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Chapter 252: If You Are Well, The Weather Is Fair

Looking at the blood, Lao Hei’s eyes were full of shock.

He was just a domestic pig who didn’t dare to drink blood, because drinking blood was something that only wild boars would do.

Seeing this, Chen Chen tried to tempt him. “Do you want to restore the glory of your ancestors and seniors? I think your ancestors are very likely to be some impressive figures!”

Hearing this, Lao Hei seemed shocked. He understood Chen Chen’s character well, and he knew that Chen Chen would lie to him if needed. Besides, Chen Chen lied to him all the time.

“Maybe your ancestors cultivate in their dreams. If that’s the case, you can spend your days sleeping.”

Chen Chen’s face was calm again.

Hearing this, Lao Hei’s throat moved a little, and his eyes were full of desire.

‘Sleep every day…that’s really tempting.’

“How about I absorb it?” Lao Hei asked tentatively.

“Go ahead. I’ve already verified it, and it’s guaranteed to be highly beneficial to you. There are countless demons who want this. I only let you absorb it because we’re close to each other. However, you must remember not to let that vixen Hu Xian’er find out!”

Chen Chen’s expression was solemn, and he said carefully.

Lao Hei quickly nodded and then swallowed the blood.

In the next moment, a ray of golden light emanated from Lao Hei’s body.

His strength began to soar at a visible rate, and his physical appearance had also begun to change subtly.

His ears became larger, and his black pigskin seemed to have become an opulent black-gold color.

“This effect… is too immediate.”

Chen Chen was shocked. In just a few seconds, Lao Hei’s cultivation level had reached the Nascent Soul realm, and he had become a true Demon King! He was even continuing to get stronger!

On second thought, he figured it out.

Lao Hei’s foundation was too weak, and although the blood was not mainly meant for enhancing cultivation levels, it also contained a lot of energy that would allow a Demon Emperor to improve by a realm if he absorbed it.

However, for small demons like Lao Hei, the energy was massive!

As he had expected, Lao Hei’s cultivation level became more than ten times as strong as before after it reached the Nascent Soul realm an hour later.

In addition…

Lao Hei’s face seemed to have become kinder.

“System, where is the strongest being within a hundred-meter radius?”

“The Fortune Pig in a half-awakened state two meters in front of you, Host.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen was speechless.

‘What’s a Fortune Pig? Why does it sound like a good luck charm?’

When he first got the system, he tracked down a piece of shit belonging to Lao Hei that could prolong his life, so he wondered if it could be because of the bloodline of the Fortune Pig.

While Chen Chen thought about it, he took out a bunch of books from his storage ring.

As a proactive learner, he had a storage ring dedicated to books that contained a variety of information.

Generally, the system would give names of objects or people without a specific introduction, so Chen Chen would usually check out the specific function.

It didn’t take him long to find the information of the Fortune Pig in one of the books that recorded ancient legends.

“The Fortune Pig is an ancient auspicious beast that has average strength and enjoys sleeping. When enjoying peace of mind, it will produce auspicious energy that can slowly improve the cultivation level and lifespans of beasts within a few hundred kilometers. Those who are close to it or share an affinity will be favored by the heavens. Killing it would lead to inauspiciousness and incur Heaven’s wrath.”

Seeing this information, Chen Chen clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. ‘This Fortune Pig is really a lucky charm.’

‘Seems like I won’t be able to rely on Lao Hei to fight in the future.’

However, the ability to enhance the cultivation levels of beings within a certain range away from it was pretty incredible.

Even if Lao Hei could not affect those within a few hundred kilometers around him, a few hundred meters should be fine.

With that ability, Lao Hei was destined to be surrounded by demons.

“It has to work when Lao Hei has peace of mind. Heaven is so understanding…”

Chen Chen was quite envious. Compared to Zhang Ji whom Heaven secretly protects, the Fortune Pig gets more protection.

“Chen Chen, how did my cultivation level increase so quickly? Will I be able to cultivate during my sleep in the future?”

Seeing that his body seems to have undergone some kind of change, Lao Hei didn’t get bothered, and instead, eagerly asked about cultivation during his sleep.

“In the future…just stay happy.”

That was all Chen Chen could say after a long silence.

He finally knew what it meant for everything to go well as long as one was in a good mood.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Lao Hei immediately seemed relieved.

‘For once, Chen Chen is reliable!’

“Chen Chen, how about you stay here for a few more days? I’ll sleep with you for three days!”

Extremely excited, Lao Hei spoke without filtering his words.

In his eyes, Chen Chen had countless treasures, so there was no need to treat him to a good meal. For Lao Hei, the second most enjoyable thing in life apart from eating was sleeping.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Behave like the Black Pig Demon King that you are!”

At this point, Chen Chen’s expression changed, and he hurriedly hid in the dark.

Soon, several Nascent Soul realm Demon Kings suddenly walked in, and after seeing the slightly changed Lao Hei, they were all a bit shocked.

“Lord…you are?”

“My bloodline has suddenly been awakened. Don’t be too shocked. What are you guys here for?”

Lao Hei questioned indifferently with a stern expression.

“Uh, we just felt a special aura coming from your cave, so we thought something had happened and decided to come to take a look. We didn’t expect it to be the awakening of your bloodline, Lord! Congratulations!”

The few Nascent Soul realm Demon Kings were all overjoyed, their expressions becoming more and more loyal.

Chen Chen saw this when he was in the dark and silently retreated.

Lao Hei’s bloodline had been awakened and that meant that he would continue getting stronger and stronger. He might even have Demon Emperors following him around.

That was a good thing for him.

As long as he exterminates the White Bear Demon Emperor and the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor in the State of Jin, he could let Lao Hei take over the entire State of Jin when he has enough subordinates. Lao Hei could then act as the safety net of the State of Jin.

He would no longer have to worry about the safety of his hometown in the future.

After leaving the mountain range where Lao Hei was, Chen Chen continued to rush to the State of Zhou.

However, he did not immediately go to Zhou Renlong, but contacted Hu Xian’er first.

Hu Xian’er now had two Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox Clan Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors under her command, so she had begun to get a little conceited. Chen Chen decided that he had to repress her.

Vixens tend to get ahead of themselves if they do not get kept in check.

When Chen Chen arrived at Hu Xian’er’s Cave Abode, Hu Xian’er moved away and said with a smile, “Master, you could have sent me a message using the communication token. Why bother coming here on your own?”

“I didn’t expect you to have reached the late Nascent Soul realm. Your progress is rather quick.”

Chen Chen said in bafflement after sensing Hu Xian’er’s cultivation level.

“It’s so-so, just a realm higher than yours, Master.”

Hu Xian’er waved her hands, but she had a cunning gaze.

Chen Chen’s face turned sullen, and he took out a 10,000-year-old treasure. After consuming it, his cultivation level broke through the late Nascent Soul realm, right on the spot.

That made Hu Xian’er dumbfounded, and she could not help but doubt life.

“How’s it?” Chen Chen asked coldly.

“Master, I cannot fathom how strong you are, much less be on par with you…”

Hu Xian’er cringed and said awkwardly.

It was her first time seeing someone do that.

“Good that you know. Since I said I would support you to become the clan leader of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, I will keep to my word. There you go, take this, it should be enough to aid you in reaching the Essence Soul realm or even higher.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he pulled out a Void Refinement realm sea demon’s internal alchemy and placed it on Hu Xian’er’s hand.

Hu Xian’er’s expression changed when she saw it.

‘How confident must Chen Chen be to have the guts in giving such a precious treasure to me?’

‘Isn’t he afraid that I’d betray him? I’m a demon after all!’

While thinking about it, she suddenly knelt.

“Master, you are still the best to me! You treat me better than my father does! Why don’t you stay for dinner? I haven’t cooked for you in a long time.”


Chen Chen agreed right away.

Hu Xian’er was dumbstruck because she was just being polite, and she didn’t expect Chen Chen to accept her offer.

However, since she had already offered to cook, she couldn’t go back on her word.

A few moments later, the table was covered in a spread of dishes.

“Master, I’ve encountered some difficulties, can you help me with them?”

When Chen Chen sat down, Hu Xian’er stood at the side and said softly with great respect.

Although she was proud of her intelligence, she felt that she was inferior to Chen Chen. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been reduced to becoming Chen Chen’s cook in the first place.

“What is it?” Chen Chen asked indifferently while eating.

“My father intends to make me marry the Crimson Fox. Do you think I should agree?”

“Rumor has it that the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s bloodline has been revived and has a tendency to surpass the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. Besides, he had been annihilated recently, so the higher-ups of the demon race wanted to comfort him, and my father came up with this idea in order to do that. I think I can leverage his power to gain a higher position in the clan, what do you think?”

Hearing her words, Chen Chen put down his chopsticks and said without thinking, “I’m not spouting nonsense, but that Crimson Fox will die sooner or later. As a subordinate of mine, it makes no sense for you to lower your status to gain power, do you understand?”

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