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Chapter 164: Chapter 164: Danger Everywhere

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“The second-generation Clan Master of the State of Zhou Demon Clan, the Immortal Demon, killed my grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s… grandfather. From then on, he formed a huge feud with the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan!

“A few thousand years later, the State of Zhou Demon Clan’s body refinement lineage and the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan had several fights. We won some of the battles but lost others. However, after counting it carefully, we found that the body refinement lineage still owed the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan a life.”

The black phoenix in the sky hovered outside the array and looked at all the members of the Demon Clan with a cold gaze.

Looking at the black flames that were engulfing it, the members of the Demon Clan had heavy hearts.

Before coming, the Clan Master had mentioned that the flames surrounding the Immortal Demonic Phoenix could burn everything, and only the elites of the body refinement lineage could withstand that powerful spirit fire and fight the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan.

Hence, the Clan Master had ordered them to retreat if they encountered the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan.

However, who would have thought that they would be here to guard the city?

If they retreated without putting up a fight, they would be labeled as wimps who were too scared to fight. The Demon Clan could not afford to be embarrassed in that manner.

“Where are the people of the body refinement lineage?” the phoenix questioned coldly.

“If my Senior Brother was here, he’d destroy you-”

Yuan Qingtian jumped out and tried to curse, but halfway through his sentence, his mouth was covered by a few young disciples of the Demon Clan who were behind him.

Seeing this, the Immortal Demonic Phoenix completely lost its patience, spitting out a long line of black flames that blasted the Canopy Formation!

The few Nascent Soul realm cultivators in the formation were mobilizing the spiritual power to defend, but the black flames burned everything and then ruthlessly blasted the Canopy Formation!

Boom! There was a loud sound of an explosion!

A big hole was burnt in the Canopy Formation! Seeing this scene, the pupils of the Demon Clan cultivators constricted.

The black flames were too powerful!

“It’s only in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul realm, extinguish it!”

The Demon Clan Master flicked the tumbling Earth Dragon out tens of meters away, then turned his head to holler at the crowd of Demon Clan cultivators.

He was the person with the highest cultivation level among the people who had gone on this trip. He was also the so-called city lord on the surface.

As soon as he said that, a late-stage Nascent Soul realm demon cultivator in the sky approached him.

The group of cultivators from the Demon Clan then launched a siege on the Immortal Demonic Phoenix.

However, the five Nascent Soul realm cultivators could not break the black flames around them, regardless of how they attacked.

At this moment, they had to admit that there were also elites among the demons, and the ones that they had faced previously were just small fries.

Before they could fight for long, hundreds of distant streams of light had already surged into the array and the Twelfth City was instantly in danger.

Almost at the same time…

The special support team that was patrolling back and forth within the second line of defense received an urgent notification.

“The Twelfth City Great Array has been broken…”

A middle-aged person leading the team saw the words “Twelfth City,” his gaze flickering as he seemed to think of something.

He did not forget that a certain big shot had hinted at him to “take care” of the members of the State of Zhou Demon Clan in the Twelfth City.

A Nascent Soul realm elder behind him hurriedly said, “Lord, the cultivators of the Twelfth City are not weak, yet their arrays have already been broken. It’s likely that they have encountered an extremely powerful enemy! Let’s quickly go over to support them!”

The middle-aged Nascent Soul realm cultivator’s face kept changing when he heard that, and at this moment, he knew that the communication token had also lit up.

“The Thirty-second City’s array has been broken!”

Looking at the notification, the Nascent Soul realm middle-aged man was relieved. He said coldly, “Go to the Thirty-second City! The cultivators of the Twelfth City have all sorts of tricks, maybe they can last a few more moments!”

The few people behind him were all eager to say something, but in the end, they didn’t.

After all, the northern border was the Haoran Sword Clan’s territory. If the Demon Clan and the Qi Refinement lineage were suffering at the same time, it would be best to support the Qi Refinement lineage first according to their proximity.

Minutes passed.

The Twelfth City had been blown to pieces and the thousand low-ranking cultivators defending the city had all been killed in battle and burned to ashes.

That wasn’t all. The members of the Demon Clan had also been severely wounded, with more than ten Golden Core realm cultivators dead and nine Nascent Soul realm cultivators injured.

Yuan Qingtian was covered in blood, and after stabbing a Golden Core realm demon cultivator, he seemed to be in despair.

“Why hasn’t the special support team come yet?”

Hearing his question, a transmission token fell from high in the air, and they heard the low voice of the Division Master.

“Yuan Qingtian! Ask for help from the State of Jin! The Demon Clan has a grudge against a certain upper echelon of Great Xia, so don’t expect any special support team from them!”

Yuan Qingtian seemed to be bewildered, but he had lost his memory long ago and wasn’t clear about some things.

However, he would never ask that bastard Chen Chen for help!

‘Over my dead body! Even if I die, I won’t…’


Before he could continue thinking, the Poison Division master’s arm had landed in front of him, emitting a thick, black gas.

Looking at that arm, Yuan Qingtian’s pupils constricted a little.

The master of the Poison Division was just talking to him moments ago, and he had to sacrifice his arm after tossing the token. How tragic was the battle? Besides… How could he watch his fellow members of the Demon Clan die like that?

Thinking of this, Yuan Qingtian could not help but tear up.

At this moment, he recalled the scene where his Senior Brother had told him and a group of junior division masters to escape in the face of an imminent explosion of the spirit meridian!

‘Senior Brother was willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his fellow disciples, yet I am so selfish. Compared to Senior Brother… I’m really inferior!’

With that thought, Yuan Qingtian clenched his teeth, blood seeping from the corners of his lips as he struggled to pick up the communication token. He seemed to be in agony, as if he was holding a mountain.

After sending a message for help, Yuan Qingtian felt like his world had turned dark. He wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes and hollered furiously at the group of Golden Core realm demon cultivators.

He was determined to die here before that person came! Only then would he be able to save some of his pride and go see his Senior Brother too!

Chen Chen was silently cultivating in the Sixteenth City.

At this moment, he was just waiting for the end of the battle to collect some Spirit Stones. For the past half month, people of many different cities had noticed the superb defense of the Sixteenth City.

However, no one imitated them.

It was because the consumption was too high!

Coming to the border to participate in the war between two races was only part of immortal cultivation. It was impossible for the people of other cities to invest the savings of an entire clan, or even the entire nation, into the battle.

In their opinion, the State of Jin’s approach was like an ordinary person spending all his money for his 60th birthday present.

The losses would outweigh the gains!

However, they wouldn’t say anything. After all, everyone had their own ambitions.

“The Twelfth City has encountered a strong enemy… We cannot resist and the city has been attacked. We are requesting help.”

At this moment, Chen Chen’s communication token lit up in his storage ring.

Seeing this message, Chen Chen suddenly opened his eyes and got up to walk away without hesitation.

He had spent some time in the Demon Clan, and it was impossible to say that he had no feelings for them.

Besides, he had once fought with the junior division masters of the Demon Clan.

Shen Lin, the junior division master of the corpse refinement division, had even gotten trapped in the bewitching array for him. Even the unreliable Yuan Qingtian had been seriously injured for his sake.

More than half a month ago, a group of Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon Clan had helped him despite his identity.

Although the people of the Demon Clan cultivated a variety of odd techniques, most of them were temperamental.

At the thought of this, he took a deep breath and his voice spread through the Sixteenth City.

“I want fifty Golden Core realm cultivators to stay behind and control the Spirit Cannon while guarding this city. The rest of you, follow me to support the Twelfth City!”

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