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Chapter 184: Chapter 184: There’s Always Such A Person

“I can’t be the Clan Master!” Chen Chen refuted.

“Why not? I have already decided, you are now the second best expert of my Demon Clan. You’re wise and resourceful, so you’re more suitable for this position than me.” Zhou Renlong had a serious expression.

“No, no, I’m not senior nor experienced enough!”

“It’s settled then, no need to mention it again!”

They kept refuting each other, as if the position of the Demon Clan Master was a poisonous title that would kill anyone who took it.

In the end, Chen Chen said sternly, “Clan Master, the Demon Clan has always respected and valued the strong, only the strongest person can serve as the Clan Master. This is a rule that we cannot break. Otherwise, everyone in the clan will be ambitious in the future!”

Hearing these words, Zhou Renlong’s expression was incomparably complicated.

He did want to test Chen Chen a little but if Chen Chen really wanted to be the Clan Master, he would not have any objections.

However, he would be a little wary of him in the future and try to find out if he had other identities.

But now…

He was really at a loss for words. The young man in front of him genuinely did not want to be the Clan Master.

In this case, even if Chen Chen had other identities, he wouldn’t hold it against him.

For him, it was enough to know that Zhang Chen did not have any evil thoughts about the Demon Clan.

Seven days later.

The Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor was frantically fleeing with three of his close Nascent Soul realm confidantes.

In just seven days, his subordinates died or fled while Lao Hei won several victories in a row. Even Zhou Renlong, the Clan Master of the Demon Clan, was no match for him.

To be honest, if Lao Hei’s bloodline was a tad bit stronger, he would have defected to him.

“Lord Demon Emperor, we obviously got rid of them several times, why do those people from the Demon Clan always catch up with us? Could it be that the human race can sense our scent as well?”

The Demon King behind Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor asked.

“Who knows?” the Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor muttered softly.

Of course he would not think that there was a traitor among the demon race who often leaked his whereabouts to Lao Hei who would then inform the Demon Clan.

“Venomous Dragon! It’s your time to die! If you don’t die today, I’ll take your last name!”

The sound of Zhou Renlong’s shouting came from behind him, and the Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor secretly resented him.

Zhou Renlong was a body refinement cultivator who wasn’t afraid of his poison at all and in the past, when the Crimson Tiger Demon Emperor collaborated with him, he would still be able to suppress Zhou Renlong a little but now, he was no longer Zhou Renlong’s opponent.

‘Why did such a thing happen in less than half a month?’

He couldn’t figure it out.

Meanwhile, before the flame mountain range 5,000 kilometers ahead of him.

Chen Chen was leading several Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon Clan to set up a huge array and waiting quietly for his return.

Zhou Renlong was not blindly chasing all the way, but was instead intentionally luring the Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor towards the Flame Mountain Range.

As long as the Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor escaped into the range of their ambush, it would definitely fall under their siege.

“Senior Brother, what do you think of the Black Pig Demon Emperor’s golden armor? I really think it suits you. Why don’t we think of a way to get it?”

Next to the big formation, Yuan Qingtian rubbed his hands together and said to Chen Chen with a subservient expression.

In his opinion, now that Chen Chen had come out of seclusion,it was time they started their heist as a trio.

If he didn’t try to steal something, he probably won’t be able to catch up with Chen Chen in his lifetime.

Chen Chen glanced at him and remained silent.

However, at this moment, there was a massive figure that was fleeting in the mountain range behind them, which flew past above their heads.

“Damn it! Immortal Demonic Phoenix!” Yuan Qingtian exclaimed in shock when he saw that figure.

The other demon disciples were also shocked. They had been ambushing well there and focusing all their attention on the front when an Immortal Demonic Phoenix suddenly appeared behind them. If it attacked them, they would be in huge trouble.

Fortunately, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t notice them at all.

“Senior Brother, it’s the one that attacked us previously!”

“I recognize him.” Chen Chen muttered slightly with a cold gaze in his eyes.

He then took out a delicate wine cup, which was a spiritual artifact, from his storage ring, and poured some wine into it. After warming the wine with spirit fire, he handed it to Yuan Qingtian.

“I’ll be right back! Wait for me, I’ll drink this cup of warm wine when I return!”

After saying that, he flew straight into the sky and chased after the Immortal Demonic Phoenix.

The Demon Clan cultivators looked at each other and the warm wine cup, unsure of what the Junior Clan Master’s intention was.

“Damn it!”

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix quickly sensed a cultivator chasing behind him, and after cursing softly, he turned around and chased after the cultivator.


A line of black flames erupted, directly covering the cultivator completely.

Seeing this, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix sneered and wanted to continue to rush forth but to its surprise, a golden figure emerged from the flames!

The golden figure was holding a large red and gold sword, and dashed towards him without hesitation!

Upon sight of this golden figure, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix was not surprised but delighted. It yelled joyously, “Body refinement cultivators of the Demon Clan! Great! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! Today we will end the long-standing grudge between us that has lasted for thousands of years!”

Minutes passed.

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix transformed into a young man clad in a feather robe. Chen Chen was stepping on him.

At this moment, his nose was swollen and bruised while he was covered in wounds. He was totally in a pathetic plight.

“Ahem… I never thought I’d be defeated.”

After murmuring that softly, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix struggled to take out from the storage ring an ancient stone plate that seemed to date back to a long time ago.

The word ‘victory’ was written on the front of the stone plate while ‘failure’ was written on the back. There were also several tallies below the words. Hence, it seemed that the stone plate was used for counting and keeping track of the wins and losses.

Looking at the ancient stone plate, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix’s eyes were full of guilt. Finally, she added another stroke on the side that stated ‘failure’ which represented that the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan had lost again.

“Kill me, I will come back again. The body refinement lineage is two victories ahead of my clan but I will win it back sooner or later!”

Looking at this scene, Chen Chen was a bit speechless.

He couldn’t help but recall the childish fights he used to have with his classmates back in kindergarten during his formal life. Whenever he lost, he would be bent on winning it back…

“Is the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan that petty? You came all the way here to court death. If I were you, I would have killed myself. You’re an embarrassment to the eight demon clans.”

Since the phoenix would be revived after its death, Chen Chen couldn’t be bothered to exterminate it either. Instead, he started talking to it and tried to see if he could influence it to bury the hatchet that had existed for thousands of years.

“Who the hell came to you, I came to find Xia Xishuang to take revenge! Had I known that I would meet you, I would have definitely recuperated from my injuries before coming. Let me tell you, if I’m not still injured…”

Before the Immortal Demonic Phoenix could finish, Chen Chen pulled out a large handful of feathers from its body. He was in so much pain that he gasped.

“Are you still going to seek revenge on Xia Xishuang?” Chen Chen asked coldly as he casually threw away the handful of feathers.

“No,” the Immortal Demonic Phoenix answered obediently with a bald spot on its chest.

“Good. Let me tell you, don’t think that I can’t deal with you just because you’re not scared of dying. I have 10,000 ways to give you emotional trauma!”

“What’s the point of dealing with me? Someone will go on my behalf! What can you do to them?”

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix muttered.

Chen Chen raised his brows and asked coldly, “Who’s that insensible?”

“She killed an Essence Soul realm cultivator with her Nascent Soul realm cultivation level. She has dealt the two tribes a huge blow, which elite doesn’t want to use her to rise to fame?”

“You mean there will be many demon elites going to deal with her?” Chen Chen questioned as his gaze gradually turned cold.

“How are they going to deal with her? They’re going to exterminate her…”


Halfway through its speech, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix lost another bunch of feathers.

“Exterminate your head! You have a death wish!”

Chen Chen cursed and turned the Omni Divine Blade into a scraper which he used to scrape the Immortal Demonic Phoenix. In just a few seconds, he removed all the feathers on the Immortal Demonic Phoenix.

After doing all this, Chen Chen flew towards the State of Jin, ignoring the look of grief and dismay in the Immortal Demonic Phoenix’s eyes.

For some reason, his heart was trembling at this moment and he felt that he had to go and check on Xia Xishuang before he could be at ease.

“Disciple, many demons have come outside the Tianyun Clan. Instead of attacking the Tianyun Clan, they clamored about fighting Miss Xia of the Haoran Sword Clan, one-on-one.

After flying out for less than a thousand meters, Xiao Wuyou received some news.

“I will go back immediately.” Chen Chen replied.

He then took out another communication token.

“Xishuang, I heard from Master that you’ve encountered trouble.”

“No big deal, it’s just some nobodies, I can deal with them. Pay attention to your safety and take care of yourself. The situation these days is complicated, don’t be in a hurry to come back.

Seeing this message, Chen Chen’s eyes instantly reddened. He knew the answer without having to ask the system.

The feeling of heartache does not lie.

‘This silly girl always wants to shoulder all the burden. Does she really think that I’m so weak that I have to sponge off her?’

Chen Chen took a deep breath and sped up.

“Senior Brother, that wine of yours is almost cold, what should we do?” Yuan Qingtian sent a message.

“Drink it yourself, I’m not drinking it.”

“Senior Brother, that Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor is coming soon. We can’t deal with it without you!”

“Let him go.”

“Zhang Chen, you fooled me!”

Chen Chen did not look at the various messages.

He put aside all the matters of slaying an Essence Soul realm cultivator, the situation in the State of Zhou, the Demon Clan Clan Master, and the warm wine in the cup.

He was never a bigwig of diabolism and could not be indifferent towards everything. Apart from interests, there was nothing else on his mind.

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