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Chapter 253: Happy to Help Others

Hu Xian’er was slightly stunned, but she was a little touched too.

‘Master is still as domineering as ever. Regardless of whether he’s at the Qi Refinement realm or the Nascent Soul realm, he’s always so convincing.’


Hu Xian’er answered feebly.

“Good that you understand. A Crimson Fox Demon Emperor is no big deal. When he dies, are you going to marry a Void Refinement realm expert? It’s not that I’m trying to criticize you, but your mindset isn’t right. All you think about is using your looks to seduce others and get what you want! That’s not a good thing! That is exactly how you behaved when I first met you!”

Chen Chen once again picked up the chopsticks and continued eating while lecturing Hu Xian’er.

“I didn’t… I merely used an illusory trick,” Hu Xian’er muttered softly.

Chen Chen frowned and said, “Currently, I’m talking about your mindset and ideologies, not illusory tricks. Do you think I can’t tell that you were using an illusory trick? You’re really…naive.”

Hu Xian’er was speechless.

“Okay, I have to get going, I don’t have time to waste here.”

After finishing his food, Chen Chen stood up and bade farewell to Hu Xian’er before turning around to leave.

Looking at the several empty plates, Hu Xian’er’s eyes were filled with some despondency.

In fact, she was feeling very conflicted because she knew that humans and demons had opposing stands.

If her master were to exterminate the entire demon race in the future, where would she go?

At the thought of this, she subconsciously shouted,” Master!”

Chen Chen suddenly turned around.

A ray of light suddenly darted out of Hu Xian’er’s eyes, and endless illusions appeared in Chen Chen’s vision.


With a cold humph, Chen Chen spread his powerful divine senses outwards to destroy all the illusions. Hu Xian’er was shrouded in divine senses and rendered immobile by the impact.

By the time she regained her senses, Chen Chen had already disappeared without a trace.

Looking at the empty exit, Hu Xian’er’s expression became more and more complicated.

“Master… is really getting more and more powerful. He may be at the same cultivation level as me now, but he’s so much stronger.”

When Hu Xian’er sighed secretly, Chen Chen arrived at the headquarters of the Demon Clan.

Nowadays, only Zhou Renlong, the body refinement cultivator, was willing to stay in the shabby headquarters of the Demon Clan, while the cultivators of the other divisions had already settled down in Mount Wufeng.

Zhou Renlong was equally surprised to see that Chen Chen had actually come over in person.

“Chen Chen, you’re actually willing to come here for me?”

Chen Chen shook his head and said with a smile, “Old Zhou, I’m the Junior Clan Master of the Demon Clan after all. I have to come back and take a look, right?”

Zhou Renlong’s face turned sullen immediately when he heard his arrogant remarks.

‘Chen Chen is getting more and more conceited.’

‘In the past, he only ever dared to call me Old Zhou when sending me a message with the communication token. Yet, he has the audacity to do it in my face now!’

‘This is outrageous!’

Seeing that Zhou Renlong’s expression was getting more and more dangerous, Chen Chen flicked his nails and deliberately said, “Old Zhou, you have no idea that I killed an Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor during the battle at Qi and Wei! Tsk, tsk, tsk, that Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor’s strength is just about the same as yours, but he lasted for a hundred rounds against me before dying. Do you think he’s impressive now?”

Zhou Renlong’s face grew even more sullen after hearing his words!

‘What does this rascal mean?’

‘I’ve never seen such an arrogant Nascent Soul realm cultivator before!’

“Ahem, ahem, Clan Master, it’s just a joke, please don’t take it seriously.”

Seeing that Zhou Renlong did not have the intention to give in, Chen Chen chuckled awkwardly. As opposed to Hu Xian’er, Zhou Renlong wouldn’t yield to a gentle approach.

“Hmph! What are you here for!?”

Zhou Renlong humphed coldly, but the gaze in his eyes was much mellower than before.

Hearing this, Chen Chen said mysteriously, “I came in person, naturally, to bring you some benefits. Clan Master, I’ve always remembered your great kindness to me.”

Chen Chen sounded rather serious, and Zhou Renlong immediately believed him.

‘Although this kid has a foul mouth, he isn’t too bad. Now that he has become so powerful, he still doesn’t forget to share what he has reaped with me. He’s really kind.’

“What is it? Take it out now and show it to me. But I won’t be impressed with ordinary things now that I’ve reached such a high cultivation level.”

Zhou Renlong said calmly and acted like he was a noble expert.

Chen Chen sneered in contempt when he saw that.

‘You’re just a poor Essence Soul realm diabolic cultivator from the countryside, how dare you put on such a pretense in front of me!?’

‘Even the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord and other great diabolic cultivators got stunned by my storage ring!’

“I’m going to scare you to death!”

Chen Chen took out the Crimson Blood Coral with the intention of scaring Zhou Renlong. Immediately afterwards, the entire mountain turned crimson as the red light filled the space.

At the same time, the massive Qi and Blood power began spreading rapidly.

Chen Chen subconsciously took two steps backwards. Although it wasn’t his first time seeing the million-year-old Blood Coral, he still could not help but find it terrifying.

‘How can there be such a terrifying treasure in this world?’

Among all the treasures in his storage ring, the Spirit Ginseng, which was the size of a tree, was probably the only treasure that can be compared to it!

Even if Chen Chen was stunned, Zhou Renlong’s reaction can be imagined. His hair stood on ends, and he shivered vigorously!

“Where…where did this amazing treasure come from!?!”

“I found it in the Boundless Sea. Clan Master, how is it? Are you impressed?”

Chen Chen rubbed his eyes and said with a smile.

The body refinement technique that Zhou Renlong cultivated was the path of nurturing Qi and Blood. The million-year-old Crimson Blood Coral was simply made for him. He was certain that the treasure would shock Zhou Renlong.

Zhou Renlong looked at the million-year-old Crimson Blood Coral with an extremely complicated gaze that was full of amazement, shock, and desire.

He looked as if he was falling in love at first sight.

“Chen Chen, are you really willing to give me such a great treasure? I don’t have anything to give you, nor do I have a daughter or granddaughter who can marry you.”

“Clan Master, don’t say that. Am I the type who gives with the expectation of having returns?”

Chen Chen said with a faint smile.

He was planning to step into the Essence Soul realm, and when he did, his strength would definitely soar by leaps and bounds.

If Zhou Renlong, Lao Hei, Xiao Wuyou, and the others couldn’t catch up with his cultivation level and progress, he wouldn’t be able to find such loyal subordinates…ahem, talents, anymore.

Zhou Renlong refused to believe him.

Chen Chen did not explain further.

In addition to his desire of improving the strength of those close to him, Chen Chen indeed had an interest in helping others.

When he watched the treasures that he gave away casually, changed someone else’s life, and brought them to tears of joy, he would feel a faint sense of joy and excitement.

In the past, Chen Chen would never believe that genuinely kindhearted people who liked helping others, existed in this world.

However, he really believed it now, because he was one of them.

He found joy in helping others!

Be it an aloof Demon Clan Master or a stern Sect Master, they would all reveal the most genuine side of human nature in the face of amazing treasures.

What Chen Chen liked most was helping others in returning to the fundamentals of life and finding the joy they once had as children.

“Are you really going to give it to me without asking for anything in return?” Zhou Renlong asked again as if he felt in a dream.

“Hah, of course, I, Chen Chen, am a man of my word.”

After saying this, Chen Chen immediately thought about the secret realm of the Demon Clan, and suddenly regretted his words.

As soon as he got excited, he forgot about the secret realm. If he mentioned it again, he would be going back on his word.

‘Is the secret of the secret realm more important than my pride?’

‘I’d better come again after I break through in reaching the Essence Soul realm. By then, I’ll be stronger, and I might be able to see things differently.’

“Clan Master, if you don’t believe me, I’ll just leave now. I hope that the next time I see you, your cultivation level will have improved greatly already!”

After saying that, Chen Chen cupped his fists and turned around to leave.

Zhou Renlong stared at his back without stopping him.

In the past, Chen Chen used the same trick when his identity was exposed and in the end, all the members of the Demon Clan pleaded for him to stay.

‘I’m not going to fall for the same trick again.’

An hour passed, but there were still no signs of Chen Chen’s return.

Dumbfounded, Zhou Renlong stared at the Crimson Blood Coral in front of him.

“Are you really giving this to me?”

Zhou Renlong was stunned to realize that the Crimson Blood Coral was really going to belong to him.

He didn’t expect that there were really people who would give so much without asking for anything in return.

‘Could it be that it is really just in the name of righteousness?’

Thinking of this, Zhou Renlong’s eyes suddenly turned red.

He had never exposed his vulnerable side to outsiders.

However, being a human, he had feelings too, and all humans tend to get moved during touching moments. Despite being the clan master of the Demon Clan, he was no exception.

“This kid is indeed a righteous and loyal person. I had made the right choice to keep him around…”

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