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Chapter 267: Seeking Revenge

Hearing this, Chen Chen sulked and turned around to leave without hesitation.

‘What kind of master is she? Unbelievable.’

‘Heaven dictates that taking treasures is a sin because of its prejudice.’

If no one were to discover the treasures, their value will never be reflected.

Strictly speaking, no one would be making the best use of it!

As Chen Chen walked, he took a deep breath and looked at his harm that had been marked with the Adversity-Overcoming Seal before deciding to be ruthless.

“Damned Heaven, just you wait, you’d better not let my cultivation exceed yours. Otherwise, I’ll make sure to deal with you!”

Looking at Chen Chen’s despondent back, Yu Qiong suddenly couldn’t bear to be too harsh to Chen Chen. Hence, she said softly, “In half a month, the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan will be delivering a batch of elixirs to the Western Border, you shall escort them when they carry out the transportation.”

“When you arrive at the Western Border, you can leave or stay as you wish. If the Haoran Sword Clan dares to oppose, we will tamper with the elixir quota and teach them a lesson.”

Yu Qiong’s tone was extremely calm and indifferent. It was Chen Chen’s first time seeing someone remain so calm when openly talking about harming others.

However, he finally felt a trace of concern from her.

Shaking his head and chuckling, Chen Chen left.

Three days later.

Chen Chen took all his power with him and returned to the State of Jin quietly.

At dawn, all the cultivators of Mount Wufeng gathered together.

Chen Chen stood on top of the high mountain and cast his divine senses around to sense the power that he could use at will today.

At this moment, Xiao Wuyou had already entered the Essence Soul realm. Apart from that, there were also two-division masters of the Demon Clan who had formed their essence souls.

Zhou Renlong was still staying at the Demon Clan’s premises to break through, but Chen Chen didn’t care anymore.

Excluding the arrogant sea demon, Qinglin, there were now four Essence Soul realm cultivators in Mount Wufeng. Who in the State of Jin can stop them?

In addition, putting aside the Essence Soul realm cultivators, there were also as many as a hundred Nascent Soul realm cultivators and many Golden Core realm cultivators.

Looking at the thriving cultivators, Chen Chen felt a great sense of pride, and he said loudly to the cultivators below, “More than three months ago, the State of Jin fell and was split between the three Demon Emperors. The Northern region of the State of Jin was wiped out by the White Bear Demon Emperor. When I left the State of Jin, I said that I would take revenge sooner or later. Today is the day that I will seek revenge.”

The cultivators below were all extremely excited to hear his words.

To be honest, the cultivators had been cultivating hard in Mount Wufeng during this time, which was really getting mundane.

When they suddenly heard that they were going to take revenge, they were obviously exhilarated.

Looking at their expressions, Chen Chen calmed himself down before starting to announce some reward and punishment systems.

It was indeed important to have zeal before the war, but it was also important to make the reward and punishment schemes clear beforehand. Only then would he be able to maximize the motivation of all cultivators.

Two hours passed.

The cultivators had been encouraged by Chen Chen’s words and were all eager to head to the Northern region of the State of Jin, where the White Bear Demon Emperor and rip him into bits.

Looking at the frenzied faces, Chen Chen pointed to the north and exclaimed loudly, “Let’s set off now!”

With a single command of Chen Chen’s, thousands of cultivators rose in the air and formed a large patch of clouds before flying towards the Northern region of the State of Jin in a mighty manner.


In a certain dark cave in the Northern Border, eighteen men in black robes stood quietly as a somber tension filled the air.

After a long time, the black-robed man standing at the front said coldly, “Everyone, don’t hesitate anymore. The Heavenly Diabolism forces that have been sent to the Boundless Sea, have all fallen.”

As soon as he said that, the atmosphere became even more somber.

A minute later, another black-robed man spoke up. “What’s your take on this?”

“Although rumors are going around the Boundless Sea that the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan is the culprit, you and I all know that the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan’s Void Refinement realm experts are all in the Western Border. They definitely won’t be able to divide their power and send some powerful Void Refinement realm experts to the Boundless Sea. I think the culprit is very likely to be Void Refinement realm sea demons because only such sea demons would have the strength to kill our forces.”

Hearing this, someone immediately made a sarcastic remark.

“At the beginning, I told you guys not to rush to the Boundless Sea, but you people insisted on going against my admonishments. Great, look what has happened now. Well, now eleven Essence Soul realm experts have died in the Boundless Sea, and even though we’ve reaped a lot of benefits from the war between the demons and humans, we can’t make up for this loss!”

“The mysterious existence in the Boundless Sea indeed should not be provoked.”

“That’s enough! The Boundless Sea accounts for 60% of our resources. Can we give it up just like that? It was understandable that the Master is trying to salvage the situation. You people usually get a lot of benefits, and yet, you’re making such sarcastic remarks now. If the Master hears you, he’ll annihilate you immediately!”

The man in the black robe who was the first to speak suddenly hollered furiously.

The cave suddenly fell silent.

Although the Heavenly Diabolism was a large force, there were internal factions.

Previously, the situation within the Heavenly Diabolism Sect was that one of the demons had become the sect master who was in charge of the elite experts of the Heavenly Diabolism Sect.

Half-demons also had Void Refinement realm experts, and they were extremely united too. The forces they commanded weren’t weak but relatively moderate.

The human race had the largest number of diabolic cultivators and a strong foundation.

The three races had reached a balance in the Heavenly Diabolism Sect.

However, after the incident in the Boundless Sea, the human cultivators, who made up the bulk of the forces sent out to sea, had fallen, and the balance was gradually disrupted.

The ones who have just made the most sarcastic remarks are the human diabolic cultivators.

Of course, although there were three factions within the Heavenly Diabolism Sect, the vast majority of human diabolic cultivators and demon diabolic cultivators did not feel much sense of belonging to their own race.

The reason being, those who wanted to kill them the most were the massive forces of their own race.

“Okay, cut it out, guys. We have other identities within our respective races and other things to do, so we don’t have time to argue here. I just want to know what the Sect Master’s stand on this is. What are the arrangements for the future?”

At this time, a green-eyed masked diabolic cultivator asked.

The crowd looked at the black-robed man who had spoken at the beginning in unison, after hearing his words.

Everyone knew that this person was a demon and the spokesperson of the sect master.

The black-robed demon coughed gently and said indifferently, “Before we can figure out the identity of that mysterious strong man from the Boundless Sea, we shall withdraw for the time being. In addition, go and recruit more people into our organization to make up for the loss this time.”

After saying these words, the black-robed demon waved his hand, and a trace of black Qi emerged from him, after which, it condensed in the air for a long time. Soon, it turned into a list of names.

The first on the list was the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

“Crimson Fox Demon Emperor, Essence Soul realm demon, an outstanding talent that’s rare among the demons.”

“More than two months ago, he was destroyed and had a drastic change in personality. He is now hiding in the central region of the demon race, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge.”

“The sect master intends to give him a drop of Demon God blood to help him step into the peak of the Essence Soul realm on the condition that he has to kill an Essence Soul realm expert of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.”

After that black-robed demon said his piece, a hoarse voice soon came from below.

“Crimson Fox Demon Emperor, leave it to me to contact that kid. I’ve met him once.”

The black-robed demon nodded after hearing that.

Within the Heavenly Diabolism, recruiting a new member into the organization was a rewarding task that would bring one a handsome reward.

A submission, on the other hand, represented the sincerity of entering the Heavenly Diabolism. That was an ancient rule set since the olden days.

“The second person, Feng Qing, is a fugitive from the Great Chu Dynasty who has a mid Essence Soul realm cultivation level. He is wanted for killing fellow clansmen and robbing the battle spoils.”

“Now, he’s hiding in a small vassal state around the Southern Border. The sect master has promised that, if he would enter the Heavenly Diabolism, he would be willing to help him re-refine his personal treasure and create a new identity for him. The condition is that he has to kill Chen Chen, the newly emerged elite of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.”

However, in just a moment.

The black-robed demon read out eight names in a row, three of which were demons and five were humans.

They all either had a great feud or had committed a heinous crime and were on the run.

The fact that the Heavenly Diabolism could obtain the information about them showed that they had plenty of snitches around.

After hearing this, many black-robed people had a peculiar gaze in their eyes.

The sect master had given five humans orders to kill Chen Chen.

However, the problem was that Chen Chen could only die once, and the rewards couldn’t be split between five people.

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