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Chapter 174: Chapter 174: All Mine

Seeing the nearly 100 opportunities, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

This time, he had to find something that could help him break through the Nascent Soul realm. At the same time, he also needed to search for something he could rely on to successfully pass the tribulation of the Nascent Soul realm.

To be honest, his Golden Core realm tribulation was already terrifying enough, and he really couldn’t imagine what the Nascent Soul realm tribulation would be like. If he didn’t have enough resources and various top heavenly treasures to protect his body, he might really be struck dead by the Thunder Tribulation.

The only thing to be thankful for was that heaven might be kinder to him on account that he hadn’t done anything heinous recently.

“Lao Hei, go 200 kilometers towards the southwest.”


After receiving Chen Chen’s instructions, Lao Hei immediately issued orders to the group of demons.

It didn’t take long for the demons to travel the distance of 200 kilometers. Soon, they gathered on top of a certain earthen hill.


Lao Hei ordered with a wave of his spoon.

The demons did not say anything and began to show their skills. They soon dug out a large tomb.

Seeing this scene, all the demons looked at Lao Hei with an adoring gaze in their eyes.

Lao Hei was merely an earth pig, and yet, he had the ability to accomplish such great things. He was indeed very capable. None of them, including the dog spirits, had detected anything underground.

“Dig all those things out. If anyone dares to hide the items, don’t blame me for being hostile.”

Lao Hei had gradually gotten used to his identity, and he could now speak smoothly without Chen Chen’s instructions.

A few moments later, the demons dug out a coffin, and the dog-headed advisor stared straight at the demons that were touching the coffin, like the most loyal guards who had their guards up at all times.

Witnessing this, Lao Hei was touched, and he secretly raised the status of the dog spirit to that above the four generals, second only to him.

The coffin was then opened, revealing a corpse. The dog spirit immediately grabbed the storage ring beside the corpse and then handed it to Lao Hei.

Lao Hei took the storage ring, looked at the leader of the dog spirits, only to feel that the dog spirit seemed to be different from before. He wondered if he had cleaned up halfway.

He subconsciously reached his hoof out to touch his head. As expected, it was soft to touch and was slightly softer than Chen Chen’s head.

Seeing this, the dog spirit smiled deferentially while the two demons made eye contact. They could tell from each other’s eyes that they were touched.

The situation afterwards was similar to this as the demons gradually respected Lao Hei more and more.

Although the big head had been taken away by Lao Hei, they also drank a lot of soup which was enough for them to fight for decades in the demon frontier.

The demons with poorer pedigree were very simple-minded. They would be loyal to anyone who was strong and would bring them benefits.

Previously, they were scared of Lao Hei because of his power and authority, but they were now genuinely loyal to him.

Half a day later.

Lao Hei walked towards a spiritual mountain alone.

As soon as he entered the mountain, Chen Chen jumped out, and with the system’s guidance, he quickly found a huge jade stone.

The jade stone was chipped off the surface with the Omni Divine Blade, and the inside shone with a dazzling white light.

It was a crystal that was flawlessly white and crystalline.

“Heavenly Divine Gold…”

Chen Chen gently caressed the crystal with excitement in his eyes.

The Heavenly Divine Gold was one of the Ten Great Divine Gold, and its ability to conduct spiritual energy ranked first among all metals. It could even conduct more spiritual energy than the user can infuse.

That meant that a divine weapon forged by a Core Formation realm cultivator could launch strikes that were at the Nascent Soul realm. It was the unconventional and heaven-defying property that gave it its status as a Divine Gold.

It belonged to the same category as the Omni Divine Gold and Indestructible Divine Gold

“This treasure is mine now.”

Chen Chen chuckled and put the Heavenly Divine Gold into his storage ring before ducking into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Lao Hei was now out in the open and running errands for him. Hence, he could stay inside comfortably.

“Chen Chen, I am now in the western border of the human race, but in a few days, I will be transferred to Jin, and from then on, I will always be on guard there until the demons are completely expelled. Are you…safe now?”

In the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, Chen Chen looked at Xia Xishuang’s transmission token with some warmth in his heart.

He immediately replied, “I’m very safe, don’t worry, don’t miss me. Be mindful of your own safety too. You and I will meet again in Jin after some time.”

Putting away the transmission token, Chen Chen started calculating in his head.

To be honest, his current strength was weaker than Xia Xishuang, but things might change after he breaks through the Nascent Soul realm.

He could only talk to her as an equal when his cultivation level was about the same as hers. Otherwise, others might think that he was sponging off her.

Chen Chen was not the type to sponge off women.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen was even more eager to step into the Nascent Soul realm. Hence, he urged Lao Hei, “Lao Hei, press on! The pinnacle of life is ahead of us!”

In the blink of an eye, the group of demons came within the boundaries of a certain cave and blessed land.

There was once a human sect here, but all the disciples had already parted ways, and all that was left were several dilapidated buildings.

In addition, there was also a group of demons stationed here, but the strongest was only at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul realm.

Seeing this, Lao Hei naturally showed his prowess and thus gained many more subordinates.

“Fly to the right. Similarly, only you and I can enter this place.” Chen Chen instructed in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Lao Hei nodded after hearing his words and told the demons to stay where they were before following Chen Chen’s guidance and entering the mountain.

Soon, Lao Hei arrived in front of a giant waterfall, in the middle of which there was vaguely a large cave. However, there were strong restrictions placed on it.

The restrictions naturally couldn’t stop Chen Chen. As soon as Green Bean was released, Chen Chen soon entered the cave.

The cave was dazzling, and there were all sorts of pills placed neatly. Apart from that, there were also lots of treasures, of which none was of inferior quality.

“The cave left behind by Void Refinement realm powerhouses…”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart when he saw that.

The sect located here should have found this cave, but unfortunately, they were unable to break the restrictions. Hence, they could only watch him take advantage.

The deeper Chen Chen delved, the more amazed he was. Although the scale of the things inside was not as good as the treasure vault of the Wuxin Clan, they were all finely made, and their value was far from what the treasures of the Wuxin Clan could compare to.

There were even many treasures like the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, and Chen Chen wondered what kind of accident it was that made them give up on such a precious cave…

Chen Chen walked while collecting the treasures, and after a few moments, he reached the deepest part of the cave.

The arrangement of things in the deepest area was very simple, with only one bed, a table, and two chairs. In addition, there were also two puppets of the same size as a person, standing on both sides of the bed.

Looking at the skull that was hanging head low, they knew that it had obviously exhausted all the spiritual power.

“I don’t know what kind of puppet this is…”

Chen Chen did not dare to directly toss Spirit Stones into the puppet, in case it was one that would fight and slap him to death. If that happened, he would not even have time to cry.

After thinking about it, he placed both puppets into the storage ring.

As for the beds, tables and chairs, wooden frames, and other objects that were made of old spiritual wood, they were all moved into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

With these few things, the Little Carefree Immortal Palace’s splendor was instantly increased by multiple notches, and the spiritual energy in the entire space was also several times denser.

After scavenging for a while, Chen Chen was ready to leave, but in order to make sure the place had been emptied, he decided to ask the system.

“System, is there anything valuable nearby?”

“Yes, there is a treasure chest 12 meters underground in front.”

Hearing this prompt, Chen Chen immediately returned to the location where the original bed was located, and a moment later, he discovered a certain mechanism. He then opened a particular spiritual brick.

There was indeed a treasure chest hidden under the spiritual brick.

Now that Zhang Ji was gone, Chen Chen could only do it himself. After taking a breath, he gently opened the treasure chest.

The light shone brightly, and there were ripples.

Chen Chen saw a set of full-body battle armor that was exuding astonishing fluctuations, folded and placed neatly in the treasure chest.

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