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Chapter 183: Chapter 183: Powerful

In fact, Lao Hei was not prepared to reveal Little Yellow to the vixen in front of him.

What if she gets too agitated and decides to eat the Ochre Yellow Spirit?

But before he could do anything, Little Yellow jumped into the hands of the vixen of its own accord and turned out to be tender.

Seeing the Ochre Yellow Spirit in her hand, Hu Xian’er felt mixed emotions. She wanted to say something but couldn’t bring herself to do so. Finally, she decided to let the Ochre Yellow Spirit wiggle about in her hand.

“I know this little demon, where did you catch it?”

Hu Xian’er looked up at Lao Hei with a burning gaze in her eyes.

She was originally from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan and had been abused by her stepmother since childhood. She had no choice but to flee to the Western Border and finally ended up in this place.

Some time ago, her father managed to bring her back to the Western Border. But only for a short period as she was sent to the two states.

Of course, it had something to do with the stepmother who was bent on killing her.

Now that her stepmother had died, she finally didn’t have to run around.

“I snatched him from someone I killed,” Lao Hei said, according to Chen Chen’s instructions.

Hu Xian’er’s eyes suddenly constricted after hearing that. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

Chen Chen, who was in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, suddenly had a complicated expression when he detected that scene.

He immediately recognized Hu Xian’er in their first meeting.

Of course, he would not be foolish to jump out and order Hu Xian’er around like he was her master.

He would seem rather terrible if he did that.

After all, Hu Xian’er was no longer who she used to be and he was unsure of her true nature.

Therefore, he attempted to test her and was relieved to find that she still cared about him.

The efforts that he had spent over such a long period of time to “educate” her did not go in vain.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen sent a voice transmission.

When Hu Xian’er heard the voice, she smiled instinctively. She gave a stern command to the demons around her, “Everyone is dismissed. Lao Hei and I have something important to discuss.”

After all the demons had retreated, Chen Chen walked out of the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Seeing this familiar figure, Hu Xian’er’s smile stiffened. “Hehe… Heh… Master…”

Seeing how scared she was, Chen Chen found it amusing but he tried his best to maintain a solemn expression as he said in a deep voice, “Long time no see, Xian’er. Let me ask you, do you crave power?”

Hu Xian’er’s face turned sullen after hearing that.

‘There he goes! Master is going to lie to me again!’

An hour passed.

Hu Xian’er’s expression once again turned deferential, as before. Although she knew that Chen Chen’s words could not be trusted, she still couldn’t help but believe it a little. She had no choice because Chen Chen’s lies were more convincing than the illusory tricks of the demon foxes. He would often manage to deceive them.

Moments later, Chen Chen listed a variety of ways to let her ascend to a high position among the demons.

There were options such as providing resources and eliminating the heretics among the fox clan… all of which were justifiable and could convince the demons.

Hu Xian’er was expelled when she was a child and became a wild demon, so she honestly did not have much affection towards the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

After experiencing years of uproar, her desire for power grew stronger.

Hence, Chen Chen’s mere words completely piqued her ambition.

“Xian’er, don’t worry, with my help, you will become the Clan Leader of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan sooner or later, and make your father view you in a different light.”

After concluding, Chen Chen placed an Essence Soul realm Demon Pill on Hu Xian’er’s hand.

Hu Xian’er grabbed the Demon Pill and exclaimed with a smile, “Master, I believe you can also become the pillar of the human race in the future!”

After saying that, Hu Xian’er put a token into the hands of the dumbfounded Lao Hei.

With that token in hand, it meant that Lao Hei had become an official demon general of the Demon Court.

After doing that, they smiled and saw the shamelessness in each other’s eyes.

Lao Hei returned to the mountain with the Demon Courts’ general token, causing the thousands of demons to be immediately excited. They had actually become proper troops, which gave them an unparalleled sense of superiority.

When they looked at the other two Demon Emperors of the State of Zhou, they even despised them a little.

How can they be compared to such inferior people?

The effect of the Demon Court’s banner was immediate. In just three days, a large number of demons came to Lao Hei and asked to be taken under his command.

In addition to his previous military powers, he now had twelve Nascent Soul realm Demon Kings under him.

The other two Demon Emperors, of course, also sent their trusted men to look for Hu Xian’er, but to no avail.

After learning that the new Black Pig King had paid countless Spirit Stones to obtain the title of Demon General, Emperor Crimson Tiger was infuriated.

He led his team to the State of Zhou to fight and kill and even though he didn’t destroy the human forces there, they at least deserved credit for their hard work.

He just wanted to be conferred a title, and yet, he had to pay for Spirit Stones too!

He could not afford the amount that they asked for!

As a Demon Emperor, he was obviously proud and lofty. How could he be willing to suffer such a loss?

Hence, after three days, Emperor Crimson Tiger took a group of demons over the Flame Mountain Range and headed to another country.

There were barely any resources left in the State of Zhou, and their cultivators were hard to deal with. Therefore, he thought that it would be better to leave earlier.

There was definitely a place for him in this world.

The other Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor was infuriated as well.

Over the next few days, he led the demons under him to the State of Zhou Demon Clan where they fought and resulted in numerous casualties.

On the contrary, Demon Emperor Lao Hei had been huddling in a corner to recruit more personnel. Not only did his subordinates not have to fight much, but they also enjoyed great benefits and had the title of proper soldiers.

In contrast, his subordinates led lives that were much harder.

Hence, many demons under him would vanish and secretly defect to Lao Hei every day. Soon, more and more demons vanished and in less than seven days, the number of demons that disappeared each day was more than the demons that died in the battle.

At this rate, he will have zero manpower in less than a month.

If not for the fact that he wanted to avenge his son, Emperor Venomous Dragon would have left this shitty place.

State of Zhou Demon Clan Headquarters.

Zhou Renlong met Chen Chen.

Compared to a few months ago, the Junior Clan Master of the Demon Clan in front of him felt rather distant.

Not only had he become stronger, he now had the aura of a boss, which vaguely overpowered him!

God knows how shocked he was when he learned that the Black Pig Demon Emperor was actually this disciple’s subordinate!

“Clan Master, I will ask the Black Pig Demon Emperor to attack some territories in the northern part of the State of Zhou tomorrow. When the time comes, you can ask the cultivators of the Demon Clan who are responsible for guarding there to retreat under the pretext of being defeated. The Black Pig Demon Emperor needs a big victory now to establish greater prestige.”

Chen Chen looked at the huge map of the State of Zhou in front of him and murmured.

“Okay… okay…”

Zhou Renlong hurriedly agreed.

‘No wonder this kid told me such top-secret information, it turns out that he wants me to cooperate with him.’

“If possible, Clan Master, you’d better declare to the public that you are not a match for the Black Pig Demon Emperor. At the same time, you should also increase your attacks on Emperor Venomous Dragon. I reckon it won’t take long for him to pack his bags and get out of the State of Zhou.”

Chen Chen said again.

“Okay… Okay…” Zhou Renlong agreed in confusion.

He had finally seen what an invincible person was like.

He wondered how “Zhang Chen” did it. He had been staying at the Demon Clan headquarters to observe the situation every day and would issue orders using the communication token. Yet, there were already such drastic changes in the State of Zhou.

He had always been unable to deal with the two Demon Emperors but this time, he got rid of them and the crisis of the State of Zhou easily.

Chen Chen looked at the map in front of him, and he could not help but sigh.

He had finally and thoroughly seen the effects that could be brought about with abundant resources and power.

In fact, his approach is not that smart and the most crucial factor for his success was the vast resources and power he had. Hence, it became natural for him to do it.

With the power of the State of Zhou Demon Clan, Hu Xian’er, and Lao Hei in their hands, they could casually stir up some trouble and get rid of the two Demon Emperors.

That was power!

When one’s teammates, enemies, and backers had all defected to the other party, one would have no means to fight with him.

Unless someone had the power to fight the world, he would never be able to break free from the influence of power.

“Clan Master, if that Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor does not retreat within seven days, let’s just think of a random way to exterminate him.”

As he spoke indifferently, Chen Chen stretched out his hand and pointed to the location on the map where the Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor was.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Renlong’s eyes became a bit dazed.

Chen Chen’s hand became bigger and bigger in his eyes, and finally, Chen Chen seemed to have completely turned into a terrifying mastermind who was continuously stirring up trouble in the State of Zhou.

That made him suddenly feel ashamed of himself.

That was the real powerhouse of diabolism. Zhou Renlong could at most be considered a competent fighter.

God knows if Chen Chen was hiding anything else from him.

‘This kid… What has he been doing during his absence? Did I only bring back an ordinary person?’

With that thought in mind, Zhou Renlong suddenly felt like being generous and he asked, “Zhang Chen, how about you become the Clan Master of the Demon Clan instead?”

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