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Chapter 232: Neither Success Nor Failure Will Last Long

When they saw the strange scene going on within 50 kilometers around them, the cultivators of the Boundless Sea were all aghast!

Who would have thought that there would be so many sea demons hidden in the Boundless Sea!?!

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t have the opportunity to go back and brag about this phenomenal encounter that they had experienced.

The blockade made up of the three great sea demons that were at the Void Refinement realm alone would be impossible for them to break through.

Thinking of this, the faces of the cultivators gradually turned pale, and even Nan Pinghai’s eyes were full of hopelessness.

The mysterious man’s eyes were full of shock.

Although he had the ability to somewhat communicate with the great sea demons, he was far from being able to create such a phenomenon.

‘Did something go wrong with the music that was played just now? Did I do something taboo?’

With that thought in mind, he began to think about each note of the music that he had just played. He gradually began to get more and more agitated, as if he was about to discover a shocking secret.

Only Green Bean seemed to understand the roars of the sea demons as its face gradually began to look majestic.

It had a domineering expression on its face that didn’t match the size of its body.


Afterward, ten thousand demons fell silent.

All the sea demons that had developed sentience poked their heads out of the surface of the water to look at the tiny figure on the Giant Crab sea demon like they were waiting for orders.


Green Bean roared again, and a moment after the sea demons fell silent, they dived deep and began moving towards the east of the Boundless Sea.

Even the three Void Refinement realm sea demons were no exception.

All of a sudden, the waves rolled and surged towards the east.

The giant ship and the human cultivators who were in the middle were automatically ignored by them.

Seeing this, the mysterious man’s expression gradually began to stiffen, and the mournful tune was filled with some anxiousness.

The other cultivators didn’t dare to move at all, for fear that they would disrupt the departure of the demons.

As the sea demons gradually moved further away, the tone of the tune that the mysterious man was playing with his piccolo seemed to have changed completely due to their eagerness to leave. The cultivators in the sea who were severely injured began to consume recovery pills while continuously looking at the mysterious man with the corner of their eyes.

The murderous intent could not be concealed at all.

The mysterious man was only an Essence Soul realm of cultivation.

Apart from the ship owner, there were nearly a hundred Nascent Soul realm cultivators on board, and regardless of how bright the light shield may be, it would still eventually vanish at some point. As long as they worked together, they could easily get rid of him.

After sensing the killing intent of the crowd, the mysterious man’s expression kept changing, and in a moment of quick-wittedness amidst his anxiety, he decided to follow behind the group of demons.

While flying, he played the piccolo. He didn’t think that the cultivators that had been frightened soulless by the sea demons would dare to catch up to him.

Just as he was thinking about it, the cultivators moved forward one after another.

Although taking revenge was important, it wasn’t as important as their lives, and they really couldn’t afford to provoke the sea demons.

However, Chen Chen who was hidden in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace was displeased.

‘It’s fine for me to leverage on Green Bean’s abilities to look like I’m formidable since I was the one who saved Green Bean with my fresh blood after all. But who is this guy? How dare he pretend, and showboat behind us too?’

Thinking about the fact that he had almost been killed by this mysterious man, Chen Chen became more and more indignant. In a moment of anger, he began to complain to Green Bean.

Green Bean and Chen Chen shared a telepathic connection, so it immediately glared at the mysterious man furiously.


It roared faintly!

There were ripples on the calm surface of the ocean again! Seven or eight tentacles that were hundreds of meters long appeared from underwater, and in the blink of an eye, they surrounded the mysterious man!

The mysterious man did not have time to react at all, as the tentacles had already been slammed against the light shield around him.


With a loud explosive sound, the light shield that Nan Pinghai could not shake was shattered into bits!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a few more booms, the mysterious man laid in front of Green Bean like a dead dog.

Struggling to raise his head, the mysterious man finally saw Green Bean that no one had been paying attention to. At the same time, he also realized what happened.

Although Green Bean looked rather inconspicuous when it was on the Giant Crab, the Giant Crab was a Void Refinement realm sea demon after all. How could it be willing to let a tortoise ride climb onto its body?

The mask on his face was already a little damaged. Without thinking any further, the mysterious man bore with the pain and removed his mask to reveal his ordinary-looking face.

He then took out the remaining half of the piccolo that had been severed into two, in a bid to communicate with this sea overlord that had appeared out of nowhere.

Seeing this, Green Bean spurted out a mouthful of Black Tortoise water and blasted the piccolo into pieces.

It then roared at the Giant Crab sea demon below it.

Hearing this, the Giant Crab sea demon opened its mouth and sucked everything. It turned out that the mysterious man’s essence soul had been sucked out and devoured by the Giant Crab sea demon too.

In the eyes of the Giant Crab sea demon, the mysterious man who played the piccolo was only its tool. Since the overlord’s descendant, Green Bean, wanted the mysterious man to die, he would naturally have to die.

Seeing that the mysterious man had turned into a corpse, Green Bean was extremely satisfied, and he patted Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Chen Chen was brave enough to emerge from Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Standing on the body of this Void Refinement realm Giant Crab Demon, he had mixed feelings.

Unfortunately, there were very few treasures in this immortal martial world that could allow him to capture images. Otherwise, he would have taken a picture of it and showed it to Yu Qiong to let her see how impressive he was.

He wouldn’t show it to Xiao Wuyou and Zhou Renlong, lest he frightened them.

After taking another look at the mysterious man. Chen Chen realized that he did not have the slightest impression of him. Chen Chen thought that the mysterious man should have worn another mask when he boarded the ship, to blend in with the rest, just as he did when he sneaked into the Demon Clan.

After a moment of silence, Chen Chen found four storage rings from his body. In addition to an empty one, the rest were filled to the brim.

In Chen Chen’s opinion, going out with more than one storage ring was an impressive feat.

As a terrifying existence that the cultivators of the Boundless Sea had been scared of for decades, the mysterious man…was the boss of all bosses.

Unfortunately, he died there.

‘I wonder if there’s any shocking conspiracy…’

‘What would those random forces do in the future?’

‘The young men who were zealous for revenge were probably going to be disappointed.’

“Success and failure are only temporary.”

Chen Chen sighed and kicked the mysterious man towards the human cultivators.

When they saw the mysterious man’s face, many cultivators shrieked.

“How is that possible!?! It’s him!”

“Isn’t he known to be a kind Samaritan in the Boundless Sea?!”

They were all exclaiming a name that Chen Chen had never heard before. They then turned to look at Chen Chen who was standing on the Giant Crab sea demon with his hands by his side and bathing in sunlight.

All of a sudden, everyone felt that Chen Chen was as dazzling as a god.

“It’s that young cultivator with an extraordinary aura! I remember him!”

“I remember too, I thought this kid was just outstanding in appearance, but I didn’t expect him to be so unfathomable!”

“What kid… Watch your words! He’s very likely to be a super terrifying demon that transformed into a human form! You should call him Senior!”

Smack! Smack!

The cultivator who called Chen Chen a ‘kid’ hurriedly slapped himself twice.

The middle-aged cultivator who was on good terms with Chen Chen was in tears, and he kept murmuring.

“I knew it… It was to have been unlucky eight times previously! I can’t believe I got to know such a terrifying figure!”

The cultivators next to him all looked at him, green with envy. At the same time, they silently noted down the fact that the cultivator had been unlucky eight times.

“Everyone, farewell!”

Chen Chen waved his hands at the crowd and then turned around to leave.

Green Bean wanted to reveal his figure but was intentionally blocked by Chen Chen.

Looking at Green Bean sticking its head out at his feet, Chen Chen suddenly laughed self-deprecatingly.

Before he started cultivating immortality, he used Lao Hei to kill a small killer.

He didn’t expect to have to still rely on a tortoise like Green Bean now that he had already become a Nascent Soul realm cultivator.

Before he knew it…

Chen Chen had already been laying on the Void Refinement realm demon’s body for two days while the sea demons also silently traveled tens of thousands of kilometers.

At this moment, there were already seven sea demons following Green Bean!

There were nearly a hundred Essence Soul realm sea demons too!

The other sea demons were traveling closely together in the distance, and they seemed endless.

With such a great army following him, Chen Chen felt truly conceited.

‘The Boundless Sea may be large, but there’s nowhere I can’t go!’

‘As for that Divine Condensation Pearl, I can get it easily.’

“Hmph! I’m the king of the Boundless Sea!”

Chen Chen looked at the surrounding demons and could not help but raise his head and roar into the sky!

In the next second, the aura of the surrounding demons suddenly changed. Chen Chen was shocked, and he hurriedly picked up Green Bean while raising it above his head!

“You! You’re the king of the Boundless Sea!”

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