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Chapter 277: You Shameless Person!

Looking at the stern figure outside the Demon Suppressing Town, Xia Xishuang was a little dazed, but she soon laughed a few moments later.

In her memory, Chen Chen had always been powerful and competent, but his only flaw was that he kept too low of a profile and was born in a small vassal state. Hence, even when he was killing an Essence Soul realm expert in the battlefield of Qi and Wei previously, he didn’t get too famous.

Most people were skeptical about it. After all, a Nascent Soul realm cultivator killing an Essence Soul realm expert seemed implausible, and throughout the history of the human race, there have only been a few instances of such matters, which all happened under specific circumstances.

Although others were apprehensive, she believed it.

She knew that Chen Chen was not the type to brag and blow his trumpet.

From the first day that she met Chen Chen, she was already certain of that point.

When Chen Chen said those words, he felt extremely comfortable.

He derived joy from being arrogant.

How many people in this world would dare to declare that they were invincible?

There will always be someone better than you in this world. Even those with innate spirit bodies wouldn’t dare to say that no one in the same realm as them could rival them.

The reason being, there were still other factors affecting the balance, such as cultivation methods, treasures, standards, exertion, and so on.

However, Chen Chen dared to make such a declaration. He felt that his essence soul had been elevated too as an invincible aura emanated from his body.

At this moment, he believed… that he was extraordinary in the eyes of others and the supreme existence that the elites had never met before.

He was an incredible expert!


The demons roared!

Chen Chen raised his brows. When he saw that the person who spoke was Demon Emperor Ping Shan who had been released a short while ago, he couldn’t help but sneer. “You’ve been defeated, and you still have the audacity to speak? If I hadn’t been merciful, I would have killed you.”


Demon Emperor Ping Shan was exasperated, but he had nothing to say. Besides, he didn’t dare to approach Chen Chen.

To be honest, he hadn’t recovered from Chen Chen’s divine sense attack yet and would still get a headache from time to time.

That incident had quite left a great emotional trauma within him. He initially came with the intention to find more people to take revenge for him, but he didn’t expect to see Chen Chen being so arrogant.

Chen Chen stopped looking at him and turned to the other demons. He exclaimed coldly, “If no one dares to fight, get lost, stop pretending!”

The group of demons flew into a rage and a moment later, a Demon Emperor who was in the early-stage Essence Soul realm, flew out of the gloomy clouds.

Looking at the wary look on the Demon Emperor’s face, Chen Chen sneered, and his eyes flickered while the early-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor immediately shrieked in misery.

His divine senses had now reached the peak of the Essence Soul realm. With the Divine Condensation Pearl, he could kill most early-stage Essence Soul realm, cultivators.

Even the early-stage Essence Soul realm cultivators of the eight demon clans could not resist it just by protecting their sea of consciousness.

The demons in the cloud saw the situation and immediately tried to snatch the Demon Emperor back.

However, Chen Chen had been long prepared. Before the demons could make a move, he already flew to the screaming Demon Emperor and smacked him towards the Demon Suppressing Town.

Seeing this scene, the demons were infuriated, and they swarmed forward to charge at Chen Chen.

The Demon Suppressing Town immediately opened up as the humans and demons in the sky began fighting each other.

Three days later.

Chen Chen silently hovered over a large mountain.

It was called the Human-Exterminating Mountain, which was a treasure belonging to the demons.

Three days ago, the battle was naturally won by the humans.

Apart from Chen Chen, there were also more than a thousand cultivators that came over. Although the demons had greater power over the city, there was a limit to their strength.

Faced with the sudden attack of so many enemies, defeat is the only outcome.

After the past three days, the Demon Suppressing Town and Human Extermination Mountain had already switched roles.

The demons became the ones defending.

Looking at the crowd of demons hiding in the mountains below, Chen Chen said indifferently, “Is there anyone from the demons who dares to come out and fight me? I don’t mind fighting a mid-stage Essence Soul realm demon either. Anyway, all of you are just useless good-for-nothing, there’s no difference which realm you’re in.”

The demons in the Human Extermination Mountain almost vomited blood in exasperation when they heard those words from him.

However, no demon came out of the mountain, and none of them could swallow their pride to send stronger experts out to deal with this arrogant human.

Regardless of victory or defeat, the demons would be the ones to be embarrassed.

Besides, in the past three days, the arrogant human, Chen Chen, had indeed defeated the mid-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor.

“This kid is too arrogant! I can’t stand it anymore! Uncle! Quickly think of a solution!”

Demon Emperor Ping Shan complained to a senior of the clan in the Human Extermination Mountain, his face beet red.

“He can’t be arrogant for much longer, the ingenious Divine Illusion Demon Emperor of the Human-Slaying Mountain, will arrive at our place in two days.”

“The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor has very strong divine senses and should not be afraid of Chen Chen. The Heaven Turning Demon Emperor of the Divine Demon Mountain will also be coming over. He has a treasure for protecting one’s sea of consciousness. Apart from them…”

Seeing that his uncle had named four or five famous figures among the demons, Demon Emperor Ping Shan’s expression finally became much less sullen.

In his opinion, Chen Chen was an arrogant human who was invincible only by virtue of his divine senses attack. Without them, he would have been defeated easily.

In order to defeat Chen Chen, he would have to attack his divine senses.

The names that his uncle had mentioned were all demon elites who were fearless towards divine sense attacks.


Before the demon elites from the other mountains came over, the Demon Suppressing Town had been moved to a place that was less than 500 meters in front of the Human Extermination Mountain, almost adjacent to each other.

There were dozens of treasures like the Demon Suppressing Town and Human Extermination Mountain on the entire Western Border battlefield.

However, there were no human base camps and demon base camps that were so close to each other. Not to mention, the ones being suppressed were the demons instead.

Soon, a majestic voice spread to the Human Extermination Mountain.

“Heaven-Shaking Wild Bear! What are you guys up to?”

Although they couldn’t see anyone in sight, the demons knew that they were being reprimanded by the Void Refinement realm powerhouse of the Demon God Hall.

The leader of the Heaven-Shaking Wild Bear clan smiled bitterly and told him the truth.


After cursing softly, a massive palm was condensed, and it was large enough to cover the sky.

However, before the palm was smacked against the Demon Suppressing Town, a pagoda shadow appeared again to block the palm.

“Tian Jiao, how dare you attack my junior? Do you think I don’t exist?”

A voice belonging to an elder spread in all directions, and the clouds in the sky suddenly transformed into an old human face.

Be it the humans in the Demon Suppressing Town or the demons in the Human Extermination Mountain, all of them turned pale when they saw that.

If the Void Refinement realm powerhouses were to fight here, they would probably all be in trouble.

“How arrogant and delusional of your junior to say that he’s invincible within your realm? Even you and I never dared to say that back in the day!”

The demon called Tian Jiao, said in a cold and menacing voice.

Looking at the scene above his head, Chen Chen said loudly, “You just don’t have the guts to admit that you’re weak. Do you really think you’re impressive just because you’ve reached the Void Refinement realm? What are you pretending for!?! If you have what it takes, send your descendants here and watch me skin them alive! Let me tell you, if you weren’t born a few hundred years earlier than me, you wouldn’t have had a chance to enter the Void Refinement realm!”

When he said that, everyone fell silent again.

Even the large aged face looked at Chen Chen who was below him.

Feeling that gaze, Chen Chen smiled and said, “Senior, you’re really impressive, I’m referring to the shameless Void Refinement realm demon who thinks he’s really impressive.”

“Good! Very good! You’re the only one below the Void Refinement realm who has had the guts to say that about me! You’re dead meat! Don’t think that the human race can protect you!”

The Demon Venerable, Tian Jiao, was furious, and his voice was thunderous.

Seeing that the shadow of the pagoda was gradually solidifying, he felt much more confident and said indifferently, “You’re making it sound as if you were in the Void Refinement realm since you were born. If no one dared to say that to you when you were weak, it just goes to show that all the demons are wimps!”

“And you, how can you have the cheek to educate me, when you’re clearly more arrogant and delusional than I am? How shameless of you! Ugh!”


A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, and dark clouds soon obscured the sun.

Chen Chen remained calm, but unfortunately, he didn’t have a fan to show off his might.

“Remember what you said today! Invincible within your realm, huh!? Just you wait!”

Tian Jiao bellowed in exasperation, after which the skies gradually turned clear again.

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