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Chapter 182: 182: Demon Courts Emissary

“Senior Brother, how come you’re still alive? Uh… That’s not right what I meant to say… How did you survive?”

On the way back to the Demon Clan headquarters, Yuan Qingtian showed concern for Chen Chen, who was beside him, his face full of smiles.

“The Clan Master was afraid that I would be persecuted by the opponents of Great Xia, so he told me to hide for a while. I took advantage of this time to cultivate a little,” Chen Chen replied indifferently.

At this moment, a group of people from the Demon Clan all looked at him with awe.

The Junior Clan Master had just killed several Nascent Soul realm cultivators by himself, and the remaining demons were so scared that they fled.

Those were only the results after the Junior Clan Master had cultivated for a little while. If he had cultivated for longer, he would definitely be impressive.

Naturally, no one doubted his words. After all, he had only disappeared for a few months. That period of time was only enough for him to cultivate a little.

Yuan Qingtian came to a sudden realization when he heard the news. He patted his head hard and thought, ‘I actually didn’t think of that reason!’

“Oh, I see! Senior Brother, but you have no idea how happy Chen Chen of the Tianyun Clan was. Not only did he steal the limelight on the battlefield between the two clans, he even joined the Haoran Sword Clan. Everyone called him the best elite of the two nations!

“Senior Brother, I’m not causing a stir, but you’re the only one who’s worthy of being the best elite in the two nations!”

Hearing Yuan Qingtian’s clumsy attempt to draw a wedge between them, Chen Chen smiled. Only after a long time did he ask coldly, “How about I kill Chen Chen for you?”

Yuan Qingtian’s expression stiffened when he heard those words, he could not help but recall the incident of Chen Chen supporting the Twelfth City.

Although he didn’t see that battle, the people who had witnessed it all admired Chen Chen and lamented the fact that there wasn’t such an elite in the Demon Clan.

Some even shamelessly said that they would let Chen Chen off if they could catch him in the future.

After staying silent for a long time, Yuan Qingtian lowered his head and said softly, “To be honest… Chen Chen can be considered an elite and his character is not as bad as we imagined. There’s no need to kill him…”

Chen Chen was heartened to hear that. His efforts to save him were finally not in vain.

“Just beat him up, then hang him up and make him call himself a fool in public! Make him say that he has let me down a thousand times and that’ll be enough. Hehe, Senior Brother, aren’t I smart?”


“Hey, Senior Brother, what are you hitting me for?”

Chen Chen returned to the Demon Clan headquarters and learned about the situation within the State of Zhou.

At this time, in addition to Lao Hei and the people under him, there were also two Demon Emperors within the State of Zhou. They were the Crimson Tiger Demon Emperor from the northern border and the Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor from the southern border.

The two Demon Emperors were famous itinerant demons who did not belong to regular armies.

The State of Zhou and State of Jin were both small vassal states, and the demon race clearly did not care to send regular demon troops over.

It was also proven that there was a reason for their nonchalance. Some of the more impressive demons would be enough to dominate the territory of the two nations, putting the other Demon Clans to shame.

“That Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor’s original target was the State of Jin, but the Clan Master slaughtered his son, so he came to the State of Zhou.

“We owe the State of Jin a favor, and there is no excuse for doing so, but now the State of Jin has produced an expert who killed a Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor with a single slash of her sword. Logically speaking, they should also share the pressure with us… Don’t you think so?” Yuan Qingtian muttered softly.

Chen Chen’s pupils immediately constricted.

“She killed an Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor with a single slash of her sword? What’s her name?”

“She seems to be called Xia Xishuang. Previously, she attacked for Chen Chen’s sake, and now she’s doing so much for the Tianyun Clan. I seriously suspect that she and Chen Chen are an item!” Yuan Qingtian speculated with a maniacal expression.

Chen Chen’s body trembled slightly, and he fell silent.

After a long time, he took out a certain communication token from his storage ring and looked at it before putting it away once again.

Of course he knew about Breaking Dawn Sword. If Xia Xishuang was forced to use Breaking Dawn Sword, now…

Chen Chen subconsciously clenched his fist, his heart full of emotions. He was both touched and apologetic, but he also took great pity on her.

Any words of gratitude to her now would seem useless.

Chen Chen turned around to look in the direction where the Tianyun Clan was, falling silent.

He stood there for an hour.

An hour later, a message from Lao Hei came from a communication token on his body.

“Chen Chen, there’s an emissary from the Demon Court from the State of Zhou who said that as long as I can build a successful career in the State of Zhou, I will be granted the official status of the Demon Court!”

“Demon Court?”

Chen Chen frowned slightly when he heard that. Previously, there were rumors that the eight major demon clans were about to unite and establish a unified Demon Court. He didn’t expect it to have been established so soon.

That was not good news.

“Where is the representative of the Demon Court?” Chen Chen asked again.

“In some small mountain in the west of the State of Zhou. The demon he sent only met me, no other demons. He also instructed me to never spread a word about the location of that mountain. I reckon he’s not an expert,” Lao Hei replied.

Chen Chen was quite surprised to see this message, as he did not expect Lao Hei to be pretty smart.

“Okay, I will go with you to meet that representative of the Demon Court tomorrow, to see where he’s from.

“It’d be best if you can get a position as an official. If not, we’ll kill him, lest he unify all the demons in the State of Zhou.”


The next day, Chen Chen casually made up an excuse to leave the Demon Clan headquarters, claiming that he was going to fight against the demons.

Soon, he returned to Lao Hei’s residence.

After a day of absence, Lao Hei had taken many more demons under his wing, among which there were a few experts who previously claimed to be under Hu Lian. When they saw demons, they all praised Chen Chen for being impressive.

In the end, they were beaten up badly by Lao Hei, who accused them of distracting them.

After settling them down, Lao Hei took Chen Chen to fly towards the west of the State of Zhou.

After flying several thousand kilometers, he finally arrived at a dense forest on a deep mountain.

Before Lao Hei landed, a Nascent Soul realm Demon appeared beside him to receive him.

“Your Excellency, are you the Black Pig King? I didn’t expect you to come in person!”

Lao Hei nodded slightly and said, “The Demon Court is the place that all demons yearn to go. I respect it from the bottom of my heart, and I also want to be recognized by the Demon Court.

I wonder, who is the emissary of the Demon Courts?”

The Nascent Soul realm Demon King asked Lao Hei, “Missy is from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan and she’s very smart. You’ll understand when you see her, hehe!”

With a lewd smile, the Nascent Soul realm Demon King led Lao Hei deeper into the dense forest. After a few moments, he entered a luxuriously decorated cave.

The cave was brightly lit and guarded well, surrounded by tight security. There were four Nascent Soul realm Demon Kings and hundreds of Golden Core realm demonic cultivators.

Seeing this scene, Lao Hei couldn’t help but be wary.

About a hundred meters into the cave, there was a female demon fox leaning against a stone throne with a nonchalant expression.

“Black Pig King?”

When the vixen demon saw Lao Hei’s gilded body, her eyes lit up.

“Greetings, Emissary of the Demon Courts, you should be aware of my purpose for this visit,” Lao Hei said, shrugging nonchalantly as if he was a bigwig.

The female demon fox sat up straight and said calmly, “Black Pig King, you have just entered the territory of the State of Zhou and you haven’t even achieved any success. Yet, you want me to give you an official status in the Demon Court. You’re being too naive. If I really give in, the Emperor Venomous Dragon and Emperor Crimson Dragon will be disappointed.”

After saying this, the demon fox came to Lao Hei’s side, gently tapping the Seven Orifices Armor and saying in a different tone of voice, “But, since you have come personally, I naturally have to do you a favor. As long as you contribute enough, I won’t be stingy with giving you an identity and some resources. As long as it contributes to the Demon Courts, of course. The rest will have nothing to say then.”

“Name your price.”

Having followed Chen Chen and been influenced by him, Lao Hei was now experienced in negotiating and could see through the vixen’s mind.

The only thing he felt strange was that Chen Chen suddenly stopped moving in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

“10,000 top-grade Spirit Stones, and you can become a commander of the Demon Court!

“20,000 top-grade Spirit Stones, and you can become a general of the Demon Court!

“If you can offer up to 50,000 top-grade Spirit Stones…”

The vixen rubbed her hands while speaking, looking just like a money grubber.

Lao Hei fell silent after hearing that. According to Chen Chen’s plan, problems that could be solved with Spirit Stones were certainly not a problem, but the price to pay was too high.

At this moment, Lao Hei decided to get a status as a commander first.

Otherwise, if he spent any more of Chen Chen’s Spirit Stones, he would be dealt with.

Thinking of this, he subconsciously wanted to take the Spirit Stones from the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, only to end up touching the Ochre Yellow Spirit.

The Ochre Yellow Spirit was lying on Lao Hei’s hoof. Clearly, it had been dug from the soil.

Looking around at his surroundings, the Ochre Yellow Spirit was at a loss.

Lao Hei was confused too.

‘How did I end up getting this little guy out?’

Just as he was about to continue touching, he heard a voice in his ears.

“Just give her the Ochre Yellow Spirit!”

Hearing this, Lao Hei cursed Chen Chen for being heartless.

‘Little Yellow has been with us for some time, even though it can’t speak. It even saved Chen Chen’s life at the critical juncture. How can I give it away!? Outrageous! No, I mustn’t obey Chen Chen on this.’

Just when Lao Hei wanted to send the Ochre Yellow Spirit into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, the female fox demon turned pale and her voice suddenly became cold.

“Hold it! Show me what you’re holding in your hand!”

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