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Chapter 177: Chapter 177: Golden Divine Thunder

Chen Chen did not say a word. After a few months of growth, he thought he had matured a lot.


A thunderbolt fell from the sky and blasted onto the lightning shield which was made of an incomparably divine material. When the thunderbolt struck the tip of the tower, it was divided by a strange force. It turned from a thick thunderbolt into three tiny thunderbolts which eventually blasted on Chen Chen.

Chen Chen pulled himself together with a trace of joy in his eyes.

The heavy blow was divided into three ordinary attacks by the Lightning Shield, thus allowing him to suffer a smaller impact.

If there were a thousand of the tiny thunders just now, the sheer number would not be able to break his defense, but the large undivided thunderbolt might hurt him a little.

“It’s really a divine artifact for transcending a tribulation!”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart, and his confidence increased as he subconsciously wanted to point his finger to the sky, but he held it back.

After all, he was ready to start a family, so he could not be too frivolous.

The first Thunder Tribulation was just an appetizer, and the subsequent thunderbolts became more and more powerful. However, no matter how strong they were, they were all split into three by the Lightning Shield and had their power greatly weakened. Chen Chen resisted the thunderbolt with ease, coupled with the large number of recovery treasures that he had prepared.

On the other hand, Xia Xishuang had already lived in the compound where Chen Chen lived before on the main peak of Tianyun Clan.

She eventually couldn’t resist sneaking a glance at Chen Chen’s parents.

“Senior Sister, the successor of the Tianyun Clan is certainly excellent, but his status is somewhat inferior. Master may not agree.”

Xiao He said with some concern in the courtyard.

Xia Xishuang smiled and did not say anything but she thought, ‘Junior Sister always gets up to these nonsensical thoughts.’

‘Will Master agree to this? But we’re barely there.’

‘Chen Chen may not even like me, so it’s too early to think about gaining Master’s approval.’

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but feel a trace of sadness in her heart. Even so, she didn’t show it on her face. She merely said calmly, “How long have I known the successor of the Tianyun Clan? He and I are just ordinary friends. There is no other relationship.”

Xiao He was speechless after hearing those words. ‘Fine, Senior Sister is so impressive. Yet, she’s developed an inferiority complex. Heaven must be blind.’

“Senior Sister… Many female disciples of the Tianyun Clan are interested in him. If you don’t claim him early on, I am afraid that an accident will happen. After all, we all know that a good man is not to be shared.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. When you go out, you should pay even more attention and be careful not to talk nonsense, lest you tarnish Chen Chen’s reputation.” Xia Xishuang raised her eyebrows slightly, and her tone became serious.

‘Ruined Chen Chen’s reputation…’

Xiao He was silent and speechless, feeling that her Senior Sister was completely hopeless.


At this moment, the bell of the Tianyun Clan rang!

Hearing this sound, Xia Xishuang subconsciously looked in the direction of the Tianyun Clan, only to see the distant dark clouds in the sky. A large group of demons hidden in the dark clouds was rushing towards the Tianyun Clan.

Seeing this scene, Xia Xishuang was thankful she had, fortunately, come early. Otherwise, the Tianyun Clan might be ransacked.

Two hours passed.

Chen Chen was still sitting cross-legged in the Lightning Shield. Since the Thunder Tribulation, he had received no less than hundreds of thunderbolts, but they had only damaged his clothes and did not hurt his body.

That made the corners of his mouth curl up slightly, and he couldn’t help but feel smug.

“I was wondering how impressive the Nascent Soul realm tribulation would be, but it seems this is everything. Heaven, it seems that you can only run out of tricks under my Lightning Shield.”

Although that was what he thought in his heart, Chen Chen’s eyes were full of gratitude when he looked at the Tribulation Cloud.

“Thank you, Lord, for your mercy, I will continue to be a good person in the future! I will live up to your love and expectations of me!”

As soon as he said that, the Tribulation Cloud suddenly converged together, followed by another Heavenly Thunder.

This Heavenly Thunder was different from the previous one, as it was mixed with a little gold. Before it fell on the Lightning Shield, Chen Chen felt the descent of the terrifying and unparalleled pressure! It was as if the sky had collapsed!

The mountain, where he was, also began to crumble under the terrifying pressure of the Heavenly Thunder that day.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s pupils suddenly narrowed, and he became extremely alert!

In the next second, the thunderbolt was blasted on the Lightning Shield, and as usual, it split into three thunderbolts that landed on Chen Chen.

However, Chen Chen’s body stiffened, and his expression changed drastically. He subconsciously wanted to say something, but he simply exhaled a large mouthful of black smoke mixed with a huge mass of broken pieces of internal organs.

At this moment, he felt strong, destructive fluctuations rampaging in his body. The crazy destructive power of this force was several times stronger than the one that the Immortal Demonic Phoenix had!


Chen Chen hurriedly took out a vial of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite and swallowed it.

The vitality of the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite soon resisted the destructive force within his body, each getting rid of a trace of destructive force. The amount of vitality consumed was massive, and it was already enough to make his limbs regrow once.

When Chen Chen was feeling that, the corners of his eyes could not stop twitching.

‘What the hell is this thunderbolt? It’s more than ten times stronger than the previous one!’ It was not a matter of the amount of energy but a fundamental change in the properties of the energy.

When the destructive fluctuations were all dispelled, Chen Chen felt something bizarre and subconsciously activated the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique, only to find that there was surprisingly a trace of golden thunder in his body.

Due to his lack of elixir field, the golden thunder and his spiritual energy surged together along the meridian.

Having noticed this, Chen Chen was startled, and he hurriedly pointed a finger into the distance, after which the golden thunder immediately shot out into the distance along with the spiritual energy.


A few moments later, there was suddenly a loud explosion that came from afar. Chen Chen looked over, only to see that a mountain tip had disappeared without a trace thousands of meters away.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen could not help but recall the words of his master, Xiao Wuyou.

“In order to make the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique stronger, you must draw heavenly thunder into your body and turn mortal thunder into heavenly thunder.”

‘Now… This golden thunder has gone beyond the realm of Heavenly Thunder and can be called a true Divine Thunder!’

Chen Chen’s current cultivation level was not too low, but if he used an ordinary thunderbolt to attack the mountain peak thousands of meters away, it would very likely dissipate before the thunderbolt reached it.

However, the golden thunderbolt…

After flying for thousands of meters, the power had still yet to dissipate, and instead, it even blasted the mountain…

If he could use the thunderbolt for himself, the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique was as its name implied.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen was moved, and he gritted his teeth while looking at the terrifying golden thunderbolt above his head. He had to use all his power to resist it, or he might really be blasted to death right on the spot.

Without further hesitation, he swallowed the pills left behind by the legacy.

The pill was called the Tribulation Transcendence Pill. After swallowing it, one’s body resistance to thunderbolt will be doubled. That was something that he had long confirmed with the system.

In the next second, another thunderbolt fell from the sky. Its golden color had become richer while its powerful destructive fluctuations shortened the entire mountain by a section.

Although the golden thunderbolt was split into three, the destructive fluctuations quickly converged when they touched Chen Chen’s body.

He had to swallow a massive number of treasures before offsetting the destructive fluctuations. In his meridian, three more golden thunderbolts appeared and surged along the meridians throughout his body.

“These three thunderbolts will probably kill three Nascent Soul realm cultivators…”

Chen Chen sighed. At this moment, his strength should have already surpassed his master’s.

He had seen the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique before, and he felt that he definitely wouldn’t be able to resist the Golden Divine Thunder.

“When we get back to the State of Jin, I have to spar with Master, so he knows my strength, hehehe!” Chen Chen thought with a sinister smile.

At this moment, another golden thunderbolt fell. It was much stronger than the previous two.

Chen Chen’s expression changed, and he hurriedly tried his best to resist!

Two hours later, the Thunder Tribulation in the sky finally dissipated completely, and hundreds of golden thunderbolts had already accumulated in Chen Chen’s body!

“Haha, with these hundreds of Divine Thunderbolts in my body, no one under the Essence Soul realm will be my opponent. When I return to the State of Jin, I will be the top expert!”

Chen Chen stood up and laughed delusionally.

Although most of his treasures had already been consumed, he thought that it would be quite worth it if he could exchange them for supreme combat power.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Chen felt his body metamorphosing, and a tinge of Nascent Soul realm aura slowly appeared.

However, in the next moment, his expression changed while he looked up into the sky.

He saw that the Tribulation Cloud that had just dissipated had suddenly converged again, and this time, it was even more powerful than before! Under the unbridled tumbling, it seemed even more vigorous.

“Hah, don’t blame me for this, you asked for it!”

Looking at the dense Tribulation Clouds in the sky, the smile on Chen Chen’s face instantly froze.

Having just experienced the Thunder Tribulation, he had yet to fully step into the Nascent Soul realm, but if the body refinement tribulation came again…

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