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Chapter 278: Black Clouds Looming Over The City

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“This brat is really digging his own grave.”

The large, old face in the sky looked at Chen Chen with some anger and admiration in his eyes.

On the one hand, he admired Chen Chen for daring to mock even a Void Refinement realm demon in his face, and on the other hand, he was rather annoyed that Chen Chen wasn’t keeping a low profile.

Even though the demon was his enemy, it wasn’t right to offend a Void Refinement realm expert.

Chen Chen looked at the sky and chuckled. “Senior, I was just stating facts.”

“Aren’t you afraid that he will find an opportunity to retaliate against you?”

“What should I be afraid of? There are seniors like you to deal with those Void Refinement realm demons.”

Hearing these words, the big pale face in the sky was speechless.

‘What does this kid mean? Is he saying that we, the Void Refinement realm experts of the human race, are incompetent if the demons end up taking revenge on him?’

‘You’re so sharp-tongued!’

‘If I keep talking to him, I’ll be infuriated!’


After a huge change, the large old face in the sky gradually vanished, and it was replaced by white clouds.

Chen Chen stood with his arms by the side and looked at the calm sky with a smile on his face.

Back in the Demon Suppressing Town.

Chen Chen ducked into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace and silently summoned the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder that surged within his body.

Under the destructive aura of the Destruction Divine Lightning, his physical body was being rapidly enhanced at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

In the past, he would never dare to temper his body using the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder because a single mistake would result in serious injury. However, he could no longer care less now.

In addition to the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder, Chen Chen also applied various Body Refinement treasures to his body.

In just half a day, his cultivation level reached the late Nascent Soul realm.

However, he didn’t dare to reach the peak of the Nascent Soul realm in body refinement because the Tribulation Transcendence was just too terrifying.

If Heaven were to give him a matching Adversity-Overcoming Seal on his other hand, he would be doomed.

Putting aside the Adversity-Overcoming Seal, he was rather confident in transcending the tribulation. After all, his overall strength had been greatly improved after he reached the Essence Soul realm.

“I’m afraid that the only Essence Soul realm cultivator who has crossed the Body Refinement Tribulation is me.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself after retracting the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder.

Nowadays, he has fully developed his Qi Refinement, Body Refinement, and divine senses. He could be considered flawless, and even his slightly weaker physical body was stronger than most Essence Soul realm cultivators.

He could be considered invincible in his realm.

At this moment, in the Human Extermination City.

A six-tailed demon fox slowly descended. Demon Emperor Ping Shan was overjoyed to see him and hurriedly proceeded to welcome him.

“Shen Huan, you’re finally here, with your level of divine senses, you can definitely withstand Chen Chen’s divine sense attack.”

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor neither nodded nor shook his head. Instead, he kept a solemn expression. In terms of research on divine sense, he was several notches above Demon Emperor Ping Shan.

Hence, knew how terrifying it was to be able to launch a divine sense attack that could severely injure Demon Emperor Ping Shan, at the early Essence Soul realm stage.

He knew that Chen Chen’s divine senses must be stronger than his.

Although Chen Chen’s divine sense attack might not be effective against him, his illusionary techniques would likewise be greatly limited.

Putting aside his strong divine senses, Chen Chen had an innate spirit body too, and thus, he might not be a match for him.

“Shen Huan, should we go to war now?”

Demon Emperor Ping Shan had been really frustrated and impatient in the past few days.

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor shook his head and said, “Half a day ago, the Demon Venerable Tian Jiao, informed all the early Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors that if they could defeat Chen Chen, he would personally give them a reward.”

“Although he did not say what the reward is, the Demon Venerable will not go back on his word. Now, there are already quite several fellow cultivators on their way, and even some of the strongest demons who didn’t participate in the battle are also on their way.”

“Such a big deal!”

Demon Emperor Ping Shan was shocked.

He did not expect that a mere Chen Chen would be worthy of the Demon Venerable’s order for so many Demon Emperors to fight him.

Seeing the look of astonishment on Demon Emperor Ping Shan’s face, the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor frowned slightly and said solemnly, “Ping Shan, don’t underestimate Chen Chen. He has an innate spirit body, and rumor has it that he has once killed a Essence Soul realm cultivator when he was a Nascent Soul realm cultivator. Now, he claims to be invincible within his realm so he’s definitely confident for a reason. I’m certain that he isn’t an arrogant fool, and we have to take him seriously!”

Demon Emperor Ping Shan froze for a moment as he recalled the time when he was subdued by a single move, only to be terrified.

Previously, he had always blamed this incident on Chen Chen’s sneak attack, but now that he had thought about it carefully, he realized that it wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

After waiting for a few more moments, the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor of the Divine Ape clan also arrived at Human Extermination Mountain.

The Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor was a famous elite among demons whose physical body was almost invincible, but his only weakness was his poor divine senses.

Later on, his clan ancestor gave him a precious treasure to protect his divine senses, which allowed him to gradually become invincible in the early-stage Essence Soul realm.

Some time ago, he even defeated a mid-stage Essence Soul realm human cultivator on the battlefield.

However, even so, he didn’t dare to say that he was invincible within his realm.

Not to mention the human race, even among the demons, there were strong experts of the same realm who could restrain him.

For example, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan in the Northern Border could return to Nirvana after reaching the Essence Soul realm. Hence, he wasn’t confident that he could keep killing an Immortal Demonic Phoenix during battle.

After descending, the Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor did not rush to go to war and instead, waited quietly.

A day later.

The Southern Divine Flood Dragon Clan sent four early-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors at one go, three of which were from the Divine Dragon and the other, a direct descendant of the Divine Dragon Demon Venerable.

There was also a mutant Demon Emperor who never showed up among the demons before, but the three Divine Dragon Demon Emperors were under his lead.

After those four Demon Emperors arrived, the experts of the various clans began to come and go. In just one day, the number of early-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors in the Human Extermination City reached as many as eighteen.

Without exception, they were all genius demonic cultivators.

“It’s almost time, let’s go to war tomorrow. I’ll test the waters and see how strong he is during the first battle tomorrow.”

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor looked at the experts and said in a deep voice.

The Demon Emperors were good in various fields. If they still weren’t a match for the arrogant Chen Chen, it would be meaningless to send more demons.

“Yes, I hope that humans won’t let me down.”

The Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor sat in the corner with a sullen expression, and his head hung low.

On the other side of the corner, a black-feathered Demon Emperor took out a small notebook quietly and looked at the dense tallies on it with a frown.

This Chen Chen seems to be the Chen Chen who plucked out all of my nephew’s hair… He is a disciple of the State of Zhou Body Refinement lineage. Even if I win this time, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan will still lose one round against them, this is really difficult.”

The Demon Emperors each had their own thoughts. Before they knew it, it was already daybreak.

Looking at the Demon Suppressing Town that was close at hand, the Demon Emperor’s expression became extremely cold.

Today, they not only wanted to defeat Chen Chen, but they also wanted to compete with the other Demon Emperors who had come along.

The person who defeated Chen Chen would not only be rewarded by Demon Venerable Tian Jiao, they would also be able to vaguely oppress the other demons.

Such an honor would be enough to bring them fame among the demons.

Looking at the group of experts behind him who were ready to attack, Demon Emperor Ping Shan was full of confidence as he yelled at the Demon Suppressing Town near him.

“Chen Chen! Do you dare to come out and fight us!?!”

As soon as he said that, the Divine Illusion Demon Emperor took the lead and flew out of the Human Extermination Mountain.

The other Demon Emperors followed closely behind, and the large gloomy clouds formed by dozens of Demon Emperors obscured the sky above the Demon Suppressing Town and Human Extermination Mountain.

Looking at the strange shapes that appeared in the cloud, Chen Chen’s expression was indifferent.

Just as he was about to fly out, Xia Xishuang pulled him back.

Chen Chen turned around to look at Xia Xishuang and shot her a reassuring glance. He said softly, “It’s alright, I also want to know if I am really invincible against those who are in the same realm as me.”

Hearing this, Xia Xishuang let go of his hand. Although she remained silent, her encouragement and worry for him were written all over her face.

Chen Chen smiled faintly and left the Demon Suppressing Town.

In the next moment, a massive change happened in the world.

A massive dragon and a large, old face appeared almost at the same time, in the sky above the Human Extermination Mountain and the Demon Suppressing Town.

The Demon Venerable Tian Jiao and the Void Refinement realm human that appeared that day, arrived at the same time to watch the battle!

In addition, several terrifying auras appeared vaguely.

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