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Chapter 231: Ravage In The Deep Sea, The King Descends

Hearing his holler, all the cultivators near the giant ship had a change in expression, especially some who knew the Boundless Sea very well. They were truly frightened and began searching for the source of the sound near the giant ship without uttering a single word.


A moment later, a human figure blasted from the giant ship cabin and flew high into the sky. The ship owner subsequently ran after. Shortly after the chase, both of them started fighting intensely on the giant ship.

“It’s him!”

“How can it be him!?!”

“It’s the mystery man! It’s over! It’s all over for us!”

When the cultivators saw that figure, their eyes bewailed with hopelessness, and their hearts draped with despondence like it was doomsday.

Chen Chen beheld the masked figure who was wearing a red robe, and then walked towards the middle-aged cultivator and asked, “Brother, who is this man? Why is everyone so afraid of him?”

The middle-aged man’s body trembled slightly, and he was implicitly terrified. He muttered, “There is a group of mysterious forces in the Boundless Sea who relies on sea demons in hunting cultivators! This mysterious man is one of the chiefs of this force!”

“Rumor has it that he can awaken the great demons that are of the Void Refinement realm and have been hibernating in the depths of the sea! In recent decades, he has massively destroyed five or six giant ships, and the cultivators who could escape are few and far between! Since he was always wearing a mask, no one knows his true identity… So, all the cultivators of the Boundless Sea call him the mysterious man!”

After saying this, the middle-aged cultivator began to mutter to himself in bewilderment.

“Before I left, I’ve already been unlucky eight times, why have I encountered such a situation again… This doesn’t make sense! It shouldn’t be the case…”

Chen Chen ignored his metaphysics theory and quietly looked into the sky above.

He reckoned that the so-called mysterious man should belong to the same force as the few low-level cultivators who had counted on him more than half a month ago.

He didn’t expect to be so unlucky as to run into that force after he boarded a ship…

While Chen Chen pondered about it, many cultivators had joined the siege against the mysterious man.

However, there were even more cultivators who were running in all directions and were drastically deterred by the mysterious man’s reputation.

However, the terrifying aura blasted the fastest few cultivators into pieces that descended before they could even run far.

Only a few of the remaining Nascent Soul realm cultivators were flying towards somewhere in the sea in an unstoppable manner.

Upon sight of this, the others froze in their tracks, but before they could vividly figure out what was going on, waves that were hundreds of meters tall suddenly surged up from the calm surface of the sea. A large pincer of which size was tantamount to the giant ship, which was covered in green algae, emerged from the sea surface.


The only sound left was that of the gigantic waves.

The giant ship undulated above the surface of the sea. When the waves sparingly tamed, the cultivators spotted a clear glimpse of the object that emerged.

It was a giant black-colored crustacean-type sea demon that had only half of its shell exposed on the surface of the sea. If it didn’t have those large pincers, most people would think that it was just a small island.

Who would have thought that the black floating object was the armor of a sea demon!?!

Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

Even a bold person like Chen Chen couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw that.

The other cultivators were undoubtedly horrified.

The mysterious masked man was truly wild and excited, and with a wave of his hand, a hood-like treasure protected him completely.

“Nan Pinghai, this is the price you pay for not remitting your offerings regularly!”

The mysterious man snickered, released a piccolo, and began to play it.

The tune of the piccolo was still as mournful as ever. Soon, “small islands” began to float over in other directions.

The ship owner Nan Pinghai’s face gradually turned sullen, and he immediately summoned the other cultivators to attack the protective light shield together.

Under all kinds of powerful attacks, the light shield did not show any immediate signs of being broken, although it was trembling violently.

The mysterious man sneered while playing the piccolo.

The pincer of the Giant Crab sea demon smacked towards the giant ship!

Although the giant pincers did not touch the sea surface, a vigorous gust of whirling wind has split the entire sea surface into two!

“Turn on the formation to the maximum!”

The ship owner yelled loudly and in an instant, the ship’s protection array was several times stronger! The spiritual power was so rich that others couldn’t see it at all!


Instantly, there was a shocking sound! The giant pincer and the protective array formation of the ship collided!

The entire ship was blown up into the sky like a toy, and it spun around seven or eight times in the air before crashing down to the sea.


After falling into the sea, the ship protection array shattered with a crisp sound.

The cultivators on the ship took the initiative of jumping into the sea whilst in a trance.

Chen Chen was no exception.

Even though he was a Nascent Soul realm cultivator who practiced body refinement, he still endured excruciating pain after the collision. He reckoned that the other cultivators must have been badly injured.

When Chen Chen returned to the sea, he popped his head out to search the surroundings.

There were a total of three terrifying sea demons who were surrounding the giant ship. In this situation… they would die unless they could break through the siege of the three Void Refinement realm demons.

It wouldn’t be that easy breaking through.

The difference between the Void Refinement realm and the Nascent Soul realm was negligible but once they got close, the aura of the sea demons would be enough to shake a Nascent Soul realm cultivator to death.

“Green Bean, I can only count on you…”

Chen Chen couldn’t express his misery in words, and he quickly opened the water shield before diving underwater to release Green Bean.

Deep down, he was hoping that Green Bean could communicate more with the seniors in the sea relaying that they could let them escape.

The greatest tragedy in life is dying before one could get to spend their money.

For Chen Chen, it was not a matter of money. He was carrying dozens of storage rings brimmed with heavenly treasures so if he died there, he would haunt the mysterious man even as a retaliating ghost!

As soon as Green Bean dived into the sea, it began flopping around while squinting its beady eyes. After determining that he wouldn’t be sent back, Green Bean began swimming around Chen Chen.

He kept switching positions too. One moment he would be swimming in backstroke and another moment in breaststroke. He was so excited that he even spurted water at Chen Chen’s face.

Its mood was the opposite of Chen Chen’s.

“Green Bean, I’ll leave it to you. I have to go hide in Little Carefree Immortal Palace! Take me out!”

Chen Chen was not in the mood to play with Green Bean so he directly plunged into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

As soon as he entered, Chen Chen felt multitudes of terrifying eyes staring in his direction.

At this moment, Chen Chen felt his soul trembling, like the sky was about to collapse!

Without even having to think about it, he knew that they were the gaze shots of the three great sea demons!

Green Bean was originally swimming on its back. After sensing the three gazes, a small pair of eyes suddenly opened and Green Bean’s expression immediately turned sullen while it stopped moving.

Immediately afterwards, it directly shrunk into its shell before sinking to the sea bottom, clearly wanting to play dead.

Chen Chen, who was hiding in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, was speechless.

However, if he could muddle through, it would be quite a good plan.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Before the Giant Crab sea demon could sink to the bottom of the sea, it was engulfed in shocking waves.

Its speed was more than twice as fast as the previous attack on the giant ship!

The entire seabed was turned upside down as if an underwater earthquake had occurred!

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to fly out and run away with Green Bean, but before he could do so, he was rendered immobile by the massive power.

Immediately afterwards, the giant pincer clamped onto Green Bean!

The world seemed to have started spinning for Chen Chen.

When Chen Chen came back to his senses, Green Bean had already been clamped by the Giant Crab sea demon.

It was like a two-meter-tall man was pinching a grain of rice.

Looking at the eyes of the giant crab in front of him, which was several times larger than his body, Chen Chen felt a chill down his spine.

Little Carefree Immortal Palace was tied to Green Bean’s body. If Green Bean was devoured, then Chen Chen, the Ochre Yellow Spirit, and the little morning glory would all die.

Green Bean finally extended its limbs and began struggling.

It was whimpering too.

There was silence in the Boundless Sea, and only the bizarre wailing of Green Bean could be heard.

Next, an incredible scene took place.

Looking at the small and almost negligible Giant Crab sea demon, the Giant Crab sea demon’s eyes were full of melancholy. Immediately afterwards, two large droplets of tears dropped into the sea.

Before Green Bean could react, the Giant Crab sea demon gently placed Green Bean on its back and roared into the sky!

It was a miserable roar!


With the roar, two great sea demons surfaced from the sea, one was a giant octopus while the other was a terrifying turtle.

The two demons began roaring as soon as they appeared too.

The roars of the three sea demons shook heaven and earth while the weather changed. The waves surged up, and countless creatures surfaced from the sea, which seemed to be boiling. A few Essence Soul realm sea demons also appeared with a spirit of murder in their eyes!

Green Bean, which was lying on the Giant Crab’s back, was confused but…

At this moment, it felt like he was a king looking down at the world!

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