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Chapter 163: Chapter 163: Immortal Demonic Phoenix

Chapter 163: Immortal Demonic Phoenix

A few days later, Chen Chen had more than a dozen communication tokens in his storage ring, which were all given to him by the city lords of nearby cities.

Today, he arrived at the Twelfth City.

The Twelfth City was located in low-lying terrain, where the city walls were naturally shorter than other cities. Besides, there were still many battle traces on the walls, and it was obvious that there had been a tragic battle here before the State of Zhou Demon Clan was stationed there.

Not only was the Canopy Formation broken, even the city walls were affected.

Chen Chen appeared in front of the Twelfth City and was quickly noticed by a group of people from the Demon Clan.

“Jie Jie, what are you doing here? Is it that hard for you to come over and thank me?”

The Poison Division master, who was standing at the front of the city, smiled evilly with a mysterious gaze in his eyes.

“That’s naturally the case. If the seniors hadn’t intervened the other day, I might have been able to escape using some means,” Chen Chen said with a smile.

Hearing these words, the master of the Poison Division laughed out loud.

A Core Formation realm cultivator said that he could escape from five Nascent Soul realm cultivators using some means. This was the first time he had ever met such an arrogant person.

At this moment, Chen Chen suddenly tossed something over.

The master of the Poison Division grabbed it and stopped smiling.

“10,000-year-old Life-Terminating Herb!”

“It’s just a small gift, it’s nothing much,” Chen Chen said with a calm expression.

The master of the Poison Division was speechless when he heard that. A moment later, he let his rationality rule over his emotion and put away the Life-Terminating Herb.

He couldn’t help it. Facing such a tycoon, he couldn’t pretend to be lofty either.

Seeing that he had taken something, Chen Chen threw over another communication token.

“Senior, we are both from the same place. In the future, if you can’t guard this city, you can let me know and I will come over to help. However, I will not do it for nothing. I’ll have to charge you some Spirit Stones.”

“Hah, can’t guard this city? We’ll talk again after those demons barge through my poisonous array,” the master of the Poison Division sneered.

At this moment, a few more people appeared on the city wall, all of whom were bigwigs of the Demon clan.

They had heard Chen Chen’s words too.

“The demons just have a herd mentality. You’d better worry about the State of Jin. Without the power of the Wuxin Clan, I doubt you small clans can hang on any longer,” the master of the Division of Illusions said.

As soon as he said those words, a figure emerged and pointed at Chen Chen.

“Chen Chen, you scoundrel. Why would the Demon clan seek help from you? What a joke! Not to mention that these demons are not a threat to our Demon Clan. Even if we really can’t defend ourselves, so what? We have a special support team!

“I’m telling you, Chen Chen! Even if I were to be killed by the demons and eaten by those beasts, I wouldn’t ask you for help!”

“Senior Brother, you’ve got such a strong backbone! Good job, Senior Brother!” the Demon Clan disciples all praised.

Yuan Qingtian turned his head and hollered, “I told you many times not to call me Senior Brother! We only have one Senior Brother!”

Chen Chen watched this scene from afar, simply speechless.

‘Yuan Qingtian is indeed seriously ill.’

Shaking his head, Chen Chen stopped talking and flew towards the Sixteenth City.

Time moved like flowing water, and half a month had passed in a flash.

The demons attacked several times during the past half a month, and the Sixteenth City’s business had gradually picked up.

Tonight, Chen Chen was pacing around the Little Carefree Immortal Palace of his own residence.

In the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, Lao Hei climbed up the tree and slept while hanging between the branches.

Seeing this, Chen Chen called to it, “Lao Hei, let me ask you something. You should know that the human race is at war with the demons now. If you become stronger in the future, will you join the demons and go against me?”

“What demon? I don’t get it. Besides, what do I have to deal with you for?” Lao Hei answered wearily.

After saying that, it tried to go up the tree again, but Chen Chen pulled it down using his spiritual power.

“There you go, this demon pill is for you. I really envy you demons; you can become stronger after eating demonic pills.” While speaking, Chen Chen tossed a gray demonic pill to Lao Hei.

Seeing this, Lao Hei swallowed the pill and then chose to sleep in a comfortable position on the tree. However, it smiled a little.

‘It doesn’t know? Bullshit. It’s been living in my home since it was a little piglet.’

He could no longer remember when he had developed sentience, only remembering having heard Chen Chen say some things that he didn’t understand when he weighed only a few dozen kilograms.

He definitely had feelings for Chen Chen’s family.

Hence, since Lao Hei was a pig from Chen Chen’s family, he would die in his family too.

That was the noble quality of a pig.

After giving the demon pills to Lao Hei, Chen Chen was preparing to cultivate when the familiar sound of the horn sounded once again.

With a calm expression, he left and went up the city wall.

The group of State of Jin cultivators had already assembled, all looking like they were celebrating a festive occasion. They were all looking at Chen Chen with great anticipation, as if there was candy to be distributed.

Chen Chen did not panic, instead ordering for the Yuan Gang Formation to be fully activated. Immediately afterwards, he sat quietly on top of the city wall. There were more than twenty communication tokens in front of him.

Like the previous times, none of the demons came to attack the Sixteenth City, and not a single demon beast could be seen.

However, a moment later, a certain communication token lit up.

Looking at the information on the communication token, Chen Chen ordered, “I want one Nascent Soul realm cultivator and eight Golden Core realm cultivators to go to the Eighteenth City. Remember to bring 2,000 Spirit Stones back with you. You can handle the battle spoils yourselves.”

As soon as he said that, the leader of the Black Tortoise Clan flew out with the eight Golden Core realm cultivators, as if they were afraid that others might snatch up the chance.

Soon after, another communication token lit up.

“Eighteen Nascent Soul demons have attacked the Thirteenth City? It’s too dangerous, no need to take care of it.”

“Two Nascent Soul realm and twelve Golden Core realm cultivators, go to the twentieth city and bring back 3,500 middle-grade Spirit Stones.”

After about fifteen minutes, Chen Chen put the communication token away.

After such a long time, those who needed help had already asked for it and Chen Chen had received three orders for a price of 7,000 Spirit Stones, which was a thousand more than the previous time. Hence, he was very pleased.

Although it was still far from returning to the capital, he enjoyed the feeling of ordering the group.


In the Twelfth City, several big shots of the Demon Clan were talking and laughing on the city walls.

After a group of demonic beasts below broke into the poisonous array, they fell to the ground and died.

A thousand border troops of the Great Xia Dynasty were also very bored, as they were just standing there and watching this scene.

In fact, they had never made a move since they came to the Twelfth City, and they felt that there was no place safer than the Twelfth City.

In the distance, hundreds of streams of light appeared in the sky, and the nine Nascent Soul realm powerhouses of the Demon Clan looked slightly glum, but they did not care too much.

With their power, as long as there were less than fifteen Nascent Soul realm powerhouses from the other side, they would be capable of guarding the Twelfth City.

“There seems to be ten Nascent Soul realm demon cultivators.”

“Today we must find a way to leave one or two behind.”

A few division masters started discussing softly.

However, at that moment, the entire ground trembled violently, and before they could react, a nearly 100-meter-long earth dragon burrowed out of the ground and swept across the land, blasting the top of the Canopy Formation.

The Canopy Formation immediately flickered and started to sway. Some of the division masters with strong cultivation levels immediately looked cold and stern as they flew out of the array without hesitation, ready to annihilate the Nascent Soul demons.


As soon as he got out of the array, the loud and clear sound of a phoenix suddenly resounded between heaven and earth!

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw a terrible scene!

In the distant sky, a black phoenix with a wingspan of nearly 100 meters came rushing in, enveloped in flames. In an instant, it arrived above the Twelfth City!


A black line of flames spurted outwards and they swept across heaven and earth. Be it the poisonous arrays, puppets, phantoms, or walking corpses, all burned to ashes in an instant.

After spewing those flames, the black phoenix hovered quietly in the sky with an icy cold gaze. He questioned, “Are you from the State of Zhou Demon Clan?”

A few division masters looked at the black phoenix above their heads, immediately recalling their clan master warning them to be careful of a certain clan before they left…

It was the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan!

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