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Chapter 175: Chapter 175: Adorably Silly

“This is…”

Chen Chen’s throat moved. Regardless of the quality of the full-body armor, he liked how fancy it was.

Of course, he wouldn’t go out to meet people wearing that because it didn’t match his immortal-like aura. At most, he could wear it for fun in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Before he could continue thinking, Chen Chen took out the full-body armor from the treasure chest.

Soon, he saw a small line of words from the shining golden Heart Protection Mirror.

“Seven Orifices Armor.”

After some scrutiny, Chen Chen put the full-body armor on his body and casually took a look at himself in the mirror.

‘Great, my face can’t be seen. Nothing can be seen except a golden light. If this happened under the bright sun, I’d be able to remain in stealth.’

After sensing its power, Chen Chen was extremely pleased. The treasures that the Void Refinement realm powerhouses had hidden under the bed were extraordinary. Even the Omni Divine Blade would not easily leave traces on it without any spiritual power.

Chen Chen seriously suspected that the Void Refining powerhouse had similar tastes as him, but to the outside world, his image was that of an ethereal and wise person. Hence, he hid the treasure under the bed in the cave and took it out occasionally.

“Take it away, take it away.”

After muttering, Chen Chen put the Seven Orifices Armor and the treasure chest into the storage ring.

Before leaving, he was still worried and thus took the spiritual brick in the cave too.

The spiritual bricks here were different from the low-grade spiritual bricks of the Wuxin Clan, made of superior-grade Spirit Stones.

That was pageantry!

Of course, it now all belonged to him.

After leaving the cave left behind by the Void Refinement realm powerhouses, Chen Chen returned to the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Meanwhile, Lao Hei went to the demons with a pile of rags that Chen Chen had picked up.

He casually rewarded a few demons, moving them to tears.

The dog advisor was holding a wine cup made of 10,000-year-old crystal jade while tearing uncontrollably. Soon, the cup was full of his tears.

They had only been under Lao Hei’s wing for a day, yet they were already rewarded with such treasures!

It could only sacrifice itself!

The journey continues.

The group of demons in some deep forest and a demon of the Nascent Soul realm had a bloody battle, only to obtain a strange fruit.

The fruit was naturally put into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace by Lao Hei.

“Heavenly Spirit Fruit +1”

At the bottom of a certain great swamp, a group of demons fought another battle with a demon dragon.

“Soul-Cleansing Divine Spring +N”

Chen Chen had heard of that thing before. It was rumored to be able to help a Nascent Soul realm cultivator heal from essence soul injuries. It was indeed a heavenly treasure.

A few days passed.

The group of demons suspiciously came to a certain barren mountain above.

They couldn’t be blamed for having such an expression. In their eyes, the soup that they had drunk was so rich and nutritious, they might be robbed.

Nowadays, they could only cling to the black pig for a bare sense of security.

Looking at this group of poor things, Lao Hei wore a look of disdain.

He didn’t expect the demons out there to be so poor!

‘It’s still much more comfortable to be a domesticated demon. Wild demons lead very miserable lives,’ Lao Hei thought to himself, feeling a strong sense of superiority.

After despising the demons, he slowly walked into the cave and soon saw a white bone in the corner.

Chen Chen jumped out, rendered speechless for a long time after seeing the bones.

Those were the remains of the fallen experts.

To be honest, they were not that different from the corpses of ordinary people. Even ordinary beasts wouldn’t bother to chew on them.

Chen Chen slowly walked to the white bones and carefully searched, only to find an old storage bag.

Looking at the storage bag, Chen Chen bitterly wiped his tears.

In this world, reaching the peak of the Void Refinement realm would give one a chance to ascend. The owner of the corpse was in the Void Refinement realm, which was much stronger than the previous owner of the cave.

However, such a mighty figure didn’t have even a single storage ring…

After sighing deeply, Chen Chen muttered, “Senior, it’s really hard for you…”

After saying that, Chen Chen opened the storage bag.

There were only three items inside: a triangular crystal, an elixir bottle, and a yellowed letter.

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment, then picked up the letter, reading it carefully.

“Junior Brother, I’m going to enter the Ascension Tribulation. Obtaining ascension should be the eternal pursuit of cultivators such as you and me.

“In fact, I have always understood your feelings and intentions, but if you and I cannot ascend together, we can’t be together in the future. I hope you understand my efforts. If you and I meet in the upper realm one day, I promise to be your partner for life.”

After reading the short letter, Chen Chen sighed deeply.

The senior who had died here was very tragic.

He had also figured out why the senior was so poor now, reckoning that he must have gone bankrupt to prepare to transcend the tribulation. Unfortunately, he failed, turning into a pile of withered bones lying in this deserted mountain.

“Even the divinity of the body had been burned clean. This senior really put in all his effort. Unfortunately… The Heavenly Dao is merciless.”

After muttering to himself, Chen Chen picked up the triangular crystal. If he guessed correctly, it should be a supportive treasure for transcending the tribulation. It would be of great use to him.

As for the remaining elixir in that bottle, he figured that it should have been used for resisting the Thunder Tribulation.

With these two items, Chen Chen was quite certain about his Nascent Soul realm tribulation.


In the Tianyun Clan, Xia Xishuang brought more than ten Haoran Sword Clan disciples to the front of the mountain.

Looking at the scene in the Tianyun Clan, Xiao He, who had been following Xia Xishuang, teased, “Senior Sister, why did you take the initiative to transfer to the State of Jin? It’s not because you have feelings for the successor of the Tianyun Clan, right?”

Xia Xishuang didn’t say anything, only smiling a little.

Seeing this scene, Xiao He covered her mouth, her eyes full of surprise.

“Senior Sister, could it be true? You are the belle of the Haoran Sword Clan! How can you let outsiders have an advantage?” Xiao He asked.

She then immediately thought of Xia Xishuang’s abnormal behavior lately.

Unlike in the past, she had been spacing out while staring at a communication token.

If that was the Haoran Sword Clan’s communication token, it would be fine, but it was not!

Now it seemed that there was a 90% chance that it was the communication token of the successor of the Tianyun Clan!

‘Oh my god, if this news gets out, how many of the human elites will cry?”

Thinking of this, Xiao He trembled and demanded, “Sister, do you know what Chen Chen’s character is really like? How dare you like him!”

“He’s a decent man,” Xia Xishuang said softly, unable to resist the smile on her face.

However, Xiao He felt as if the sky had fallen!

‘Senior Sister has actually admitted it! She admitted that she likes the successor of the Tianyun Clan, whom she has not even known for a long time!’

“God knows if he’s faking it! Senior Sister, you’re too… Reckless,” Xiao He said somewhat anxiously.

Reasonably speaking, she ought to be happy that her Senior Sister had found someone she liked, but the problem was that she had known Chen Chen for too short of a time period.

Xiao He was worried that she might get cheated.

“He’s not a liar,” Xia Xishuang said indifferently. She then slowly stepped into the Tianyun Clan.

The group of Tianyun Clan disciples were already very familiar with this Haoran Sword Clan ambassador and did not stop her when they saw her. Instead, they smiled and greeted her.

When Xiao He saw this, she casually grabbed an outer clan disciple who looked like a newcomer and pulled him in front of Xia Xishuang.

“Junior Brother, let me ask you something,” Xiao He said to that outer clan disciple with a serious expression.

“Senior Sisters, what’s the matter?” the outer clan disciple asked in shock.

“Let me ask you, what kind of person is the successor of the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen? Tell me the truth, don’t lie!” Xiao He demanded with glistening eyes. The outer clan disciple was soon dazed and confused, obviously having slipped into a simple illusion.

Xia Xishuang, who was at the side, subconsciously tried to stop him, but at this moment, the outer clan disciple smiled reverently.

“Successor… The successor is a really good person. When we outer clan disciples suffer, he is the first to bear the brunt and share weal and woe with us without complaint. He encourages and comforts us.

“The successor… He’s my role model, someone who always guides me.”

Hearing these words, the light in Xiao He’s eyes disappeared, and her expression became complicated, as if she began to doubt life.

‘Could it be that there is really a perfect and flawless gentleman in this world?’

Xia Xishuang was smiling more and more brilliantly, certain of her judgment in people.

Thinking about what this outer clan disciple just said, her eyes were full of tenderness.

“Chen Chen… He’s pretty silly and adorable. I wonder how he is now.”

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