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Chapter 148: Chapter 148: Sacrifice To Me With Your Blood

Chen Chen struggled to stand up and gripped the hilt of his sword. With the sword in his hand, Chen Chen’s entire aura changed dramatically, and the Omni Divine Blade even emitted the roaring of a dragon and a tiger! The powerful Sword Qi spread in all directions, shaking the surrounding trees!

The momentum was unbridled, domineering and arrogant.

Taking advantage of this time, Chen Chen once again took out a bottle of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite and downed it.

The spiritual energy in his body recovered instantly, and the huge spiritual energy was quickly poured into the Omni Divine Blade! It made the stream of light on the Omni Divine Blade become even more brilliant.


Chen Chen took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Ran in the distance, his gaze turning deadpan again.

On the other hand, Jiang Ran looked at the Omni Divine Blade in amazement. The treasure was not like the low-profile magic treasures that hid their massive fluctuations. It actually was the personal treasure of the person in front of him.

‘He didn’t have his personal treasure with him, did he just refine it?’

“I can’t believe I ran into someone like that. Interesting.”

After muttering to himself, Jiang Ran’s gaze became menacing again.

Even in Great Xia, he was considered an elite who was valued greatly by his masters.

It was not only because of his outstanding talent, but also because he was bold and would remain calm in danger.

Otherwise, his master would not have let him come to the State of Jin to kill the Wuxin Clan ancestor with the scroll containing the peak strike of the Essence Soul realm.

“I’d like to see how different this personal treasure of yours really is.”

As he spoke, Jiang Ran once again appeared in front of Chen Chen, and slashed Chen Chen with his sword.

Sensing the power and avid intent to fight in the Omni Divine Blade in his hand, Chen Chen went forth without hesitation!


With an explosive sound, the Sword Qi scattered in all directions!

This time, he didn’t take a step back!

Jiang Ran also did not retreat, but the Frosty White Sword in his hand emitted a miserable cry.

Feeling his personal treasure cowering, a trace of disbelief flashed in Jiang Ran’s eyes.

His personal treasure was prepared for him by his master when he was still in Qi training, and not only were the materials used precious, the key was that he had been carrying the sword with him for the past ten years and it had never left his side at all. It was actually almost psychic.

Under such circumstances, he actually couldn’t defeat the enemy’s giant sword.

‘What is the origin of that giant sword?’

Before he could figure out, Chen Chen swung his sword at him again. Seeing this, Jiang Ran had no choice but to block it.


There was another loud bang!

Jiang Ran’s face suddenly turned pale and he kept his eyes fixed on it, only to have the shock in his eyes turn into horror!

There was a new hole in his Frost White Blade!

He was severely injured!

“This is… impossible?”

“Bullshit, you’ve been beating me up so badly, what else is impossible!?! Today, I shall let you know that it’s wrong to bully others with your sword!”

Chen Chen had been infuriated previously and now that Jiang Ran was horrified. he instantly felt much better.

To be honest, he had always been a civilized person, but had really been bullied badly today. Hence, he was rather uncouth with his words.

“I’ll slash you to death today!”

While cursing, Chen Chen struck with his sword and the Omni Divine Blade converged, spewing out some flames while releasing a chilly gas. Jiang Ran was flustered.

Upon sight of this, Chen Chen had an idea and he slashed his sword forward, completely activating the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique. His powerful lightning instantly shot over, blasting above Jiang Ran’s protective aura and making him retreat by several meters.

Looking at the effect, Chen Chen was somewhat dissatisfied.

With that sword in hand, the other attacks seemed to be much weaker.

‘I’d better cut him!’

Bang bang bang…

After a few strikes, another hole appeared in the Frost White Blade.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Ran retreated backwards and took out a pill without hesitation. He then ate it.

However, in an instant, his face turned extremely red and his originally weakened aura became stronger again.

However, the killing intent in his eyes dissipated, and was replaced by some scruples.

He was unsure of the material of Jiang Ran’s treasure. It was so strong that his Frost White Blade had already been damaged and thus, hindering him from exerting his full power.

The person in front of him was indeed very strange. Not only did he have a powerful body, he also had plenty of treasures, especially the liquid in the bottle which emitted a vitality that made him envious.

“This person’s life is not destined to end yet.”

A thought flashed in his mind and Jiang Ran turned around to fly away without hesitation.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen first froze, and then immediately went after him.

The group of junior division masters who secretly watched the battle from afar saw this scene worried and couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“Senior Brother! Don’t chase!”

“Senior Brother! Don’t be impulsive!”

However, all they received was one sentence.

“If I don’t take revenge, I’m not a man! I must kill this person!”

Two hours passed.

Jiang Ran landed on top of a certain prairie and turned around with a gloomy face.

The damage done to the Frost White Sword, his personal treasure, had slowed him down considerably. On the contrary, Chen Chen’s treasure, which seemed to have the ability to break the air, was so fast that he couldn’t shake it off no matter how.

Chen Chen’s aura seemed to be infinite too as he had been flying at constant speed for two hours without slowing down.

Even if he was a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator, he had swallowed plenty of pills to replenish his spiritual power in between and the process of doing so had also slowed him down.

“Do you really want to die with me? Do you know my identity?”

Looking at Chen Chen, who landed not far in front of him, Jiang Ran asked in a cold voice.

Chen Chen did not speak, but the dark clouds in the sky began to get denser while the lighting flickered.

Although the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique could not do significant damage to Jiang Ran, hampering him was sufficient.

Previously, there was no need for him to use it because he could not hurt Jiang Ran but now, there was no one around and he had the Omni Divine Blade in his hand too, so naturally, he could use it at will.

“Are you a dual cultivator of body refinement and Qi refinement? No wonder you’re so strong even though you hadn’t reached the Nascent Soul realm. However, dual cultivation is not orthodox and sooner or later, you will be distracted. You will then end up with nothing.”

Feeling the thunder pressure in the sky, Jiang Ran came to a sudden realization.

Chen Chen pointed his sword at Jiang Ran and slowly stepped forward, his gaze extremely cold. At the same time, he had also maximized the powerful attribute of the Innate Spirit Body while the surrounding spiritual energy surged into his body.

Jiang Ran’s pupils constricted slightly and an ominous premonition arose in his heart.

‘What kind of monster is this person? He has an incredible body and his aptitude in Qi refinement is exaggerated too. I’m afraid his speed of devouring spiritual energy is far greater than the few famous humans with Innate spirit bodies can compare to!’

‘Could it be that this person also has an innate spirit body?’

‘It’s unbelievable that an elite with an innate spirit body has appeared here!’

Before he could continue thinking about it, Chen Chen slashed his sword over but at the same time, the sky was filled with frightening thunder that constantly blasted down at him.

Although the lighting could not completely break his protective spiritual energy, it could make his body tingle.

Two hours later, Chen Chen waved the Omni Divine Blade and slashed Jiang Ran.

Two hours later, the two of them competed in strength and foundation as they continuously consumed all sorts of pills.

Looking at the red-gold giant sword, Jiang Ran had no choice but to activate his Frost White Blade and resist fully.


With a crunching, Jiang Ran’s face turned pale and he knew that the sword was severely damaged too.

Who would have thought that the Frost White Blade which had some prestige in the Grand Xia Imperial Dynasty, would be suppressed here?

Before he could withdraw his sword, an incredible scene appeared and the red-gold sword that seemed indestructible turned around and cut into his shoulder!


The sound of a sharp blade inserting into his flesh sounded and Jiang Ran was suddenly overwhelmed with pain.

It was because he could sense seven or eight streams of unknown power surging into his body, maniacally rupturing his organ.

“You… damn it!”

Jiang Ran suddenly hollered and his gaze instantly became menacing. The Golden Core in his body began expanding and it seemed like he was out to self-destruct!

However, at that moment, Chen Chen’s body suddenly flashed with colorful light that suppressed the fluctuations of his golden elixir!

“Is this… the Divine Golden Elixir?”


Jiang Ran was somehow horrified but his words were suppressed by the shocking thunder in the sky.

In the midst of the lightning, Chen Chen’s expression was aloof and he recalled the scene that happened previously. He couldn’t restrain the killing intent in his heart at all.

“Are you Jiang Ran? Use your blood to sacrifice now!”

With a furious cry, the Omni Divine Blade in Chen Chen’s hand trembled. Immediately afterwards, he slashed his sword and Jiang Ran was split into two together with the Frost White Blade.

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