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Chapter 173: Chapter 173: Chasing for 5,000 Kilometers

Two hours passed.

Lao Hei flew in the front of the big spoon that the Omni Divine Blade had turned into.

He was quite satisfied with the shape of the weapon. Although Chen Chen was a jerk, he understood Lao Hei well and knew what kind of weapon it would like.

As for the previous cave, it was naturally abandoned. After all, according to Chen Chen’s plan, they were going to return to the State of Jin.

The demons also had no opinion either. To them, being an underling in Great Xia or a subordinate in a small country was all the same. Anyway, with their current strength, they were destined to be underlings wherever they went.

After following the demons, Chen Chen finally had time to look at the situation along the way.

The situation can only be described as tragic. Many cities were burned or ruined, and numerous people had died.

Some demonic beasts gnawed at the bones, their eyes filled with a bloodthirsty gaze.

Looking down the road, Chen Chen’s heart became heavier and heavier. After a soft sigh, he took out several communication tokens from his storage ring and spread the news that he had come out safely.

“Disciple, we have returned to the Tianyun Clan, and I’ve also accommodated your parents. Now, all the powerhouses of the State of Jin have gathered in the Tianyun Clan. Don’t worry, you don’t need to rush back either. When you’re outside, prioritize your own safety first.”

Xiao Wuyou quickly delivered the message, but apart from him, the owners of the other few tokens were unresponsive.

A moment later, Xiao Wuyou seemed to remember something and sent another message via the token.

“Disciple, on the way back to the State of Jin, your brother Zhang Ji was taken by a certain demon ruler of the Seven Lethal Demon Clan. Unsurprisingly, he has now joined the Seven Lethal Demon Clan.”

Seeing this message, Chen Chen was speechless, and after a moment, he finally smiled in relief.

Zhang Ji had finally found his own path.

The Seven Lethal Demon Clan was guarding the southern border and was also one of the four great clans of the human race. If Zhang Ji could join the Seven Lethal Demon Clan, he would definitely soar high.

‘I wonder what things will be like the next time we meet. I hope that by that time, he will also have become a powerful person.’

After thinking about it, Chen Chen asked another question. “Master, how is the situation of the two nations today?”

“Within the two nations, there are now two Essence Soul realm demonic cultivators. Actually, it’s quite a shame. These two Essence Soul realm demonic cultivators are now being held back by the stronger ones of the Demon Clan. The cultivators of the State of Jin barely contributed much.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen’s pupils narrowed, and he asked, “Has the Demon Clan Master Zhou Renlong gotten out of the trap?”

Except for this reason, Chen Chen really can’t think of what the Demon Clan could use to hold back the two Essence Soul realm demons.

“Get out of the trap? Has he been trapped all this time? No wonder he never made a move.”

Chen Chen didn’t ask any more questions but took out another communication token that was almost collecting dust.

“Clan Master, I just came out of seclusion and heard that both the State of Zhou and the State of Jin have been captured by the demon race. Is that true?”

“Zhang Chen, you just came out of seclusion!?! Something terrible has happened outside! The demons have attacked the human race, do you know that? I’ve slaughtered thousands of demons!”

“What about the chains?”

“I can break free from those chains at any time. Now that the Great Xia has lost, am I supposed to wait for death instead of coming out?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was at a loss for words for an argument.

“Do you need me to go back and help then?”

“It’s up to you, I don’t have time for nonsense with you, goodbye!”

Chen Chen put the transmission token away. Zhou Renlong had just broken free a short while ago and was clearly still ecstatic. However, he generally understood the situation of the State of Zhou and the State of Jin today.

However, now that there were two Essence Soul realm demonic cultivators, the future was unknown.

If he brought those nobodies back, there wouldn’t be much of a use for them.

Besides, he still had one wide-range tracking opportunity, and it would be a waste if he used it in the State of Zhou and the State of Jin.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen immediately changed his mind and then spoke to Lao Hei.

Lao Hei immediately stopped and said to the crowd of demons, “I have changed my mind, and I’ve decided to develop in the Great Xia for a period of time before going to those small nations, so as to ensure that I remain as the hegemon!”

The demons had no choice but to comply with the order. The black pig was seriously too strong. If he tried to defy the order, he would have to be hit by the spoon.

There were a lot of renowned mountains and rivers within the scope of the Great Xia, and the group of demons soon found a good mountain to occupy and settle down in.

Lao Hei called himself the king of black pigs and inserted a flag in the mountain while the other four early Nascent Soul realm demons were conferred as generals. Apart from that, he also roped in a peak Core Formation realm dog spirit as the military advisor.

The dog spirit was given credit too as it contributed an extremely detailed map of Great Xia.

“Great King, the mountain we are on is in the central region of Grand Xia. There used to be five or six clans nearby. If we go and scavenge, we might be able to harvest a lot.”

The dog spirit relayed the words with a subservient face, pointing to several mountains on the map. Having just become a military advisor, it certainly wanted to show its wisdom.

Lao Hei did not say anything, but he waited for Chen Chen’s instructions, and a moment later, it pointed to a special mark on the map and asked, “Where is this?”

Seeing this, the dog spirit mocked with a look of contempt, “This is the ascension platform set up by the human race. It was built to show that someone had ascended here. The human race really likes getting up to fancy stuff. Why do they have to go to the lengths of building a platform to commemorate something as minor as ascension?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen jumped out directly and looked at the map.

There were six ascension platforms in the Great Xia territory, which meant that there were six powerful people who ascended in the Great Xia.

Chen Chen carefully studied the location of the six ascension platforms and soon found a node between them.

All six ascension platforms seemed to have formed a radius of 5,000 miles with the node as the center.

The place where powerhouses ascended must be a place that they were familiar with. If he used the system to track using that node as the center, he may be able to track the most things.

Ordinary opportunities were pointless to him now, and he needed a great chance that would bring him a qualitative change.

The dog spirit at the side looked at Chen Chen with an envious gaze, thinking about when he could get a human pet and rub his soft head.

Before it could ponder deeply, Chen Chen pressed his hand to its head and began to rub it incessantly before smacking it hard.

“It’s here!”

Despite being furious, the dog spirit dared not say anything.

As the saying goes, one should consider the identity of the master before hitting the dog. He couldn’t afford to offend the human pet of the black pig.

After settling on a location, Chen Chen took the initiative to return to the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

The dog spirit was quite vigilant, and it thought that the human pet seemed to have given Lao Hei a major suggestion, making it feel threatened.

Just when it wanted to say a few words to emphasize its presence, Lao Hei had already pointed to the position set by the human pet, and said loudly, “Gather half of your men and follow me to this place. For the others, stay here to guard the place!”

The dog spirit had no choice but to run out and gather all the demons.

Half a day later.

Lao Hei came to the place marked by Chen Chen with dozens of demons.

It was a desolate place with not a single soul inside. The spiritual energy was scarce too as the demons looked at each other, unsure of what Lao Hei brought them there for.

On the other hand, Chen Chen, who was in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, had already started to use the system.

“System, use that 5,000 kilometers tracking opportunity to find out what great opportunities there are within these 5,000 kilometers.”

Chen Chen deliberately used an extensive word. The area of a 5,000-kilometer-radius was not small, and if he wanted all opportunities, the system might overload and explode.

“200 kilometers in the southwest direction, there is a tomb of an Essence Soul realm powerhouse, which contains all his fortune.”

“450 kilometers in the northeast direction, at the bottom of the Great Swamp, there is a Soul-Purifying Divine Spring.”

“1,000 kilometers to the northwest, in the mountain of the Spirit Mountain, there is a piece of Heavenly Divine Gold.”

“In the middle of the dense forest 2,000 kilometers due west, there is a Psychic Spiritual Fruit.”

“4,000 kilometers due north, there is a cave left behind by a Void Refinement realm powerhouse.”

“4,750 kilometers underground in the southeast direction, there is a relic of someone who failed to ascend.”

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