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Chapter 276: Invincible Within My Realm

“Generally, we will only offer benefits to people whom we don’t have much evidence against. If we have more than enough evidence against them, there won’t be a need for it. You’re an example of the latter.”

The voice was floaty and seemed to be coming close to Chen Chen from afar.

Feeling indignant, Chen Chen said loudly, “Can you give me the batch of alchemical herbs that Bai Fan was robbed of!?!”

As soon as he said that, a storage ring flew to Chen Chen’s hand.

When he opened it, he saw that it contained a large number of medicinal herbs from the Southern Border, which were exactly the same as the medicinal herbs that Bai Fan had lost.

Chen Chen was relieved to see them. He had at least gotten something out of the sect master. Although he would have to return all the herbs to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, it at least made him feel much better.

After the Heavenly Diabolism sect master left, Chen Chen took out the storage ring and let Bai Fan have a look at it.

Bai Fan was instantly moved to tears and he kept showering Chen Chen with praises, almost wishing he could worship Chen Chen like a god.

However, Chen Chen said viciously, “Send a message back to the clan and tell them that you’ve found a wise master whom you will follow around from now on. Inform them you will not return for the time being.”

Bai Fan was stunned to hear that. ‘What does he mean?’

Chen Chen took out the list of Bai Fan’s sins without hesitation and a menacing expression appeared on his face.

Seeing this scene, Bai Fan nodded bitterly and took out the communication token.

Only then did Chen Chen put away the list of sins.

He had to admit that it was indeed quite a great pleasure to threaten others.

Bai Fan wanted to kill him in the beginning so he wouldn’t be nice to him, much less give him any benefits.

‘What did that sect master of the Heavenly Diabolism say?’

‘As long as I have enough evidence against someone, I don’t have to give any benefits to compel them to do something. I’m just applying what I learned.’

‘Unless I free myself from misery one day, Bai Fan will have to follow me through this suffering.’

The next day.

As the sky gradually turned brighter after daybreak, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan exchanged Demon Emperor Ping Shan for seven captured human cultivators and returned.

Although all of them were Nascent Soul realm cultivators, they had great potential so she had to save as many as she could.

More importantly, she had to set an example for all human cultivators so that they would understand that the human race will not easily give up the life of any person.

Only then would there be people who are brave enough to fight against the demons, should there be a war again in the future.

Once Demon Emperor Ping Shan returned, the demons’ army once again arrived in the Demon Suppressing Town even before noon.

“Lowly human! The day before yesterday, you attacked Demon Emperor Ping Shan! You are so despicable and shameless! Do you dare to fight us today!?!”

This time, the challenge was from a mid-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor whom, logically speaking, the Haoran Sword Clan Saintess’ Junior Brother should fight against.

However, before he could fly out of the Demon Suppressing Town, Chen Chen sent Bai Fan out first.

Bai Fan was certainly an elite powerhouse since the Heavenly Diabolism sect decided to give him that task.

Most importantly, he was extremely sneaky with his fighting tactic. He would fight for one minute and dodge for nine, causing the mid-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor to crumble emotionally.

He cursed all sorts of expletives, but Bai Fan never once retorted and instead, quietly dodged. He would only attack every now and then.

Two hours later, Bai Fan finally defeated the mid-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor who had broken down and had his mentality collapse. He then cupped his fists and returned to the Demon Suppressing Town.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen felt rather speechless.

‘It’s no wonder he would lose those medicinal herbs that he was tasked to deliver. It’s only normal that he would toss the storage ring out to escape.’

On the contrary, the morale of those in the Demon Suppressing Town was greatly boosted. In their opinion, winning one battle would be considered a great achievement, and it didn’t matter to them if it was a glorious victory or not.

“I was tasked to…”

Bai Fan timidly came to Chen Chen’s side and cupped his fists as a greeting.

Chen Chen glanced at him with disdain and remained silent.

However, just like that, Bai Fan skipped towards the crowd merrily and hid at the back.

“Chen Chen… where is that expert from? Wouldn’t it be too haphazard to host him like this?”

Xiao Wuyou, who had been watching from the beginning to the end, saw Chen Chen’s hostility towards Bai Fan, who had made a huge contribution. He could not help but remind him.

Chen Chen smiled and explained, “He’s a sinner, and he was just atoning for his heinous sins, but he’s far from being done. Master, you don’t have to care about him, he should thank me for not killing him.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Xiao Wuyou nodded and did not ask more questions.

‘Since Chen Chen said that, he must have had some feud with him. Chen Chen is being kind enough to deal with an enemy that way.’

The defeat of the mid-stage Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor was a huge blow to the demons, but they did not intend to retreat at all. Instead, they seemed to be intending to challenge other demons.

While looking at the gloomy clouds outside the Demon Suppressing Town, Chen Chen began to get conceited.

Now, he was considered a member of the Heavenly Diabolism, and he also had something on the Heavenly Diabolism.

In such a situation, he definitely couldn’t sit back and do nothing, and let others trample all over him.

When the Adversity-Overcoming Seal descended, Yu Qiong had jokingly asked him to enter the Heavenly Diabolism as an undercover agent. At that time, he didn’t consider it at all, but now, he had no choice but to do so.

If he became an undercover agent certified by the top echelons of the human race, he would still be able to hide in the human border and not get hunted down by the humans and demons even if the truth came to light in the future.

He wouldn’t let Xia Xishuang and Xiao Wuyou misunderstand that he had fallen onto the path of diabolism.

However, he could only try doing that after Yu Qiong reached the Void Refinement realm and the humans had a greater say in things.

“Chen Chen, are you brooding over something again?”

Xia Xishuang asked gently when she saw Chen Chen looking at the sky with a miserable frown on his face.

Chen Chen did not hide and instead nodded slightly. He said softly, “I did encounter difficulties, but trust me, be it in the past, present or future, I will be a good person.”

“Of course I trust you…”

“Chen Chen, if someone really makes things difficult for you, you will make a name for yourself.”

“Once you become famous among the humans, the clan masters and Void Refinement realm seniors won’t put you in danger because that would be a serious blow to the morale of the entire human race.”

Xia Xishuang raised her head slightly and looked at Chen Chen with a gentle and warm gaze in her eyes.

Although she didn’t know if her conjecture was right or not, she decided to voice her thoughts.

Looking at the woman in front of him, Chen Chen felt a little sour.

‘Xishuang must want to know what happened to me, but she hasn’t asked me about it.’

The trust that Xia Xishuang had in him made him feel ashamed and self-reproachful, so much that he felt a strong urge to tell her immediately about the Adversity-Overcoming Seal.

However, he couldn’t do so in the end…

After a long silence, Chen Chen held Xia Xishuang in his arms and murmured, “Xishuang, nothing can be too tough for me in this world!”

Chen Chen’s eyes were bloodshot. Although his voice was low, it was full of determination.

He was not only saying it to Xia Xishuang but also to himself.

‘So what if he is a Void Refinement realm Powerhouse? It’s just one realm higher than mine.’

When he first set foot on the path of immortality cultivation, there were countless people who were four or five realms higher than him, but in the end, they were still not as powerful as he was now.

“I have faith in you. My Dao partner…must be the best.”

Xia Xishuang’s face turned slightly flushed as she said those words softly.

The people around them were all high-level cultivators so they had naturally heard everything. Everyone turned to the side and looked at them in disbelief.

‘Is she the same elite who’s often cold, aloof, and lofty?’

‘Ah… it seems that she’s indifferent only to outsiders.’

Xia Xishuang ignored the gazes of the people around them. All she could see was Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took a deep breath. At this moment, all he could feel was endless power surging and coursing through his body.

A powerful aura silently spread from his body, and the surrounding cultivators could not help but take a few steps back.

After scanning his surroundings, Chen Shuang let go of Xia Xishuang before stepping out to ascend to the sky outside the Demon Suppressing Town.

Looking at the distant gloomy clouds, Chen Chen had anything but fear within him.

He exclaimed in a voice that spread for dozens of miles, “No one in the same realm as me can defeat me! Who in this world does not agree!?!”

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