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Chapter 269: Old Ancestor Encounters An Assassination

In the next few days, Chen Chen took reference from a management and operation model of a certain conglomerate in his previous life to formulate a sect management plan.

After all, this was his own sect and a new one at that. Hence, Chen Chen could run it easily without any scruples.

This management plan was many times more advanced than the previous one that he had implemented for the Tianyun Clan.

According to his estimation, this management plan could fetch a price of 10 million Spirit Stones, if he sold it to other clans or sects!

Thinking of this, Chen Chen could not help but sigh a little.

‘I’m a man who can make a good living just by my handsome good looks, talent, and cultivation level.’

‘Heaven will be jealous of anyone who has these traits. Hehe!’


Chen Chen giggled while planning in his head.

The little morning glory was singing in the courtyard while the Ochre Yellow Spirit was digging the soil, forming an extremely harmonious scene.

At this moment, the void behind him suddenly trembled, and Yuan Qingtian appeared. He said softly, “Senior Brother, an Essence Soul realm cultivator from a clan, arrived and said that he wants to join Mount Wufeng.”

Chen Chen’s eyes instantly lit up. Mount Wufeng had only been established for a few days, and he hadn’t spread the news about it yet. However, an Essence Soul realm cultivator had already come forth and requested to join them.

‘Could it be because of my charisma?’

With that thought, Chen Chen suddenly stood up and said solemnly, “Qingtian, we must treat seriously the first expert who comes to join Mount Wufeng!”

As soon as Chen Chen said that, he vanished before Yuan Qingtian could even react, leaving behind only one shoe.

Chen Chen arrived in front of the mountain with only one shoe on his foot, his face full of earnestness.

A middle-aged beardless cultivator wearing a green robe seemed troubled as he had a gloomy expression on his face. The moment he saw Chen Chen, he squinted.

The sight of such a person made the smile on Chen Chen’s face freeze immediately.

Although he was not one to judge others by their appearance, he felt that the man didn’t seem to be a good person.

“Your Excellency, are you Chen Chen, the master of Mount Wufeng?”

The cultivator in the green robe questioned after scrutinizing Chen Chen.

Chen Chen secretly found a pair of shoes and put them on. He felt that it was extremely rude of that man to ask about him without reporting the name of his clan. He reckoned that he wasn’t really sincere in joining Mount Wufeng, so he wasn’t interested to pretend.

“Fellow Daoist, did you come here because you encountered some trouble? If you lack any Spirit Stones or are struggling to make ends meet, I can give you some help.”

Chen Chen sounded rather derisive. He couldn’t be bothered to be polite towards the man since he was so rude.

“You’re so young, but you already have a cultivation level of the early-stage Essence Soul realm. Indeed, you’re extraordinary.”

The middle-aged cultivator seemed to be talking to himself, and in the next second, his aura suddenly changed as a green-colored conical magic treasure shot out from his mouth, stabbing Chen Chen straight in the face!


Chen Chen exclaimed, not expecting him to attack him so brazenly in front of Mount Wufeng without saying a word!

‘How arrogant!’

Before he could think about it any further, the protective spiritual energy of his body had already become extremely rich and intense. At the same time, six protective treasures flew out of his storage ring and stopped in front of him.

In a moment of panic, that was the only thing he could do, and this is because of his strong divine senses.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of a series of violent explosions filled the air, and the six protective treasures exploded. However, the conical magic treasure dealt Chen Chen’s protective spiritual power a final blow and trembled before turning into ashes.

However, the tremor made Chen Chen feel uncomfortable, and he immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“You’re still not dead?” the middle-aged cultivator asked with bewilderment. At the same time, he slapped Chen Chen’s head with his hand, clearly trying to kill him with one blow.

“You’re really tired of living!”

Chen Chen bellowed, raised his head abruptly, and then shot a divine sense attack using his Divine Condensation Pearl, which hit the head of the middle-aged cultivator.

The middle-aged cultivator immediately let out a muffled grunt with agony written all over his face. He took this opportunity to cut the middle-aged cultivator into two with the Omni Divine Blade!

When the middle-aged cultivator returned to his senses, he realized that he was only left with his essence soul, and he immediately seemed shocked and furious!

“A rascal who has just stepped into the Essence Soul realm…”


Before he could finish his sentence, a Golden Divine Thunderbolt blasted on top of his Essence Soul.

His essence soul that was originally still rather strong, immediately became dim like a subtle shadow as if it would vanish at any time.

At this time, the other cultivators of Mount Wufeng had already heard the commotion and rushed over. When they saw the blood on the corners of Chen Chen’s lips, they were all enraged and immediately surrounded the middle-aged cultivator’s weakened essence soul.

“Nab him and find out where he’s from!”

Chen Chen ordered in a cold and menacing tone.

In his heart, he was afraid that if he had been hit in the head by the conical magic treasure, his physical body would face the risk of getting destroyed.

Although the Indestructible Body was powerful, he had never tried resurrecting it without a skull so it was still unknown if he could.

If he were to lose his physical body just a few days after Mount Wufeng was established, it would really be embarrassing for him!

Even if Mount Wufeng became the strongest clan in the future, the stain in his past would not vanish!

Most importantly…

If his physical body was ruined, he wouldn’t be able to get such a talented, handsome and gentlemanly body again.

There wasn’t such a person in the human race.


Chen Chen took pity on himself and secretly made up his mind that he would use the Haoran Sacred Light Method to expiate that person and let him know what cruelty was.

A few moments later, Yuan Qingtian came over with a look of shame.

“Senior Brother, I’ve already found out about that person’s background. His name is Feng Qing, and he’s a fugitive of the Great Chu Dynasty, who is wanted for murder and stealing the battle spoils. He refuses to say why he wants to assassinate you.”

“How much is the bounty?” Chen Chen asked through clenched teeth.

“100,000 Spirit Stones,” Yuan Qingtian said in a calm tone.

If he had heard this figure in the past, he would have definitely sighed in astonishment, but now, his mentality had changed.

‘A mere 100,000 Spirit Stones… this means nothing to me.’

However, he didn’t have 100,000 Spirit Stones.

“An Essence Soul realm powerhouse is worth 100,000 Spirit Stones? Forget it, contact the Great Chu Dynasty and tell them that I’ve already killed him. Forgo the bounty, just take it as my contribution to the battlefield.”

After saying that, Chen Chen looked at the weak essence soul in the distance. His gaze flickered, and the essence soul disintegrated immediately as it was completely purified by the Haoran Sacred Light Method.

After killing Feng Qing, Chen Chen looked at Yuan Qingtian and said comfortingly, “Qingtian, don’t blame yourself, who would have thought that he was here to assassinate me?”

Yuan Qingtian smiled and felt increasingly ashamed. He was an assassin himself, yet he didn’t feel the killing intent from that man, which was a serious dereliction of duty in his opinion.

“Senior Brother, I’ll study the details of all the fugitive cultivators of the human race later and promise that this will never happen again!”

Chen Chen smiled after hearing his words and nodded before saying, “Throw Feng Qing’s corpse to the foot of the mountain. Let the outsiders know the consequences of coveting Mount Wufeng!”

In Chen Chen’s opinion, this assassination was definitely not a coincidence.

Since there was a first, it would definitely happen again and apart from the Heavenly Diabolism, Chen Chen couldn’t think of a second force that would be strong enough to send a human fugitive cultivator who was at the Essence Soul realm, to kill him.

Hence, he didn’t even bother questioning Feng Qing in detail.

“Senior Brother, why don’t we transfer the Dark Guards over? Two of the twelve of them have already reached the Essence Soul realm with your support.”

Yuan Qingtian said softly.

Chen Chen shook his head. The Dark Guards had been protecting Lao Hei.

Although Lao Hei was different from what he used to be, he was still too weak now. Without protective measures, he would not be able to cope at all in case something unexpected happened.

‘I’d better wait until more Dark Guards have become Essence Soul realm experts before discussing this matter.’

However, it would really be difficult for the Dark Guards to reach the Essence Soul realm. If he invested the same amount of resources in other Nascent Soul realm cultivators, they would have long reached the Essence Soul realm.

The Dark Guards were very loyal, but because they had been brainwashed since a young age, they didn’t have a mental state and could only break through by relying on resources.

Half a day later.

In the air dozens of kilometers away from Mount Wufeng, there was one person who was quietly observing everything on Mount Wufeng.

Feng Qing’s corpse was naturally within the range of his divine senses.

Sensing the corpse that had been split in half, the man frowned and muttered to himself.

“It seems that I’m not the only one who was given this task by the Heavenly Diabolism. Unfortunately, this person is a fool who acted too hastily. Now that he has alarmed the target, he has made it harder for me. I just don’t know if…there are others besides this dead man and me.”

While he was thinking about it quietly, three people were hiding in other spots near Mount Wufeng who had the same thoughts.

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