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Chapter 162: Chapter 162: The Arrogant Demon Clan

Seeing that the elite of a rival country was being chased by a large group of Nascent Soul realm cultivators, the members of the Demon Clan gloated.

At this moment, they were proud.

The twelfth city had a low status and was easy to attack. The great array had previously been damaged and had yet to heal completely, thus allowing them to thrive.

The first time the demons rushed the city, the master of the Division of Illusion created twenty Nascent Soul realm phantoms on the walls of the city, which scared away all the demons.

On the other hand, the demonic beasts were all poisoned by the corpse refinement division.

Hence, this time, there were barely a few demons who had come over to attack the city, leaving them with enough capacity to provide aid.

However, after they were done being arrogant and gloating, they had to face a problem. Do they save this person or not?

“I don’t care if you’re going to save him or not, I’m not.” Yuan Qingtian turned away, seeming perturbed.

When everyone heard him, they looked at him with contempt, thinking to themselves, ‘It’s none of your business! They’re a bunch of Nascent Soul demons, you’re just a nobody in the Core Formation realm who can’t do anything to help!’

“Why don’t… We not save him? But it doesn’t make sense not to attack when encountering a bunch of Nascent Soul realm demons,” the master of the Division of Illusion said with glistening eyes.

“Indeed, these five Nascent Soul demons can bring about a large amount of merit after we kill them. As for the successor of the Tianyun Clan, we’ll just say that we didn’t see him,” the Poison Division master said in a hoarse voice, dressed in black.

“That makes sense. Attack now then! Hehehe!” The master of the Demons Division shook and his powerful late Nascent Soul realm cultivation level instantly exposed. Without hesitation, he rushed towards those five Nascent Soul realm demons.

The other Nascent Soul realm cultivators followed suit and soon fought with the other Nascent Soul demons.

If the Demon clan cultivators could each display some combat power, they would definitely display huge power if they fought in pairs.

Due to the fact that their cooperation was excellent, the complementarity actions between various abilities was far from that of those cultivating the same technique.

Hence, in just a moment, the five Nascent Soul realm demon cultivators all lost the upper hand.

“Back off!”

The Nascent Soul realm demon cultivator who was taking the lead turned around with a sullen expression and started running away. Only then did he realize that his companions had already run ahead of him!

“Damn it!”

Cursing angrily, the late-stage Nascent Soul realm demon cultivator flew directly towards the miasma.

The group of Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon clan followed close behind in wild pursuit.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen was somewhat touched and exclaimed, “Thank you for helping out, seniors of the Demon Clan!”

However, the Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon clan were extremely aloof and no one cared about him at all.

After a while, they heard sounds of a disdainful humph coming from a short distance away.

“Hmph! What are you thanking us for? You’re making it sound as if we are here to save you. Listen, when you go back to the State of Jin, I’ll definitely kill you when I see you again!”

Chen Chen was speechless.

‘This member of the Demon clan is really arrogant!’

The group of Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon clan chased after them while the group of Golden Core realm cultivators were all looking at Chen Chen. Especially Yuan Qingtian, who seemed to want to curse.

However, Chen Chen hurriedly flew away, not giving him the opportunity to curse at all.

Seeing how shockingly fast Chen Chen was, Yuan Qingtian was full of sorrow.

‘Chen Chen is too powerful. Ever since I entered the Core Formation realm, I haven’t caught up at all. Instead, I have lagged behind.’

That reminded him of his late Senior Brother. If his late Senior Brother brought him around for a few more heists, he might really have been able to catch up to Chen Chen.

Tears welled up in his eyes once again.

By the time Chen Chen returned to the Fifteenth City, the demons had already collapsed.

Clearly, the special support team had already come, and at that moment, the Nascent Soul realm elder at the start of the Fifteenth City was thanking Xiao Wuyou repeatedly.

“Fellow Daoist, if it wasn’t for your timely arrival, we would have suffered even greater casualties. We, the cultivators of the State of Zheng, will remember your kindness!”

Xiao Wuyou’s face reddened as he listened to this, waving his hands repeatedly.

“Fellow Daoist, there are so many people here. Is the Sixteenth City in trouble?” the old man asked worriedly.

Xiao Wuyou was about to answer truthfully when Chen Chen hurried over with a sorrowful expression.

“Master… I just made a trip home. Although the Sixteenth City defended the attacks from the eight Nascent Soul realm cultivators, many Golden Core realm cultivators were killed and injured…”

“Huh?” Xiao Wuyou asked with a bewildered look.

‘What’s going on?’ he wondered.

He hadn’t figured it out yet, but the Nascent Soul elder was already extremely touched.

The State of Jin cultivators were really too righteous and kind. Their own city was in danger, and yet, they still came here to give them support. That resulted in a huge loss of manpower.

If they did not do something, it would be too cruel. Thinking of this, he took out a storage ring and shoved it towards Xiao Wuyou insistently.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t turn me down! Otherwise, the cultivators of the State of Zheng cultivator will be too ashamed to go out to meet others!”

Xiao Wuyou was speechless and had no choice but to put the storage ring away. He had nothing else to say to Chen Chen anymore.

Seeing that Xiao Wuyou had already put away the storage ring, the Nascent Soul realm elder finally settled down a bit. However, after seeing the broken array, he once again appeared melancholic.

Now that the great array had been broken, it would not be able to be repaired in a short period of time. Most importantly, he would have his merit deduced.

Just as he was feeling despondent, Chen Chen stuffed a communication token into his hand.

“Senior, if you face any difficulties next time, you may use this communication token to contact me directly. Since we are neighbors who see each other all the time, it’s only right for us to help each other out.”

The old man looked at the communication token with a surprised expression and thought, ‘This State of Jin cultivator is so enthusiastic, huh?

‘How can I accept it?’

To be honest, the restoration of the great array was indeed the most dangerous period of time for the Fifteenth City, and after experiencing this battle, their power had weakened a lot. They might really need some help in the future.

“Senior, we are sort of guarding each other. Should the Sixteenth City be in trouble, we will also ask for your help!

“Senior, please rest assured that if that day does come, the Sixteenth City will never let the cultivators of the State of Zheng make a trip for nothing. We will give the cultivators of the State of Zheng a satisfactory remuneration in return!” Chen Chen said in a righteous manner. His expression seemed to be telling them not to stand on ceremony with him.

Hearing this, the old man from the Fifteenth City hurriedly replied, “Same goes for us!”

Xiao Wuyou was very shocked at seeing what had just happened. ‘My disciple is really a genius! He was so tactful with describing the repayment for providing aid without causing any strain on the relationship between the two parties. It’s my first time seeing this!’

Then he wondered, ‘Is the Sixteenth City in trouble?’

Thinking about the heavy array and the fifty Spirit Cannons, Xiao Wuyou dismissed that idea.

Perhaps the Fifteenth City would always be supported by the Sixteenth City.

On the way back, Xiao Wuyou kept reflecting on himself and wondered whether he had been fooled by this disciple before.

Meanwhile, Chen Chen was making some calculations in his head.

In the future, once the demons attacked, the Sixteenth City would probably still have nothing to do. Hence, he felt that he had to promote the business of providing aid. After all, the Fifteenth City couldn’t ask for help every time.

Only with more customers could he ensure that the State of Jin cultivators would have something to do every time.

There were only two special rescue teams. Once the war starts, it would be uncertain how much aid the two lines of defense would need, and they might have to go support the cities that were facing the worst of it.

Hence, they set a bottom line, which was to strike only if the Great Array had been broken.

However, if the array was broken, it meant that their merit would be deducted.

That was also the reason that some cities in distress would rather sacrifice lives than let the array crumble.

In that case, wouldn’t they need aid? That was definite, wasn’t it?

Between sacrificing lives and putting resources to use, normal people would choose the latter. Yet, they did not have any choice.

However, there might be one in the future.

Chen Chen’s eyes glistened.

‘Although I don’t expect to earn back all the Spirit Stones I paid, I have to recoup at least some of the losses.’

Chen Chen made up his mind to wait until tomorrow and go talk to the city lords.

Xiao Wuyou saw the light in Chen Chen’s eyes, and for some reason, he subconsciously moved away from him.

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