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Chapter 165: Chapter 165: The Great Righteousness of Humans

Chapter 165: The Great Righteousness of Humans

Spirit Cannons only had great potential if they were set up behind an array. If it was not for the Yuan Gang Formation, the cannons would be destroyed quickly by a powerful opponent unless the person controlling the Spirit Cannon was a Nascent Soul realm cultivator.

Hence, Chen Chen did not take the Spirit Cannons to the Twelfth City.

Besides, the Twelfth City had asked for help even though they were enemies. Thus, it showed that the Canopy Formation had probably also been broken, and the urgency of the situation spoke for itself!

“Master, please come with me too.”

“Okay.” Xiao Wuyou agreed.

However, in just a moment, Chen Chen took four Nascent Soul realm powerhouses and dozens of Golden Core realm cultivators towards the Great Wall and the Twelfth City as quickly as they could travel.


Thousands of kilometers ahead of the Great Wall, a large number of sword cultivators were flying on their swords above a 10,000-meter-high mountain towards the front line of the war.

The mountain was located next to the Haoran Sword Clan, one of the four great clans of the human race.

The Haoran Sword Clan had joined forces with the best cultivators from the Great Xia and resisted all the experts of the demons above the Nascent Soul realm, using the Haoran Sword Clan as the boundary.

Even if the Haoran Sword Clan was not around, any Essence Soul realm demon cultivator that scampered into the second line of defense would instantly be massacred.

At this moment, within a certain hall of the Haoran Sword Clan, a middle-aged female cultivator who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly looked in the direction of the mountain top.

She then turned to face a female disciple who was taking the lead below. “Xishuang, the Great Elder said that a Nascent Soul realm Immortal Demonic Phoenix has charged into the second line of defense and is causing a lot of trouble. Go out and handle it.”


Xia Xishuang replied as she turned around to leave.

The other disciples became full of admiration the moment they saw her back.

Logically speaking, a powerful demon clan like the Immortal Demonic Phoenix Clan should not be put into the second line of defense, but since the Immortal Demonic Phoenix Clan had now arrived at the second line of defense, they naturally had to do something.

The Haoran Sword Clan would not directly send an Essence Soul realm powerhouse over as that would be blatant bullying, which would break some kind of tacit war agreement between both parties.

The only one who could suppress the Immortal Demonic Phoenix Clan was the head of the group of disciples that had not reached the Essence Soul realm, who had an innate spirit body.

Chen Chen and the others had yet to reach the Twelfth City but they could already see the terrifying black phoenix in the sky.

Despite being several kilometers away, they could feel a burning sensation from the black flames.

By this moment, a large part of the Twelfth City had already burned to the ground, however, the Demon Clan was still fighting hard against the demons.

The master of the Puppet Division who was in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm was fighting four Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators alone.

The corpse refinement division master was only at the Major Perfection stage of the Core Formation realm but with the six corpses that were of the same cultivation level as him, he managed to hold back a Nascent Soul realm demon cultivator.

The most powerful cultivator was the master of the Demons Division whose cultivation level was at the late Nascent Soul realm. He had only one arm and one leg left, and the madness in his eyes when he fought the two late Nascent Soul realm demon cultivators made Chen Chen frightened.

Rumor had it that the Yin-Yang technique practiced by the Demons Division was to first target the Yin before turning the Yin into Yang. Chen Chen had witnessed the technique’s ferocity today.

However, even then, the Demon Clan cultivators were still at an absolute disadvantage as the black phoenix was too powerful and even in a siege, three Nascent Soul realm diabolic cultivators would not be a match for it. Already, half of the master of the Division of Illusion’s body had been turned into ashes. They were already on the brink of falling.

“Are you guys scared of this battle situation? If you are, you may return first.”

Seeing that they were about to reach the Twelfth City, Chen Chen asked in a cold voice.

“What is there to be afraid of? Kill them!”

“I’ve already sold myself, if I die, I won’t have to pay off my debts. What’s there to be afraid of?”

“Yes! I’ll profit if I die! Let those in the Demon Clan know the style of the State of Jin cultivators!”

Hearing the words of a group of State of Jin cultivators behind him, Chen Chen smiled as he hurriedly sped up!

In the next moment, he appeared above the earth dragon that was raging wildly near the city wall.

The Omni Divine Blade appeared and an icy cold light illuminated the crumbling city wall. When the Nascent Soul realm demonic beast, the Earth Dragon, appeared, it was slashed into two! All of a sudden, various types of liquid splashed everywhere. The sight was extremely revolting!

The Core Formation realm cultivators of the Demon Clan who were surrounding the Earth Dragon were dumbfounded. Looking at the familiar figure in the air, he subconsciously cried out in surprise.

“It’s Chen Chen the successor of the Tianyun Clan!”

His voice spread all over the battlefield, and only then did the Demon Clan cultivators who had been fighting continuously, notice that reinforcements had arrived. To add to the surprise, the aid was being provided by their greatest enemies, the cultivators from the State of Jin.

They had extremely complicated emotions.

At the moment when the Demon Clan master was in a trance, a dense spiritual power blasted at him but was intercepted by a thunder sword.

Upon sight of the thunderbolt sword, the master of the Demons Division looked at a handsome middle-aged man in the distance and muttered, “Xiao Wuyou…”

“Since the State of Jin cultivators have come to this battlefield to provide support, we will naturally put aside our grudges and make the humans our priority!”

Xiao Wuyou looked extremely righteous as the master of the Demons Division watched him full of amazement. Under the reflection of the thunderbolt sword, he seemed rather refined.

Chen Chen slashed the Earth Dragon into two and then turned around to take out all sorts of healing pills from his storage ring before throwing them out like they didn’t cost anything. Soon, he gave one each to the wounded Demon Clan cultivators nearby.

Even a few Nascent Soul realm diabolic cultivators in the sky had received some support.

When he saw Chen Chen, the master of the Poison Division laughed peculiarly as he spat out some blood. At this moment, he was extremely miserable and his face under the black robe was completely revealed. It was covered in poisonous sores and he looked just like a demon.

“I didn’t expect that you would really come to support us. The top elite of the State of Jin… You really deserve that title. Behind our Junior Clan Master, you deserve the second most admiration.”

However, his face changed drastically after he spoke.

The Earth Dragon behind Chen Chen was healing rapidly and it seemed to be turning into two dragons after being severed into two.

In addition, the tail of the dragon was smashing towards Chen Chen at a terrifying speed!

“Be careful!” The master of the Poison Division exclaimed in horror.

However, Chen Chen smirked and in the next second, a burst of frost power erupted from the wound that was about to heal. Next, the two halves of its body became frozen and the tail smashed against Chen Chen and stopped abruptly. It then dropped onto the ground and turned into pieces.

“This Frost Sword… I’m afraid that only Junior Clan Master’s Omni Divine Blade can contend with it. I wonder if Junior Clan Master is really dead or not…”

The division master of the Poison Division did not continue thinking about the possibility as he immediately resumed fighting.

In the sky, the master of the Division of Illusion who had swallowed the heavenly treasures given by Chen Chen began to recover at a shocking speed.

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix had also noticed Chen Chen the nobody. However, a cold gaze appeared in the phoenix’s eyes.


With a bellow, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix expanded its wings ferociously, and dozens of black flaming feathers shot towards Chen Chen.

Seeing this, Chen Chen immediately moved and managed to dodge the flaming feathers by a close sliver. However, in the process of dodging, he seemed to have stepped on a person.

He looked down, only to realize that it was Yuan Qingtian.

At this point, Yuan Qingtian’s body was covered with blood. His face was facing the ground and he had obviously lost consciousness.

“Go to hell!”

The Immortal Demonic Phoenix let out a high-pitched roar when it saw Chen Chen dodging in the sky. Immediately afterward, it spat out a line of black flames that was nearly 100 meters in length.

Under the sweeping black flames, all the Nascent Soul realm demon clan cultivators retreated. No one could fight at the forefront!

Seeing that the black line of flames were heading towards him, Chen Chen looked at Yuan Qingtian who was below him and sighed.

“On the account that you had once fought for me, I’ll save you once.”

Seconds later, Chen Chen fiercely stretched out his hand, revealing a strange stone in his palm. A small tortoise head popped out of the stone.

Looking at the black flames, Green Bean cringed and then opened its mouth to spit out some black flames that surged towards the fire!


There was a thunderous explosion!

The black torrent and the black line of flames collided between the sky and earth, emitting a startling sound of an explosion while endless black smoke suddenly rose up in the sky.

After the sounds vanished, the crowd on the battlefield saw an astonishing scene.

The black torrent in midair collided with the Demonic Phoenix and a dazzling spiritual light illuminated half of the sky!

The flames of the demon that could previously burn everything, were now resisted by the black torrent!

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