering now?”

Chen Chen, who was below, stayed silent without answering.

The surrounding crowd of human cultivators had a strange look in their eyes.

No one expected Chen Chen to know the Demon God of the demon race… It seemed that they were close too.

“Are you the current leader of the demon race? Unfortunately, I only have my divine senses, and I can only exert the strength of the late-stage Void Refinement realm. Otherwise, I can just behead you now.”

Bai Dongsheng looked at Yao Qing with a casual tone of voice.

Hearing those words, Yao Qing raised her head and looked at Bai Dongsheng before saying coldly with a sneer, “How dare nobody speaks so arrogantly?”

Bai Dongsheng smiled quietly without saying anything. In the next second, he suddenly looked at Chen Chen who was below, and launched a divine sense attack, that instantly reached Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Chen Chen was caught off guard, and his face turned slightly pale…

However, that was all.

Although his divine sense attack was extremely powerful, he had a Divine Condensation Pearl to protect his sea of consciousness, while his own divine sense attack also reached the level of the Void Refinement realm. Hence, the divine sense attack could only have such an impact on him.

After stabilizing his body, Chen Chen looked at Bai Dongsheng who was above his head.

At this moment, he understood that this person was the one who really wanted to kill him.

‘Peak of the Void Refinement realm… He’s an expert who will ascend anytime soon. No wonder he’s so eager to kill me.’

Seeing that Chen Chen didn’t die or even suffer any injury, Bai Dongsheng couldn’t help but frown.

After a period of silence, he was full of curiosity and pointed at Chen Chen, casting a black ray of light at him.

The power of this strike was fatal and enough to kill ordinary Void Refinement realm cultivators.

Upon sight of this from afar, Yu Qiong’s expression changed, but before she could even react, the black light was blocked by Yao Qing again.

The cultivators of both the human race and demon race on the Divine Ape Mountain all fell silent when they saw that scene.

Chen Chen looked at the sky speechlessly with mixed emotions.

At this moment, he was facing the fatal attack of a top human elite even though he was a human cultivator.

Yet, the one who saved him was a demoness…

How could he possibly live with himself from now on?

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