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Chapter 166: Chapter 166: Borrow Me Your Sword

“What a domineering water-attribute power! What is that thing?”

You Ruoshui, the Clan Master of the Youshui Clan muttered to herself with glistening eyes.

She cultivated water-attribute techniques and was naturally extremely sensitive to water-attribute power.

However, among the 36 clans, the Black Tortoise Clan was still the best at cultivating water-attribute spiritual power. However, the members of the Black Tortoise Clan had gone to support other cities, otherwise they might be able to identify what Chen Chen had in his hands.

Chen Chen also became surprised when he looked at Green Bean’s small head. He initially just hoped that Green Bean could slightly resist the flames of the phoenix but he never thought that Green Bean would be able to provide him with so much help!

“You’re really worthy of being a divine beast. Even if your cultivation level has not yet broken through the Nascent Soul realm, you’re still so domineering and strong! Good job, Green Bean!”

Chen Chen sighed and flew away from the city wall with Green Bean. In no time, he made great distance from the place where Yuan Qingtian was laying.

However, during this process, the black torrent and the flames of the Demonic Phoenix were still colliding without stopping.

Seeing that its flames were showing signs of being on the verge of extinguishing, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix’s eyes were full of uncertainty.

The energy contained in the torrent was much less than that of the phoenix’s flames, but it was much purer than the latter.

However, the fire of the Demonic Phoenix already contained pure fire energy, a very rare substance in this world. What kind of energy could be purer than the Demonic Phoenix fire?

Looking at the tiny green turtle head, a term quickly appeared in the Immortal Demonic Phoenix’s mind.

Black Tortoise Water!

‘Is that tiny thing a close relative of the Black Tortoise lineage, or actually a Black Tortoise?’

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix Clan was definitely powerful but in fact, it was only a distant relative of the divine beast, the Vermilion Bird. Hence, it contained only a wisp of the genetics of the divine beast.

It was still two grades short of being a divine beast.

“This beast is being used by the human race, I must kill it! Otherwise, it will become a big problem!”

With that thought in mind, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix directly broke free from the crowd of Nascent Soul realm cultivators and stopped spewing flames. It then dodged the black torrent and shot towards Chen Chen!

At this moment, it had completely forgotten about the State of Zhou Demon Clan cultivators in the Twelfth City as its focus was entirely on the little turtle.

Feeling the terrifying aura of the Immortal Demonic Phoenix, Chen Chen retreated while releasing some Sword Qi to stop it from getting close.

Although the Omni Divine Blade definitely contained cold and massive power, its quality was definitely no match for the Demonic Phoenix fire.

At the end of the day, the frosty energy was just an attribute of the Omni Divine Blade, and the Spirit Gold that gave it its frostiness was not much of a precious treasure. It was at least far from the level of the Omni Divine Gold.

Seeing that the Demonic Phoenix was about to rush towards Chen Chen, Green Bean jumped onto Chen Chen’s shoulders and spat out a mouthful of black torrent to blast the Demonic Phoenix backward.

Together, they managed to block the Immortal Demonic Phoenix that was in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm.

At this moment, Chen Chen could only lament about the importance of cultivation level.

Even though Green Bean was restraining the Immortal Demonic Phoenix, neither Chen Chen nor Green Bean had reached the Nascent Soul realm. Besides, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix itself was also incredibly talented and strong. Hence, Chen Chen and Green Bean had no choice but to remain restrained against the ground.

However, this scene gave the Demon Clan and the cultivators from the State of Jin a great fright.

Just now, three Nascent Soul realm cultivators from the Demon Clan attacked the Immortal Demonic Phoenix, and all of them were severely injured. Yet, the successor of the Tianyun Clan managed to resist the Immortal Demonic Phoenix alone. Didn’t that mean that he himself was equal to three Nascent Soul realm cultivators!?!

Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

Many people were shocked by the conclusion that they had come to after some strange calculations, and began to look at Chen Chen, who was slightly distressed in the air, with shock in their eyes.

‘This guy is a Core Formation realm cultivator?’

However, a few Nascent Soul realm cultivators from the Demon Clan were nice enough to go over and provide Chen Chen support when they saw that he seemed to be unable to withstand any longer.

However, before they could join the battle, many streams of light instantly arrived from the distant sky!

Simultaneously, a shocking string of Sword Qi that spanned across dozens of meters appeared in the sky and slashed towards the phoenix!

When the Immortal Demonic Phoenix saw the Sword Qi, it panicked a little as its wings vibrated vigorously, allowing it to dodge the slash by a close shave. However, even then, some of the Sword Qi brushed past the Immortal Demonic Phoenix, causing its body to grow a little worn out.

The crowd was a bit bewildered by this sudden scene, and only after a moment did they see a woman dressed in a white flowing robe with a longsword on her back. She appeared in front of the successor of the Tianyun Clan to shield him.

Xia Xishuang looked at Chen Chen while her pretty eyelashes twitched slightly, and her eyes were filled with a somewhat complicated gaze.

She was the one who brought the group of cultivators from the State of Jin into the fight. Hence, she was naturally aware of the feud between the State of Jin and the State of Zhou Demon Clan. Before she arrived, she even warned a certain disciple of the Demon Clan who made harsh comments.

Who would have thought that the first person to provide aid when something went wrong in the Twelfth City, which was guarded by the State of Zhou Demon Clan, would be someone from the State of Jin!

The person who resisted the Immortal Demonic Phoenix was surprisingly Chen Chen, a Core Formation realm cultivator…

Was there really such a noble person in this world?

When righteousness is at stake, he was willing to risk his life, even for the sake of his former enemy…

‘He’s so noble! No wonder he has such a lofty sword!’

Xia Xishuang was touched and even developed some feelings of admiration towards Chen Chen.

To be honest, she was a first-generation elite and there were only a few people who could gain her admiration. Chen Chen was the first person with a lower cultivation level than her, whom she admired!

“Master said that all men are trash, but now it seems that is not quite true.”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but ask with concern, “Fellow Daoist, are you injured?”

“I’m fine.” Chen Chen replied with a smile as he forced himself to endure the sharp pain of being burned.

“Good to hear.”

Xia Xishuang smiled and turned around. With a wave of her hand, dozens of waves of Sword Qi shot out, blasting the Immortal Demonic Phoenix that was trying to take advantage of the situation.

Looking at Xia Xishuang who was not far away, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix grew full of resentment.

Of course it knew Xia Xishuang, a famous elite among the humans!

Although Xia Xishuang was a Nascent Soul realm cultivator, those of her cultivation level did not dare to offend her because the Breaking Dawn Sword on her back was too terrifying.

The sheath was made using divine wood and the secret technique of the Haoran Sword Clan. The sword had not been unsheathed for seventeen years, and once it had, it would definitely dart out with astonishing power. Even an Essence Soul realm cultivator may not be able to block it!

Who would dare to provoke such a terrifying woman?

Just when the phoenix hesitated to retreat, Xia Xishuang said to Chen Chen, “Fellow Daoist, your sword is a gentleman’s sword and it has been acknowledged by the Breaking Dawn Sword. Hence, it has made an exception to let me touch it. May I… borrow it?”

After she spoke, Xia Xishuang’s eyes became filled with an expectant gaze.

Despite being a fan of swords, she hadn’t actually touched swords much in her life.

It was all because she was waiting for the day of the emergence of the Breaking Dawn Sword so that she could enter the realm where she became one with the sword and advance to the Essence Soul realm. Such was also the clan’s expectation for her.

However, the Breaking Dawn Sword actually allowed her to use another sword today, which was simply a pleasant surprise for her. However, she was aloof by nature and did not show too much excitement.

“My sword… has a strange and angsty temper.”

Chen Chen felt a little embarrassed because he didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if the Omni Divine Blade suddenly turned into a machete in Xia Xishuang’s hands. It could ruin his image immediately.

“It’s alright, I believe your sword won’t hurt me.” Xia Xishuang said with a smile.

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix not far behind her had already made up its mind at this moment and flew directly towards the depths of the miasma, looking as if it wanted to escape.

“Omni Divine Blade, if you mess with me today, I’ll soak you in a pit of feces for three days and three nights!”

Seeing this, Chen Chen secretly warned the Omni Divine Blade before tossing it to Xia Xishuang.

Xia Xishang took the Omni Divine Blade as shocking sword intent immediately appeared around the sword. However, in an instant, the powerful Sword Qi suppressed the frostiness.

Looking at the sharpness of the Omni Divine Blade in her hand, there was some tenderness in Xia Xishuang’s eyes. Coupled with her pretty face, she looked extremely beautiful under the moonlight. It was simply an unbearable sight. She then waved her sword at the Immortal Demonic Phoenix.

There was no astounding Sword Qi nor majestic spiritual power, but the Immortal Demonic Phoenix that had flown more than five kilometers away suddenly broke its wings!

“Xia Xishuang! Just you wait!”

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix cried miserably in the distance before struggling while escaping with one wing fluttering.

Chen Chen secretly cursed in his heart.

“This damned Omni Divine Blade is a traitor. How is it so powerful in my hand?”

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