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Chapter 167: Chapter 167: The Friendship of Gentlemen Are Calm

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Fifteen minutes passed.

The calmness in the Twelfth City had been restored, but the ruined walls were a constant evidence of the intensity of the previous battle.

“You don’t have to dwell on this. After all, you are not specialized in Sword Dao and I’m an innate spirit body. I’m born with affinity to these divine weapons, which is why it has such power.”

Xia Xishuang explained while handing the Omni Divine Blade to Chen Chen.

The Omni Divine Blade immediately made a pleasant sound in joy, as if to show that it was not being a traitor.

Chen Chen knew that Xia Xishuang had noticed the change in his expression and immediately smiled.

“I didn’t think otherwise, but my sword is usually as upright as I am and it cannot tolerate any imperfection. Hence, anyone with a little bit of evil thoughts cannot get close to it. It seems that you and I are the same.”

Xia Xishuang smiled after hearing that but her face was slightly red.

A few moments later, she talked about the Breaking Dawn Sword.

Chen Chen had an epiphany after hearing her words. Initially, he thought Xia Xishuang was just boasting and claiming that her enemies were not worthy of her sword when she was actually just incompetent and didn’t want to use her sword.

Now it seems that he thought wrong.

Indeed, the impressive sword was not refined using a normal method. It required some fancy means.

Xia Xishuang also explained why she didn’t chase after the Immortal Demonic Phoenix.

It turned out that the Immortal Demonic Phoenix had left behind its immortal spark within the clan. Even if it died outside, it could be reborn in nirvana.

Only when the strength reaches a certain level will the spark be swallowed and become one with itself.

Xia Xishuang was slightly relieved to see that Chen Chen had understood.

However, in the next moment, she realized that there was something off about her mood today.

In the past, she would have never given an explanation to others.

However, today… she seemed to have been a little worried that this person in front of her would think that she was unreliable.

Xia Xishuang shook her head slightly, dispelled the distracting thoughts in her mind, and said to Chen Chen, “This matter has been settled. I’m going back to the Haoran Sword Clan, see you later if fate allows. Goodbye!”

“See you,” Chen Chen answered calmly.

Xia Xishuang nodded in greeting and turned to leave, but after turning back, the corners of her mouth curled into a smile.

The trip here today put her in an extremely good mood.

“Friendship between upright people is as mild as water, that’s probably what it means.”

Looking at Xia Xishuang’s distant back, Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

Both of them were upright people and hence, their interaction was simple and straightforward without any schemes.

“System, who is the gentleman with the highest integrity nearby?”

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was around, Chen Chen asked calmly in his head.

“There is no such being in the vicinity.”

“Screw you!”

Two hours later, Chen Chen led the State of Jin cultivators to prepare to return to the Sixteenth City.

Before they left, a group of Demon Clan cultivators behaved arrogantly again while giving things and saying something about how they must continue to be enemies when they return to the State of Zhou in the future, so as not to forget their rationale and so on.

Chen Chen left the Twelfth City with a lot more equipment and various puppets for defending the city in addition to numerous poisons that were meant for subduing demons, in his storage ring.

As long as he didn’t encounter an existence like the Immortal Demonic Phoenix, these things are definitely good weapons for defending the city.

However, after getting these things, Chen Chen did not feel happy.

In the past, he always thought of catching up with his master Xiao Wuyou in terms of strength, but now he had a new goal which made him even more eager to become stronger.

“Master, is there a secret technique or something in the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique?”

Chen Chen suddenly asked while flying.

To be honest, the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique was a little weak to him. Although it could be used for killing, a strike of the sword would be fatal.

Using a sword would consume lesser spiritual power too.

Xiao Wuyou smiled and naturally understood what Chen Chen was thinking. He sighed and said, “Yes, there is a way to make the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique stronger, but it is extremely difficult and dangerous.”

“Master, please tell me.”

“You have to guide the Heavenly Thunder into your body and turn mortal thunder into Heavenly Thunder. However, ordinary Qi cultivators simply cannot withstand the pain of having the Heavenly Thunder in one’s body. Maybe, their physical body will collapse. Disciple, if you want to try it, be careful.”

Chen Chen nodded and seemed to have understood.

 The next day.

Chen Chen once again left the Great Wall and went to the supply point a 50 kilometers away. After disposing of some useless things, he immediately rushed to the second ancient battlefield.

This ancient battlefield was the oldest, but it also covered the largest area, and the number of cultivators who died in the battle here was also the largest.

It took Chen Chen a whole day to finish searching this ancient battlefield.

Before leaving, Chen Chen bowed deeply to the huge stone monument at the entrance and exit of the ancient battlefield.

“Seniors of the human race, I will do as much as I can for the human race since I have taken your things. Please forgive me because you will realize that the value of these things can be maximized only when they’re in my hands!”

“So Seniors, please, don’t come to me at night!”

After saluting seriously, Chen Chen turned around and left.

On the way back, Chen Chen began to count his spoils.

Demon pills made up the majority of what he had, five or six of which were the demon pills of the Essence Soul realm. In terms of value, those five or six Essence Soul realm demon pills were worth hundreds of thousands of middle-grade Spirit Stones.

In addition, he also got a lot of storage rings.

Just when he was thinking about opening a storage ring to try his luck, a warning sign came to his mind.

After sensing carefully, he realized that a figure seemed to be secretly following him not far behind.

“Do you want to rob me?”

Chen Chen was helpless. Internal strifes were the greatest taboo in war and robbing treasures was a huge taboo. Once discovered, even the clans to which they belong will be severely punished.

In such a situation, there were actually still people who dared to take such a risk?

“It seems to be a Nascent Soul realm cultivator. After being out for so long, someone is finally going to rob me.”

After sensing for a while more, Chen Chen suddenly stopped and turned around directly.

“Senior, what are you doing following me?”

As soon as he said that, a kind-looking elder appeared among the clouds.

The old man looked at Chen Chen and slowly approached him. He then said with a smile, “Little friend, if I had sensed correctly, you just obtained a Essence Soul realm demo pill on the ancient battlefield. Can you let me have it instead? I’m willing to pay a high price for it.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

He had gotten several Demon Pills but they were all inconspicuous-looking on the surface so without the system, he would never be able to find them.

The ancient battlefield had been there for so many years, and the items that could be found easily, had long been unearthed and taken away by others.

The problem was that how could that old man know that he had gotten the Essence Soul realm Demon Pill?

With that thought in mind, he became more and more wary, but he nonetheless forced a smile.

“Yes, Senior, I can sell the Essence Soul realm Demon Pill to you for 100,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones.”

Upon hearing his words, the elder laughed out loud in joy and said generously, “Sure! I’ll buy it for 100,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones!”

After saying that, he took out a storage ring from his pocket and came to Chen Chen’s side.

“Little friend, please take a careful look at the inventory. This Essence Soul realm Demon Pill is of great use to me. If I hadn’t met you, I really don’t know when I would have found such a Demon Pill.”

“This Essence Soul realm Demon Pill is useless to a Core Formation realm cultivator like me. I planned to sell it at first but since I’ve met you, it means I’m fated with you.”

Chen Chen smiled and accepted the storage ring.

The two of them were speaking harmoniously like old friends. The deal was about to be done.

However, the situation suddenly changed the moment Chen Chen took out the storage ring!

The smile on the benevolent-looking old man suddenly turned into a menacing expression. The more terrifying thing was that his hand immediately turned into a tentacle that wound towards Chen Chen.

Chen Chen’s expression also became ferocious as a green head popped out of his sleeve and bit down hard on the tentacle!

Half of the Nascent Soul realm elder’s face turned charred and he turned into some beast form.

Looking at the old man’s terrifying appearance, Chen Chen’s pupils constricted slightly.

He was not a real human but a rare half-demon being!

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