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Chapter 161: Chapter 161: This Is A Comrade!

Seeing the golden-armored general lying in front of the array and convulsing, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

‘Did he get traumatized by the battle and develop a phobia? Why did he lie down on the ground and convulse as soon as the battle started?’

Despite finding it a pity, nevertheless, he flew over.

No matter what, the fact that he was willing to go to battle even though he was seriously injured was worthy of admiration.

“General, you are injured. Why do you have to force yourself to join the battle again?”

Chen Chen walked to the golden-armored general and helped him up.

When the golden-armored general saw Chen Chen, his eyes gradually regained focus but he still seemed a little confused as he muttered, “Big brother, is the State of Jin not planning to develop after this war? Why else would you spend such a huge amount of money to defend the city?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s gaze became solemn and he sighed. “The demons haven’t been destroyed yet, so how can we return? The State of Jin cultivators might be weak but we dare to fight!”

Hearing this, the golden-armored general straightened his body, wiped the corner of his eyes, and said in a sorrowful tone, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“What?” Chen Chen asked with a puzzled expression.

‘Does it matter to you whether I said it or not? Besides, you’ve been ill for three days, so how could I have told you?’

“It’s nothing… I’ll go back and rest now.” The gold-armored general could not voice the grief he felt and could only bear his sorrow quietly before returning to the camp with a bunch of soldiers.

Under the light of the array, he seemed extremely miserable.

When he entered the city, the golden-armored general suddenly thought of something and took out another communication token.

He cursed, “You dog, didn’t I just offend you? Must you transfer me to the Sixteenth City? Haha, there are only six Nascent Soul realm cultivators! But so what? I’m still going to scold you even if I have to die here. I’ll curse your entire family!”

A moment later, he received a furious reply!

“Wait a minute, someone originally pleaded with me, claiming that you had realized your mistakes, so I was thinking of transferring you to another city in a few days, but now you seem to be ready to be condemned to rock bottom! Okay, very good! I’m telling you, you can get ready to stay in the Sixteenth City forever!”

Hearing this reply, the golden-armored general casually threw the communication token away in satisfaction.

“Damn it! I’m finally witty for once. What kind of a lousy superior is this? Everything will be over once I offend him once more. Hehe!”

Chen Chen returned to the city wall and put away the fifty Spirit Cannons.

Unfortunately, he could not maneuver several Spirit Cannons on his own. Otherwise, he would dare to fight with a more powerful Nascent Soul realm powerhouse.

The State of Jin cultivators were looking in the direction where the demons had left with complicated expressions on their faces.

Things were safe now, but they had to face a very pressing issue next.

If others refused to fight them, how could they earn Spirit Stones to redeem themselves?

If he could sign another indenture, he would!

Chen Chen looked at the group of State of Jin cultivators and felt troubled.

After taking so many indentures, he would be suffering a huge and painful loss if they couldn’t generate an income for them.

He couldn’t send them to the brothel.

However, he was also a little surprised at how cohesive the State of Jin cultivators had become, and their teamwork had improved.

At this moment, this group of cultivators were no longer in disarray.

They were in the same world, shared the same dream, and now even had the same label- That is, cultivators who had sold themselves.

They also had the same goal, which was to earn Spirit Stones to redeem themselves.

Under this like-mindedness, everyone naturally united, but Xiao Wuyou, who did not sell his body, seems to be out of step with the crowd.

While Chen Chen was thinking about those problems, a communication token in the storage ring suddenly lit up.

“Everyone from the tenth to twentieth cities, listen up. The Fifteenth City is facing an invasion of more than twenty Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators. The situation is very dangerous! If you have spare capacity, please rush there to provide aid!”

Seeing this order, Chen Chen felt a little embarrassed. That group of demon cultivators had obviously all rushed to the Fifteenth City.

‘Should we go to support? them’

Chen Chen subconsciously looked at Xiao Wuyou.

Xiao Wuyou had a grave expression and there seemed to be no hesitation at all as he said in a low voice, “Leave a Nascent Soul realm cultivator behind to prevent accidents. The rest of you, come with me to the Fifteenth City. Those in the Golden Core realm can decide whether to go or stay.

He then flew in the direction of the Fifteenth City.

The group of Golden Core realm cultivators also followed suit.

‘What a joke! We have to redeem ourselves. How can we not fight?’

Anyway, guarding the city for others wasn’t that stressful, and when he saw that the situation was amiss, he fled. No one could say anything either.

Chen Chen hurriedly followed them too.

Upon sight of Chen Chen, Xiao Wuyou had a heartened smile.

Although his disciple was good at duping others, he knew what to do.

“Disciple, maybe you don’t know this, but after the war, the human race will give rewards and support according to the merits of the forces. That is the reason why the clans that got the human race edict will rise quickly after they go back.

“When we guard the city, we’ll definitely receive more credit. If we can provide aid to the other cities from time to time, that would be best too.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen seemed to be deep in thought, asking, “If we keep asking the other cities for help, would our credit be reduced?”

“Of course, there are two special troops on the second line of defense. Once the protective array has been broken, those troops will quickly arrive to support, and at the same time, issue a request for help to the nearby cities. Once we do, the city whose array had been broken would be penalized.”

Hearing Xiao Wuyou’s explanation, Chen Chen understood, and at the same time, he also had some different thoughts.

The Fifteenth City was only less than 50 kilometers away from the Sixteenth City, so it didn’t take long for the crowd to arrive at the Fifteenth City.

At this time, there was a fierce battle going on, and there were more than thirty Nascent Soul realm cultivators fighting in the battle!

Apart from that, there was also a big hole in the canopy formation above the Fifteenth City.

A large group of Golden Core realm cultivators were fighting and dying next to the big hole. People were falling and getting injured at almost every moment.

Seeing the sudden arrival of reinforcements, the leader of the Fifteenth City, an old man at the late Nascent Soul realm stage, was almost moved to tears.

He knew that the array had been broken and reinforcements would soon come, but how could he have imagined that they would come so quickly!?!

Several Nascent Soul realm cultivators and dozens of Golden Core realm cultivators arrived altogether!

They all seemed to be from the Sixteenth City.

‘Maybe this is what comrade means! How touching!’

Thinking of this, he shouted, “Friends of the Sixteenth City, I will remember this kindness, but please help quickly. It will take some time for the special team to arrive! If we can buy some time, the Fifteenth City will give you handsome rewards!”

When Xiao Wuyou heard that, he immediately threw himself into the battle without any hesitation.

The other State of Jin cultivators did the same. Although the State of Jin cultivators did not come out in full force, the pressure on the Fifteenth City was greatly relieved when they suddenly received so much support.

Chen Chen also attacked. This time, he learned to keep a low profile and merely moved around the Golden Core realm demon cultivators without pulling any fancy moves.

However, the demons nonetheless recognized him.

In the distance, the demon’s Hu Wei saw Chen Chen’s eyes suddenly light up and shouted, “Big brother! He is that human heavenly pride! Kill him!”

Chen Chen was speechless after hearing that.

‘I was keeping such a low profile, how could I have been discovered at a glance?’

He felt extremely helpless. Even though he had deliberately tried not to seem so outstanding, he was still the most dazzling star in the starry sky.

A true elite was definitely not destined to keep a low profile.

However, before Chen Chen could feel complacent, the smile on his face froze, because the demons had already sent five Nascent Soul realm cultivators towards him!

“Damn it!” Chen Chen cursed angrily, then immediately flew towards the distance…

‘Damn it, I can’t fly towards the city!

‘Who did I provoke? Why are there so many experts coming to kill me?’

Many people on the battlefield also froze, especially the cultivators from the Fifteenth City.

‘Where did this big shot come from? He brought five Nascent Soul realm cultivators away at once!’

They subconsciously respected the figure who fled.

Chen Chen fled with his sword at the speed of lightning, while the Nascent Soul realm powerhouses behind him were not slow either.Compared to the one with the tiger head, the five Nascent Soul realm cultivators were much stronger.

In particular, one of the big birds was flying really quickly, and he seemed to be able to catch up with him soon.

However, at that moment, a group of strange shapes revealed themselves from the miasma not far ahead of him.

Yuan Qingtian who was in the crowd, was dumbfounded to see the familiar figure, exclaiming, “It’s Chen Chen, that killer! It looks like he’s done something infuriating again!”

Chen Chen was stunned to see them too.

‘Didn’t they say that the Twelfth City is the strictest? Why have these guys come to provide aid?’

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