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Chapter 268: Master of Mount Wufeng

“The sect master will be covering all the expenses this time.”

In the end, that black-robed demon added another sentence.

Hearing these words, the resentment of the diabolic cultivators finally dissipated a little, as they calmed down.

The reason that the sect master could become the sect master was not only because of his strength but also because of his wealth and invincibility.

Otherwise, the Heavenly Diabolism would not have allowed a demon to become the master.

They could also understand why he insisted on killing Chen Chen.

They were in fact no stranger to Chen Chen’s name because a long time ago, another Void Refinement realm expert of the Heavenly Diabolism cult had proposed to annihilate him. However, they haven’t had the time to do so.

Who would have thought that Chen Chen would appear in the Boundless Sea again and even become an Essence Soul realm cultivator, putting him on the same level as them?

Regardless of whether the matter of the Boundless Sea had anything to do with Chen Chen or not, they were bent on killing him.

Well, because whenever he appeared, trouble would bound to happen, and even if it’s for the sake of auspiciousness, they had to destroy him.

However, sending five people was indeed quite exaggerated.

The main purpose was not to kill anyone? but to make the people who enter the organization no longer have a way out.

However, they couldn’t be bothered to interfere, because they thought that the sect master should have probably already considered it.

Half a day later, Chen Chen returned to the State of Jin.

In the Northern region of the State of Jin, the group of demons under the White Bear Demon Emperor had been destroyed and left in a devastating state.

Finally, only the heavily wounded White Bear Emperor was left in the middle. He was being surrounded and rendered immobile.

Looking at the thousands of human cultivators around him, the White Bear Demon Emperor seemed to be in despair.

He could never have imagined that a small vassal state would have assembled such a huge force!

The dream of ruling the world seemed to be out of reach, and their only fate was probably to die today.

“White Bear Demon Emperor, your greatest mistake is coming to the State of Jin.”

Looking at the miserable-looking White Bear Demon Emperor, Chen Chen spoke coldly. At the same time, the Divine Condensation Pearl rotated quickly in his head while a strong divine sense attack was shot at the White Bear Demon Emperor.

Although Chen Chen’s divine senses could not kill the White Bear Demon Emperor whose cultivation level was at the mid-stage Nascent Soul realm, it made him suffer a huge blow immediately.

“Ah! Chen Chen! One day! My father will avenge me! Just you wait!”

The White Bear Demon Emperor hugged his head and roared in pain. Afterwards, he collapsed and tried to kill himself with a loud boom.

There were many cultivators present, and each of them was putting in some effort to suppress the shock wave of self-destruction.

Hearing the White Bear Demon Emperor’s last words, Chen Chen had a peculiar expression.

The White Bear Demon Emperor was from one of the strongest branch clans of the eight demons.

They didn’t have many experts, yet the White Bear Demon Emperor was certain that his father would take revenge for him.

It seemed that the White Bear Demon Emperor’s father was an extraordinary demon.

Who would have thought that he was just talking nonsense that day to mess with the minds of the two powerful bears but ended up telling the truth.

If that was really the case, he would indeed have to be careful, especially when he saw powerful demons with white fur.

After taking a deep breath, pure energy appeared in Chen Chen’s divine sense.

He knew that the energy can only be sensed by him because he had cultivated the Haoran Sacred Light Method. He knew that it was the power of the White Bear Demon Emperor’s divine senses.

‘Should I use the Haoran Sacred Light Method to purify it?’ Chen Chen was conflicted.

Seeing that the power had started weakening, Chen Chen gritted his teeth and began to catalyze the Haoran Sacred Light Method to purify the power into the most fundamental divine sense power. He then absorbed it into his sea of consciousness.

His half-full sea of consciousness was immediately partially filled again, and Chen Chen felt that his divine sense had become a little stronger in a matter of moments.

“Such a cultivation method does tend to make the average person lose his or her original will.”

Chen Chen frowned slightly and sighed.

The reason why it was hard for diabolic cultivators to turn back once they set foot on the path of diabolism is that they were accustomed to the rapid advancement brought about by the diabolic cultivation methods.

On the one hand, killing a few people can allow him to quickly become stronger, and on the other hand, the effects of mundane cultivation weren’t obvious.

In contrast, people who did not have enough determination would falter and pick the former before embarking on the path of no return.

However, Chen Chen was different.

He had already gotten used to getting stronger rapidly. In his opinion, the evil cultivation method was just mediocre and wasn’t powerful to the extent that he would become immersed in it.

After humphing in disdain, Chen Chen turned to look at the cultivators. He then said loudly, “Come on, follow me to destroy the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor again!”

As soon as he spoke, Yuan Qingtian who was beside him, said softly, “Senior Brother, we just received news that the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor has already fled with his commanders and should have gone over the flame mountain range.”

Chen Chen was speechless.

Since he arrived in this land between the two states, he hadn’t done anything, except shop. Now, he was leaving without saying a word.

In that case, he couldn’t be bothered to chase and would wait for some time before destroying them.

“Lord! That Black Pig Emperor is still cooped up near Mount Wufeng, why don’t we go and exterminate him?”

Someone in the crowd suggested loudly.

Hearing his words, Chen Chen glanced at him indifferently and said composedly, “This Black Pig Emperor is quite calm and lazy, let’s just forget it. We don’t have a Demon Emperor in the State of Jin now, and I’m afraid that might arouse the suspicion of the demons. When the time comes, we, the mortals of the State of Jin, will be the ones to suffer.

Hearing these words, that person retreated in shame. In terms of the big picture, he was still far behind the lord.

Back at Mount Wufeng, Xiao Wuyou gave Chen Chen a meaningful glance while the crowd of cultivators had yet to disperse after discussing the merits and rewards. He then took the initiative to walk out from the crowd.

“Chen Chen, god knows for how much longer the war between the demons and humans will continue, but it would be a bit inappropriate for us to gather without a valid reason.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen smiled, but he soon regained his composure and even seemed bewildered.

“Master, what do you mean?”

As Chen Chen spoke, he was already flying towards Xiao Wuyou.

Since Xiao Wuyou was speaking, he had to listen to him without acting arrogantly. Be it in the past, present, or future, he would never be arrogant in front of his master.

His master would forever be like a father to him.

If Xiao Wuyou hadn’t taken a liking to him and made him the successor back then, he wouldn’t have had the chance to advance rapidly to gain the strength he had now.

Xiao Wuyou looked at the handsome, extraordinary, and domineering Chen Chen in front of him while his eyes seemed a little dazed and out of focus. ‘I didn’t expect this young man to have developed to such a great extent within a short period of time.

Thinking of this, he felt extremely heartened.

“Chen Chen, we are gathered here because of you, and it’s all thanks to you that we are at our current cultivation level.”

“During this tumultuous time, the clans of the State of Jin have already been unified, and the State of Zhou Demon Clan has already gotten rid of their suspicions.”

“With so many experts here, I think we can establish a new sect, and only then can we all be united. Only then will we be able to have the cheek to accept the resources you offer.”

Xiao Wuyou said with a serious expression.

The others followed suit and chimed in.

Hearing this, Chen Chen did not continue acting pretentiously. Now, he had completely detested the deceit and trickery that exists in this world.

Besides, they were living off of him so there was no need for him to be pretentious at all.

Mount Wufeng had been established for quite some time now, and there ought to be an explanation.

“Master, it’d sound too formal and serious to call it a clan, and they may not be able to adapt to it for a while. Why don’t we just call it Mount Wufeng? We’ll discuss the fate of Mount Wufeng after the war between the humans and demons is over.”

Xiao Wuyou smiled and nodded. He then bowed to Chen Chen with a solemn expression.

“Greetings, Master.”

Seeing that Chen Chen’s master had bowed, the others also followed suit and bowed too.

However, in just a moment, the thousands of cultivators all bowed and looked down to express their submissiveness.

Seeing this, Chen Chen hurriedly helped Xiao Wuyou up but deep down, he was extremely smug.

‘I’ve finally become a clan leader today.’

Although Mount Wufeng was still inferior to the four major clans and a dark force like the Heavenly Diabolism Sect, who could be certain about the future?

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