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Chapter 176: Chapter 176: I’m Here Again

Xia Xishuang headed deeper into the Tianyun Clan, while Xiao He asked all the disciples she met along the way.

The final result was the same. Everyone complimented the successor of the Tianyun Clan and some female disciples even seemed hostile and wary when they saw her asking.

“Is that Chen Chen really that good? I’m getting tempted,” Xiao He muttered but she stopped talking after Xia Xishuang glanced at her.

Before the group reached the main peak of the Tianyun Clan, Xiao Wuyou had already sensed their arrival and took the initiative to come out to greet them.

“It is indeed also a blessing for the State of Jin that the superior envoy is willing to be stationed in my State of Jin!”

Staring at Xia Xishuang who was in front of him, Xiao Wuyou felt emotional.

His words were said with utmost sincerity and he wasn’t trying to flatter her at all.

The woman in front of him undoubtedly had a profound cultivation level but the key was that she was also extremely nice. He could get along with her and despite being from a prominent clan, she did not put on airs at all. She was the most approachable disciple of a major clan he had ever met.

“Clan Master Xiao, let me ask you something, how is the character of the successor of the Tianyun Clan?”

Xiao He was still a bit undeterred and she refused to give up. The other disciples might be afraid of Chen Chen’s status as the successor and hence, might have said some false things but as the Clan Master, he probably wouldn’t lie.

She thought that he at least wouldn’t make Chen Chen out to be as good as the other disciples did!

Hearing these words, Xiao Wuyou seemed to realize something as his gaze gradually began to go out of focus. After a long while, he sighed and said, “Ah, accepting Chen Chen as a disciple is one of the things I am most proud of in my life.”

He shocked Xiao He with his first question and even Xia Xishuang began to seem curious.

“Chen Chen is pure and kindhearted. When I saw him, I immediately decided to accept him as a disciple, so that he can become the successor of the Tianyun Clan.”

“Despite being superior, he isn’t arrogant or conceited at all. Instead, he’s grounded and cultivates hard.”

“Besides, this kid is very magnanimous. When the disciples of the clan provoke him, he doesn’t get bothered and even takes good care of them. Within just two short months, he gained recognition as the successor from all the disciples in the clan…”

Xiao Wuyou complimented him for a total of fifteen minutes before summarizing, “If it were not for Chen Chen, the Tianyun Clan would have been destroyed long ago… He has suffered too much but he never tells anyone about what he’s going through. If he wanted to be the Clan Master, I would have let him take over long ago.”

Xiao He, who was at the side, was already moved to tears as she completely believed that Chen Chen was a good person.

Xia Xishuang was also smiling, as if Xiao Wuyou was praising her.

“Envoy, Chen Chen’s parents are now in the Tianyun Clan, would you like to meet them?”

Seeing both their expressions, Xiao Wuyou immediately understood something and hence made that suggestion.

Hearing this, Xia Xishuang’s face turned red and she hurriedly lowered her head. “You don’t have to… I’ve seen them at Chen Chen’s place before.”

Seeing how shy she was and how much she admired Chen Chen, Xiao Wuyou wished that he could be Chen Chen’s disciple instead.

“How on earth did that kid do it? Have I been tricked too?”

Xiao Wuyou couldn’t help but reflect in his mind again.

On the other side, the silly and somewhat adorable Chen Chen was putting on the Seven Orifices Armor while still fiddling with it.

Lao Hei, who was at the side, could not help but be full of disdain.

‘He’s just going to lend the Seven Orifices Armor for a while, must he do this?’

On the other hand, Chen Chen jumped for a few times before hollering furiously, “What do you know? It’s inauspicious to lend someone a new piece of clothing that you haven’t even worn before!”

Lao Hei did not say anything either and his eyes were full of disdain.

‘Why do you have to act like you want to damage it now?’ He had met misers before but none of them were as stingy as Chen Chen.

After a few moments, Chen Chen finally reluctantly handed the Seven Orifices Armor to Lao Hei.

“I’m breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm this time, I don’t know how long it will take. The only one who can help you is Green Bean, so you have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I will be careful and take care of myself.” Lao Hei was somewhat touched.

Although Chen Chen was stingy, he was still loyal and kind to those he cared about. Otherwise, he would not have given him the precious armor before going for the upcoming Nascent Soul realm tribulation.

“Be careful with my armor, don’t damage it,” Chen Chen added.

Lao Hei’s face stiffened as he felt an urge to slap Chen Chen.

“Just kidding, I’ll give you these few Demon Pills. Remember to take them at intervals, got it?” Chen Chen asked with a smile.

While taking the pills, Lao Hei put on the Seven Orifices Armor and in a moment, he transformed from a black pig into a golden pig. The slightly tacky aura he used to emit completely disappeared and was soon replaced by an even tackier aura.

“Don’t worry, I’ve always been reliable.” Patting the Heart Protection Mirror on his chest, Lao Hei assured proudly.

Chen Chen finally nodded in relief.

Afterwards, he was escorted by Lao Hei to a certain spiritual mountain.

The group of demons had long wiped out the area within 50 kilometers around the mountain and hence, no one would disturb them.

Chen Chen came to the top of the mountain, and took out the triangular crystal which instantly enlarged hundreds of times and turned into a small pyramid under the spiritual power.

Chen Chen did not know what it was called, but it was indeed an incredible treasure that could resist the Thunder Tribulation. Hence, Chen Chen casually called it a lightning shield.

After the lightning shield appeared, Chen Chen slowly walked in, sat in the middle, completely enveloped by the triangular crystal.

At this moment, he received a message from a certain messenger token.

“Chen Chen, I have arrived at the Tianyun Clan.”

Seeing this message, Chen Chen smiled and replied, “I am about to enter the Nascent Soul realm and I’m preparing for the tribulation. Once I succeed in transcending the tribulation, I will return to the State of Jin. Of course, if I fail to cross it, I’ll need you to take care of the Tianyun Clan.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, heaven will not let good people die. You will definitely be able to succeed in transcending the tribulation. I… I’ll wait for you to return.”

After seeing the last sentence, Chen Chen was suddenly full of energy.

‘Would kids usually say such things?’

‘Obviously not!’

‘Tsk, tsk, it is true. Once my charm is emitted without restraint, no one can resist me!’

At the thought of this, Chen Chen could not help but feel a sudden fieriness in his heart. Without hesitation, he took out the Heavenly Spirit Fruit from his storage ring and swallowed it.

In an instant, a strange power filled his entire body.

It was not spiritual power but a bizarre feeling that connected heaven and earth. As soon as that feeling appeared, Chen Chen felt that the bottleneck at the peak of the Core Formation realm that he was stuck at, instantly disappeared without a trace. The Nascent Soul realm Thunder Tribulation was about to descend.


After taking a deep breath, Chen Chen sat down cross-legged and began to meditate.

A few moments later, the distant sky suddenly turned dark, and then the darkness began to spread towards Chen Chen. The blue sky and white clouds along the way were all consumed by the darkness.

The eyelids of the group of demons guarding the foot of the Spirit Mountain, twitched when they saw this scene.

‘The Black Pig King said that there’s going to be a tribulation but that’s terrifying!’

“You guys don’t know anything. Lord Black Pig King is at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm, he’s now going to transcend the tribulation, but he’s acting like he’s weak because he keeps a low profile.”

The dog spirit looked at the scene in the sky, his face full of admiration.

The crowd of demons around him suddenly realized that Lao Hei could kill the Grizzly Bear King in a few blows, all because he was at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm!

“Hahah, you guys are lucky. It won’t be long before you guys have a king who’s at the Essence Soul realm! Stepping into the Essence Soul realm with the genes of the earth pig. Black Pig King… I mean, Lord Black King is really our role model!”

The dog spirit was touched by his own words. A low-level demon becoming a Nascent Soul realm cultivator was incredibly difficult, even for a Demon King. The Black Pig King gave them some hope.

Seeing this, the demons hurriedly perked up and began searching everywhere, for fear that someone would disturb his tribulation transcendence.

Chen Chen looked at the sky which seemed to be turning over, and smiled bitterly.

He did not do anything heinous. Why is heaven always going against him!?!

‘Heaven is blind!’

Before he could continue thinking, a weak thunderbolt fell from the sky and struck the lightning shield. The thunderous clouds in the sky then started rolling, as if they were laughing out loud!

“I’m coming, are you ready?”

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