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Chapter 251: Bear Nest

Half a day later, Chen Chen returned to the State of Jin.

Chen Chen walked out of the secret realm with a solemn and righteous expression. Now, he would have to enter the Essence Soul realm in order to strengthen his divine senses.

The only way to expand his sea of consciousness and increase the capacity of his divine senses was to manifest his essence soul.

Divine senses were not the same as the essence soul.

The essence soul could be formed through cultivation and would gradually grow as one’s cultivation level increased.

However, there would only be changes to one’s divine senses at the moment of breakthrough, and the power of the divine senses of the vast majority of Essence Soul realm experts of the same realm would be roughly the same.

The strength of one’s divine senses corresponded to their cultivation levels, and only some alchemists with extraordinary talent would be stronger.

Of course, Qinglin, the sea demoness was an exception.

To enhance one’s divine senses without increasing their cultivation level was almost a Herculean task. Anyway, Chen Chen did not find similar treasures that could do that.

That was the reason why the Divine Condensation Pearl was treated as a supreme treasure, and this Spiritual Void Hall was treated as a precious land.

When Chen Chen obtained the Divine Condensation Pearl, he thought that there might be a secret technique in this world to enhance divine senses. After all, the divine senses of alchemists were slightly stronger than that of ordinary cultivators, which meant that divine senses can indeed be cultivated.

He didn’t expect to have really obtained the Haoran Sacred Light Method now.

“How does it feel?”

The emissary asked Chen Chen smilingly.

“It was quite fruitful, thanks to the generosity of the Void Spirit Clan.”

Chen Chen cupped his fists with an extremely polite attitude.

Hearing his words, the emissary sighed and said, “Kid, you’re lucky. Before the Void Spirit Clan was invaded, the clan master has allowed many Essence Soul realm powerhouses to enter the Spiritual Void Hall and almost all the origin divine senses have been depleted.”

“Now that you’ve absorbed some, there’s less left, and I’m afraid it won’t be enough for any more Essence Soul realm experts. It may take nearly ten thousand years of continuous deaths of experts in order to fully restore it to its original state.”

Chen Chen smiled quietly and spoke up only a moment later. “Now that I’ve been to the Spiritual Void Hall, may I return to the battlefield of Qi and Wei?”

The emissary said indifferently, “Of course you can, but I have to remind you. The Divine Snow Demon Emperor has already withdrawn from the land of Qi and Wei four hours ago, and the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord has also returned to the Southern Border with his subordinates. If you go there now, you’ll face nothing but barren land.”

Chen Chen froze after hearing his words and then opened his storage ring. He saw the farewell message that Zhang Ji had sent him.

“Who is counted as the winner of the war this time?” Chen Chen looked at the emissary and asked.

“Haha, of course, my people won, the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor was killed by you, and the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor has also fled back to the demons’ territory. Even their clansmen have been implicated. Let’s see if they’ll dare to belittle us again in the future!”

Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

This time, they had deterred the demons who wanted to build a career of killing humans, and Chen Chen deserved great credit too because he had saved the lives of countless people.

With this merit, it was reasonable to say that when he transcended the tribulation, Heaven would probably be nice to him.

Otherwise, Heaven would have been blind.

“Where do you want to go? Do you need me to send you? You’re now a precious person.”

The emissary was in a good mood, and thus, offered to escort Chen Chen.

Chen Chen shook his head and said, “Thank you for your kindness, Senior, but you don’t have to send me. I may be weak, but I’m still capable of protecting myself.”

“Oh, that’s right. After all, you have killed an Essence Soul realm demon. In that case, goodbye, we will meet again!”

“See you later.” Chen Chen once again cupped his fists and watched the emissary leave.

After the emissary left, Chen Chen hesitated for a while and decided to make a trip to the State of Jin.

He reckoned that Yu Qiong probably hadn’t refined the Divine Elixir yet.

He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and return to share his wealth.

Since his fruitful trip to the Boundless Sea, he had amassed a huge amount of wealth, and a few treasures from his storage ring would be enough to let Xiao Wuyou advance to the Essence Soul realm.

He reckoned that Heaven wouldn’t bother playing tricks on an honest man like Xiao Wuyou, and the tribulation transcendence was just a process.

Unlike him, cultivation was a process for Chen Chen, and transcendence was the priority.

Apart from that, he would have to give the entire Blood Coral to Zhou Renlong and the ancestral-returning blood to Lao Hei.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen could not help but be touched.

‘I should be the most generous person in this world, right?’

After making up his mind, Chen Chen flew directly towards the State of Jin and returned to Mount Wufeng in just half a day.

Due to the support of an abundance of elixirs and top cultivation environment, the cultivation levels of the cultivators in Mount Wufeng had improved greatly during Chen Chen’s absence, and there were many more Nascent Soul realm cultivators.

In addition, some geniuses kept emerging, which made Chen Chen feel extremely heartened.

“Master, please accept these and break through to the Essence Soul realm when you have the time to.”

After Chen Chen saw Xiao Wuyou, he handed the storage ring to him.

After sensing the contents of the ring, the corners of Xiao Wuyou’s eyes kept twitching.

He initially wanted to criticize Chen Chen for the casual remark he made about the Essence Soul realm, but after looking at the contents, he realized…

It would indeed be easy to break through to the Essence Soul realm with those treasures.

Comparison hurts.

In this world, he was probably the only master who had to rely on his disciple to provide treasures for his cultivation.

If Chen Chen did not have a Dao partner, he would have really wanted to let Chen Chen marry his daughter.

If only he had a son, he would have let his son become Chen Chen’s disciple. He would really be carefree then.

However, it seemed a little inappropriate because the seniority would be mixed up.

Seeing the changes in Xiao Wuyou’s expression, Chen Chen thought that the honest Xiao Wuyou was feeling embarrassed, so he immediately smiled and said, “Master, what are you being so polite with me for? To me, these treasures…”

Chen Chen originally wanted to say that they were peanuts to him, but after thinking about it, he felt that it would be inappropriate to say that, so he quickly rephrased his sentence.

“These things may be very precious to me too, but they can’t be compared to our relationship.”

Xiao Wuyou let out a long sigh with an extremely complicated expression.

He had owed Chen Chen so much that he even became thick-skinned.

“Disciple, before you ascend, I’m afraid I can’t help you, but after you do, I’ll take care of your children for you, if you do have any.”

Chen Chen was speechless after hearing his words. ‘Master has thought about what happens after the ascension.’

After scattering numerous heavenly treasures in Mount Wufeng, Chen Chen flew towards the West where he saw another mountain in less than 15 minutes.

This was Lao Hei’s residence, which was very close to Mount Wufeng.

After scanning with his divine senses, Chen Chen realized that there were more than 2,000 demons hidden in this mountain, among which were nearly 30 Nascent Soul realm Demon Kings.

However, compared to the demons elsewhere, the ones here seemed sluggish.

There were nearly 30 Demon Kings, but ten were sleeping, ten were enjoying wine, and less than ten were cultivating.

On the other hand, Lao Hei was lying in the cave and dozing off.

Various other smaller demons were gradually becoming like Lao Hei as they slacked and skived whenever they could. Some were sleeping, and some were gathering to gamble, all of whom were having a whale of a time.

Chen Chen’s face moved when he saw that.

‘Damn it, they’re all the same. The demons under Lao Hei’s lead are indeed different.’

If Lao Hei were to become the Demon God, the demons would probably be completely exterminated in a few hundred years.

After looking at the ancestral blood in the storage ring, Chen Chen slipped into hesitation.

‘Lao Hei is probably not a descendant of some ancient sleeping demon, right?’

‘Why is he sleeping all the time, though?’

‘If his ancestor is a sleeping demon, and he returns to that form, won’t Lao Hei be spending all 24 hours of his day sleeping? Would he still be useful to me then?’

“Damn it! Blame it on the fact that he’s the weakest of all my subordinates! I’ll have to give it to him!”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart, and he soon appeared in Lao Hei’s cave.

The nostrils of the dog-headed adviser were flaring while it was sleeping beside Lao Hei. When Chen Chen saw that, he smacked him to knock him unconscious.

Chen Chen then grabbed Lao Hei’s ear!

“Who’s that!?! Is there an outcome for the war in the land of Qi and Wei? Let me take a nap before leaving!”

Lao Hei exclaimed while in a daze. A moment later, he finally realized that it was Chen Chen.

“Chen Chen, why are you here? Haven’t you already gone to the Jade Alchemy Clan or whatever it’s called?”

Chen Chen was speechless. ‘Lao Hei is still groggy.’

“I’m here to feed you. Take this, see that pool of blood? The Demon God bestowed this to me. You’re lucky I’m giving it to you.”

After saying that, Chen Chen took out the blood which filled the entire cave with colorful light immediately.

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