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Chapter 270: What Is The Price?

Late at night, the protective array of Mount Wufeng was opened to the maximum, and even an Essence Soul realm powerhouse wouldn’t be able to enter.

Seeing this formation, the few people who were hiding, were all worried.

Given their current abilities, it was almost impossible to kill an Essence Soul realm expert hiding in the base camp.

However, as people who could be recruited by the Heavenly Diabolism, they were not ordinary nobodies who would retreat at the first sign of difficulty.

After determining that it was impossible to sneak into Mount Wufeng, all four of them chose to remain calm and silently wait for their chance.

They remained still for ten full days.

On the tenth day, the great array of Mount Wufeng was finally opened and the four of them were extremely agitated after finding out.

After ten long days of waiting, is Chen Chen finally going to let down his guard?

Thinking of this, the four of them simultaneously thought about their plan to assassinate him.

During those ten days of waiting, they didn’t idle about either. Instead, they continuously brainstormed about their plan and formulated dozens of assassination plans and escape plans.

At this moment, they were confident that they could deal with all unexpected situations.

As long as Chen Chen left Mount Wufeng, they would be able to find an opportunity.


A dashing and handsome figure flew out of Mount Wufeng and headed towards the East.

The four of them immediately recognized him to be Chen Chen and were almost unable to suppress their murderous intent.

The conditions offered by the Heavenly Diabolism were too attractive and hefty enough to change their lives. As long as they killed that man, they could get it!

Thinking of this, one of them, a mid Essence Soul realm cultivator named Bai Fan, cast a secret technique to hide his aura before darting towards the direction where Chen Chen was!

‘This move will decide if they gain victory or not!’

Looking at that figure, Bai Fan secretly gave himself a pep talk.

However, in the very next second!

Thousands of figures flew out of Mount Wufeng in unison and followed Chen Chen!

When Bai Fan saw that, he was so scared that he almost fell from the sky!

‘Damn it! It’s okay for an Essence Soul realm powerhouse to travel with an entourage, but what’s the point of bringing the entire clan with him?’

‘How can there be people who are so afraid of dying?’

Before he could recover from the shock, Chen Chen was already looking at him.

Bai Fan immediately felt pressurized by the deep gaze in Chen Chen’s eyes.

He did not expect that bullshit secret technique to be useless. ‘How powerful must his divine senses be?’

In a moment, the perfect solution in his mind had become bleak.

In such a situation, turning around to flee would be impossible because he would seem like he had a guilty conscience. He couldn’t guarantee that Chen Chen wouldn’t chase after him.

Thinking of this, Bai Fan slowed down and forced himself to smile.

He then flew towards Chen Chen and said in a respectful tone, “Fellow Daoist, I’m a passing itinerant cultivator, may I ask in which direction is the Western Border?”

Chen Chen did not rush to answer but looked in another direction, where Yuan Qingtian suddenly pointed to a blurry figure in the distance. He hollered, “I know that person! He’s the traitor of the Haoran Sword Clan! Kill him!”

Hearing these words, thousands of cultivators attacked the forest in unison!


Various sounds of explosions filled the air and soon, the forest below disappeared without a trace before turning into a large crater of several thousand meters in circumference.

The blurry figure was also blown away.

When Bai Fan saw this scene, cold sweat seeped out on his forehead.

‘That…should have been a real fellow Daoist, but he was annihilated in a matter of moments.’

Before they came, the people of Heavenly Diabolism mentioned that Chen Chen had some power under his command, but he didn’t say how strong they were!

Among the thousands of cultivators, there were several who were in the Essence Soul realm and hundreds that were in the Nascent Soul realm!

As the saying goes, many ants can kill an elephant. Besides, his cultivation level was only in the mid-stage of the Essence Soul realm and was nothing compared to an elephant. He was at most just an ant.

Besides, there were so many cultivators, and they could easily kill him.

Before he could continue thinking, Chen Chen had already turned around to look at him.

“Fellow Daoist, what did you just say?”

Bai Fan forced himself to stay composed and he muttered, “Western…Western Border, how should we go there?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen grinned and said, “Isn’t the Western Border to the west? Do you not have a sense of direction? Or do you have any other intentions?”

Hearing this, Bai Fan’s heartbeat throbbed rapidly, and he answered awkwardly, “Fellow Daoist, you have no idea. I’ve been bad with directions since I was a child, and I got injured some time ago. That’s why I got lost and ended up here. Where is this place?”

“As for ulterior motives and other intentions… You must be joking. There are so many people in your sect, what kind of motive can I have? I’m all alone.”

As soon as he said that, Yuan Qingtian flew over and scanned him from head to toe before saying to Chen Chen, “Senior Brother, there is no such person among the fleeing human cultivators.”

Bai Fan was relieved to hear that. ‘Fortunately, I’m not a fugitive.’

The reason that he agreed to take on the task given by the Heavenly Diabolism was that some time ago, he was robbed of a batch of important supplies he was delivering. He couldn’t resist the demons and had no choice but to flee.

Although he wouldn’t be executed for it, it was a severe crime and most importantly, he was a royal… Hence he would really be disgracing the royal family.

Hence, he could only choose to disappear for a while to find a solution to the situation. During his break, the Heavenly Diabolism looked for him, and he agreed to help make up for the resources.

Besides, there was only one requirement, and that was to kill Chen Chen and join the Heavenly Diabolism Sect.

Hence, strictly speaking, he was a missing cultivator, not a fugitive.

Chen Chen nodded after hearing Yuan Qingtian’s words and then waved at Bai Fan.

“Fellow Daoist, this is the State of Jin, and I’m the master of Mount Wufeng. What’s your name and where are you from?”

“Ahem, my name is Bai Fan, I come from the State of Jin royal family..”

Bai Fan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and replied with a smile.

Chen Chen was surprised to hear that he was a royal, and he spoke with even more respect in his tone.

“I didn’t expect your Excellency to be a royal of the Southern Border. I’m sorry!”

Bai Fan was relieved to hear that.

‘I managed to fool him, it seems like I can stay alive.’

“Brother Bai, the Heavenly Diabolism sent you to kill me, what price did they offer?”

“Nothing, just a batch of raw materials for alchemy… Uh…”

Bai Fan subconsciously replied. Only after hearing himself, did he realize that there was something amiss with what he said. When he looked at Chen Chen again, his expression had become icy cold.

There were nearly a thousand cultivators behind Chen Chen, and their faces became menacing too.

“You… You…” Bai Fan was at a loss for words as he pointed at Chen Chen.

“Nab him!”

Chen Chen ordered, after which Bai Fan was immediately surrounded.

Minutes passed.

Bai Fan’s cultivation level had been sealed and thrown in front of Chen Chen.

“A royal is colluding with a diabolic organization. Good! I will definitely tell my master about this matter so that my master can inform the royal family and ask them for an explanation!”

Chen Chen’s voice was stern.

Bai Fan was so frightened that his body turned limp. For him, it felt worse than death!

The royal family had plenty of internal strife and conflicts, with the princes being at odds against each other. Although he was only a distant relative of the royals, he still supported a prince.

If the news of his collusion with the Heavenly Diabolism spread back to the Great Jing, the consequences would be dire!

Since he supported the prince, he had already been tainted. He was afraid that the prince would destroy him for the sake of drawing a clear line between them.

Thinking of this, Bai Fan’s eyes were full of despair.

He finally experienced what it meant to have a single mistake lead to several other mistakes.

“Chen Chen! I beg you! Don’t tell the royals, please just kill me! I’ll give you everything I have on me!”

Bai Fan got down on both knees and wept incessantly in hopes that Chen Chen could let him off.

Chen Chen was speechless to see an Essence Soul realm expert behaving that way. Chen Chen was speechless too. Indeed, it wasn’t that wonderful of a thing to stay with the royals.

After a moment of hesitation, Chen Chen took out a piece of paper, wrote down the matter of Bai Fan’s collusion with the Heavenly Diabolism, and then threw it at him.

“Sign it and seal it with a Divine Soul Seal, and I can consider letting you go.”

Reading the contents on the paper, Bai Fan’s face turned extremely pale. If he signed it, he would probably be subordinate to Chen Chen for the rest of his life.

However, he realized that he no longer had a choice now.

“I’ll do it… I’ll do it…”

After whispering, Bai Fan signed his name on the piece of paper and even sealed it with his Divine Soul Seal before handing it to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen put the paper of sins into his storage ring while his smile gradually became sinister.

Since Heavenly Diabolism wanted to kill him, he had to bear the consequences.

‘I, the founder of the sect, is not to be trifled with!’

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