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Chapter 233: Divine Condensation Pearl

After the aura of the sea demons gradually dissipated, Chen Chen slowly put down Green Bean.

“These sea demons are truly standing on ceremony.”

Chen Chen wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, feeling extremely speechless. ‘We’ve already known each other for days, and we’ve spent so much time together. Must they be so serious?’

As time passed, more and more sea demons gathered.

The sea demons were merely following them quietly and from afar, they looked just like a piece of floating land.

After heading 100,000 kilometers to the East, the team had already expanded to an extremely massive size. The area they occupied was nearly 500 kilometers. and there were no less than a hundred million sea demons!

Chen Chen felt that if he landed with these sea demons, he would be able to trample the other demons on land in a minute.

Unfortunately, it was not very realistic.

Seeing that he was getting increasingly closer to the location of the Divine Condensation Pearl, Chen Chen was a little nervous, but he was also looking forward to it.

When he arrived at the place, Chen Chen nodded at Green Bean.

Green Bean called out to the Giant Crab sea demon below it, and the Giant Crab sea demon immediately roared into the sky. The sounds gradually spread, and great sea demons in a faraway place began to respond.

Soon the demons stopped.

Looking at the sea demons that were advancing and retreating in an orderly manner, Chen Chen was full of confidence.

According to the system’s guidance, the Divine Condensation Pearl was in the water below him.

And at this moment, he wouldn’t panic even if there were Void Refinement realm demons below him.

Just when he was thinking about whether to go into the water to investigate, the calm sea surface suddenly vibrated violently before splitting into two and forming shocking waves that were a thousand meters high!

Some weaker sea demons’ eyes were full of fear.

Even the Giant Crab sea demons had gloomy gazes!

“Who woke me up?”

Chen Chen suddenly thought of the aged voice that was full of vicissitudes.

Soon, a hideous head that was the size of a mountain slowly appeared. Under the slight vibration, a large amount of sand and soil was turned into dust while a pair of terrifying horns hundreds of meters long appeared under the sun.

“Is this… a dragon?”

Chen Chen subconsciously took two steps back.

There was a black dragon which appeared from under the sea, but its skull was as large as a Giant Crab sea demon! As for the body hidden beneath the sea, nothing could be seen except a long string of shadows.

The Black Dragon which Xiao Wuyou killed back then was just like an earthworm compared to this one!

Chen Chen did not doubt that it was a creature that was at the pinnacle of the world!

As soon as the dragon’s head emerged from the sea, the Tribulation Cloud began to appear in the sky, and soon, they spread outwards quickly to cover a large portion of the sky that was nearly 500 kilometers in radius.

The dragon ignored it because all it could see at the moment was Green Bean, which was on top of the Giant Crab sea demon.

The Giant Crab sea demon and the great sea demons were all staring at the dragon with wary gazes.

After a long time, the dragon lowered its head slightly. At the same time, a voice resounded in the brains of all the sea demons in the surroundings.

“I, Ao Yu, the Commander of the Eastern Region of the Boundless Sea, welcome the return of the descendant of the Sea God.”

Hearing this voice, the demons finally relaxed.

Seeing that the thunderstorm in the sky was getting more and more violent, the Giant Dragon quickly dived into the water.

However, that voice didn’t just vanish.

“I’m no longer tolerated by this realm. Descendant of the Sea God, please forgive me.”

Green Bean didn’t seem to care about manners, but it kept drawing circles in the air with its forelimbs.

It then began to gesticulate indiscriminately while seemingly muttering some gibberish.

Chen Chen told Green Bean what the Divine Condensation Pearl looked like, but he didn’t inform Green Bean how to express his intentions. Anyway, what Green Bean meant was, “I’m just here to look for a pearl, give it to me.”

After gesturing, there were no longer any sounds from the bottom of the sea.

A few moments later, dozens of large and small pearl-like objects emerged from the water before falling onto the back of the Giant Crab sea demon.

Chen Chen took a casual glance, and the corner of his eyes kept twitching.

The dozens of pearl-like objects were all treasures of the utmost value, and there was even a giant mussel pearl that was emitting colorful light. However, as soon as it appeared, the surrounding spiritual energy began to become thicker at an alarming rate.

“System, is there a Divine Condensation Pearl within a ten-meter radius?”

Chen Chen had never seen a Divine Condensation Pearl either. He had merely heard Yu Qiong’s description of it.

However, the Divine Condensation Pearl had been missing for thousands of years after all, and it was normal to have changes and discrepancies from the original description. Hence, for safety reasons, Chen Chen decided to ask the system about it.

“There is no such thing nearby.”

The system quickly answered.

Chen Chen hurriedly and carefully told Green Bean about it.

Green Bean began gesticulating again while muttering some incoherent gibberish.

The surrounding sea demons seemed to have understood what Green Bean meant as they began to look enraged. The Giant Crab sea demon waved its giant pincers, seemingly trying to show its prowess.

There was silence in the sea.

After a long, long time, another pile of treasures flew out. This time, there were also a bunch of other treasures in addition to the pearl-like objects.

Chen Chen did not use the system, but he saw the grape-sized golden pearl at a glance.

The golden pearl was emitting a soft glow, but it made one feel pleasant and comfortable.

It was the same as the description of the Divine Condensation Pearl that Yu Qiong gave him.

“The Divine Condensation Pearl! I never thought it would be so easy to get my hands on it!”

Chen Chen was excited, but he didn’t grab it himself. Instead, he glanced at Green Bean.

Seeing this, Green Bean crawled over and held the God Condensation Pearl in its arms.

As soon as it touched the pearl, the sea surface trembled slightly, but it soon calmed down again.

The dragon was not too happy about the fact that Green Bean had his sights on the Divine Condensation Pearl.

After a long time, there was a deep sigh that spread to the surroundings.

“Descendant of the Sea God, I obtained this by painstakingly killing a human cultivator with seven or eight great sea demons. It’s very valuable to me, but now that my power has already reached the pinnacle of the world, it’s no longer of much use to me. Since you like it, you may have it.”

“However, I hope you can promise me one thing.”


Green Bean waved its forelimbs and looked like a big shot.

“If you come to the Boundless Sea in the future but I’m no longer in this realm, please treat the Eastern Region Sea Dragon well, and support the descendants of my clan to continue to rule the Eastern Region of the Boundless Sea.”

After saying those words, calmness was restored in the sea, and the massive shadow under the sea gradually disappeared.

The pearls and treasures that flew out previously were all remaining still on the Giant Crab sea demon’s back at this moment.

“Indeed, he’s worthy of being a big shot. How generous! Legend has it that the dragons are all petty. It seems that it’s not true.”

Chen Chen sighed. He didn’t dare to take those items, at least not in front of the sea demons.

The sea demons were intelligent since they could cultivate the Void Refinement realm. He couldn’t let the sea demons think that Green Bean was at his disposal.

With that thought in mind, Chen Chen looked at Green Bean affectionately.

His gaze was subservient and filled with a little admiration.

Green Bean also looked at Chen Chen with a puzzled gaze, seemingly trying to ask, “What do we do next?”

Chen Chen glanced at the sea demons and immediately realized a serious issue.

He was in a good mood at first, but his heart immediately became heavy.

Green Bean was a Black Tortoise that originally belonged to the Boundless Sea. The sea demons recognized Green Bean as the Lord of the Boundless Sea.

Even the dragon, whose strength reached the peak of the world, had publicly expressed his subservience to Green Bean and asked him for a favor.

‘Can I take Green Bean back to the land then?’

If he obtained the Divine Condensation Pearl, but lost Green Bean, he would be at a huge loss.

However, when he recalled how much Green Bean seemed to love the sea, Chen Chen felt bitter.

He was not a selfish person and would be caring towards people and even demons he cared about.

Hence, he couldn’t deprive Green Bean of its right to stay in the Boundless Sea and force it to stay with him just because it was useful to him.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen sighed and then turned around to glance at Green Bean, giving it the right to choose.

Green Bean did not hesitate and instead leaped up onto Chen Chen’s shoulders while roaring at the sea demons in the surroundings.

Soon, the sea demons seemed humanely shocked and reluctant to see Chen Chen go.

When Chen Chen saw the look on the sea demons’ faces, he naturally understood Green Bean’s choice.

He couldn’t help being touched.

‘Indeed, it’s the tortoise I raised with my own blood… We are related by blood after all.’

However, after Green Bean revealed its intentions, countless sea demons glowered at Chen Chen furiously! They seemed to have understood something.

Knowing that he was wrong, Chen Chen closed his eyes and continued pretending to be dead.

After a long time, Chen Chen’s forehead was already covered in sweat droplets.

At this moment, a ray of light appeared among the sea demons, after which a sea demoness that had taken form, leaped into the sky and flew towards Chen Chen and Green Bean.

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