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Chapter 147: Chapter 147: Senior Brother! Receive the Sword!

Looking at that figure, Chen Chen took a deep breath, unable to restrain the anger in his eyes. However, he eventually calmed down.

“You guys stand back, you can’t stop this person.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the Wuxin Clan junior division masters remained silent and simply took hundreds of steps back quietly.

The young man in the hemp robe didn’t stop them either and instead said calmly, “I didn’t expect that there would be a cultivator under Nascent Soul realm in this filthy place who can take a strike of my sword without dying,a dn even get out of this illusory array that no Nascent Soul realm cultivator could get out of. Impressive. You are really good.”

“Who are you? Someone from Great Xia?” Chen Chen asked coldly, ignoring his praise.

“My name is Jiang Ran, today, is the day of your death!”

With that, Jiang Ran drew his longsword from behind his back, and a heavenly Sword Qi spanned tens of meters, slashing downwards onto Chen Chen’s head!

Chen Chen dodged but the powerful Sword Qi still stung his cheek and made him feel an unbearable pain.


With a loud explosive sound, a narrow gully that was about three meters deep into the ground, appeared!

Looking at the gully, Chen Chen immediately pulled out an outer armor of good quality from his storage ring and put it on.

It was the first time in his life that he had ever met such a powerful opponent.

Even when he was facing the Heavenly Tribulation, he didn’t feel that oppressed.

After all, the Heavenly Tribulation was different from humans. There was no wisdom involved.

Seeing that Chen Chen had dodged the attack, Jiang Ran stepped forward and stood in front of Chen Chen without any nonsense. He was extremely quick.

Looking at the sharp sword, Chen Chen had no choice but to dodge subconsciously.

However, Jiang Ran’s sword was extremely fast and Chen Chen didn’t manage to dodge the Sword Qi even though he could shun the longsword.

The terrifying Sword Qi slid past his body and his outer armor collapsed straightaway while fresh blood gushed out.

If he didn’t have a strong body and was just an ordinary Golden Core realm cultivator, his body would have been severed into two parts by the strike.

Chen Chen covered his wound and quickly flew backwards.

The terrifying power of life began condensing, and his wound started healing rapidly at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“The body refinement lineage of diabolism is indeed quite capable.”

After giving a casual compliment, Jiang Ran flashed and appeared beside Chen Chen again.

Seeing this, the junior division masters panicked and wanted to help but there was nothing they could do to help.

Compared to Shangguan Jian, this young man in a hemp robe was much more aggressive and his attacks were stronger. They would not be able to resist a random strike of his even if they put in all their effort.

If they rashly go up, they will only become a burden on their Senior Brother.

Instead, the junior division master of the Witchcraft Division sat down on the ground and the few remaining hairs on top of his head fell out completely.He then whipped out a dagger and stabbed his own leg.


The sound of a sharp blade digging into one’s flesh filled the air and fresh blood gushed out!

The crowd subconsciously looked at the young man in the distance who was dressed in a hemp robe.

However, at this moment, a certain jade pendant on the chest of the young man in a hemp robe suddenly lit up, and a strange dim light instantly refracted.

The junior division master immediately vomited a large mouthful of fresh blood and fell onto the ground, turning unconscious.

Jiang Ran seemed to sense something and coldly snorted, “How dare you create trouble with such a small trick!?!”

After saying that, another sword chopped down towards Chen Chen.

Taking advantage of the moment, Chen Chen took out the Dragon-Slaying Sword he got from Lin Jin from his storage ring and raised his sword to resist!


With a muffled sound, the sharp Sword Qi darted everywhere and Chen Chen was blasted to the point of sinking knee-deep into the ground!

The collision caused a hole to be formed in the Dragon-Slaying Sword.

Chen Chen secretly cursed in his heart, thinking that Lin Jin of the Green Dragon Clan had duped him.

‘Didn’t he say that this sword is really powerful? Yet, it crumbled as soon as it collided…’

Unfortunately, Lin Jin had already died and he couldn’t return it.

“How dare this spiritual artifact resist my Frosty Sharpness?”

Jiang Ran hollered and then pressed his longsword downwards. The Dragon-Slaying Sword in Chen Chen’s hand that seemed to be somewhat thick, actually emitted a loud cackling sound. Clearly, it was on the brink of collapse!

“What nonsense are you talking about? Only if you kill me, will you be considered capable!”

Chen Chen gritted his teeth and cursed. He then stomped his feet violently and a shapeless thunder instantly spread to the bottom of Jiang Ran’s feet.


With a muffled sound, Jiang Ran’s body froze.

In that instant, Yuan Qingtian appeared behind him, and stabbed the dagger at his neck ruthlessly.

Jiang Ran did not even look behind him. He simply patted his left hand and Yuan Qingtian was blasted hundreds of meters away while blood splattered everywhere. He lay on the ground and his death was unknown.

Chen Chen took advantage of this time to pull his legs out and before he made his next move, Jiang Ran’s longsword turned and the Dragon-Slaying Sword collapsed with a loud explosive sound.

Another attack!


Chen Chen’s left arm flew straight out and fell to the ground.

“Oh, this is the second time in my life that I’ve been wounded this badly! You’ve angered me today!”

Looking at his arm that flew out, Chen Chen’s eyes turned red and he cursed angrily. He then took out a large bottle of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite from his storage ring and chugged it.

Powerful vitality erupted, and his left arm immediately grew at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Ran frowned slightly but without uttering any nonsense, he continued to cut horizontally with his longsword that left a shadow in the air.

Seeing this, Chen Chen did not dodge and instead punched him!


With a cackling sound, Chen Chen’s right arm was snapped too but his arm that had flown away was punched hard by Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran’s head was tilted after being smashed but fresh blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

Seeing that Chen Chen’s right arm was also growing, he had a bloodthirsty smile on his face instead of being shocked.

“Hah, very good, I didn’t expect to meet a tough opponent like you in such a place. How many times can you actually let your arm regrow?”

“You’ll know if you try.”

Chen Chen had a maniacal gaze in his eyes. He had really gone all out today and even when fighting against the Heavenly Tribulation, he had never put in that much effort.


Thus, the two of them began to engage in close physical combat while Chen Chen resisted his treasure with his body. As long as his vital parts were not hurt, he wouldn’t dodge.

However, in just a few minutes, the ground was stained with blood. Apart from that, his arm was broken and his health had taken a hit. He couldn’t imagine that it had fallen from his body.

On the other hand, Jiang Ran seemed to be in a disheveled state and was a lot less suave than he was previously. However, his injuries were generally not too severe.

Chen Chen panted heavily and his mask had long shattered while his gaze was aloof.

Although he was usually haphazard, he wouldn’t hesitate when it was time to fight hard. For instance, when he was transcending the tribulation.

Having stayed in this immortal world for 16 years, he had a ruthless energy within him.

Seeing that his recovery was getting slower and slower, Chen Shen took out another bottle of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, but this time, Jiang Ran did not even give him the opportunity to drink it as he simply waved his sword and his Sword Qi smashed the bottle.

Before Chen Chen could react, he kicked Chen Chen again and sent him flying several hundred meters away.

“Go, you guys go!”

Crawling up from the ground with great difficulty, Chen Chen yelled at the group of junior division masters in the distance.

The group of people were already in tears when they saw Chen Chen’s disheveled appearance, but they did not dare to disobey the order when he saw the terrifying gaze in Chen Chen’s eyes.

In a few moments, the group of people flew away in all directions, and the seriously injured Yuan Qingtian and the junior division master of the Witchcraft Division were also taken away by them.

Looking at the backs of the people leaving, Chen Chen was relieved and directly lay down on the ground, his eyes a little out of focus.

He felt that he might just die here today and found it a pity that he couldn’t go home to see his parents before he died.

“System, is there anything in a fifty-meter radius that can annihilate that bastard?”


“System, then who is the most unlucky person in this fifty-meter radius?”

“It’s you, Host. Congratulations for achieving a tough life. You are rewarded with a chance to track within 5,000 kilometers.”

Chen Chen smiled bitterly. ‘Congratulations? I’m almost dead.’

‘5,000 kilometers, that’s very generous but what’s the use?’

Even in the entire world, there were still things he couldn’t grasp.

Seeing that Jiang Ran was flying towards him, Chen Chen took out a storage ring and threw it over to see if Jiang Ran would pick it up.

However, Jiang Ran’s killing intent had been determined and he simply ignored the storage ring.

“If you’re in Great Xia, you’d definitely be an elite but unfortunately, you’re in this filthy land and you’ve even offended Master. Your only fate shall be death!”

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Ran had already slashed Chen Chen’s head with a sword.

He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t die after his skull was chopped off.

However, at this moment, a child came running wildly from afar and shrieked.

“Senior Brother! Catch the sword!”


As soon as Sheng Fan took out the Omni Divine Blade, it flew wildly towards Chen Chen, catching him off guard and causing him to roll seven or eight times before he fell to the ground.

Hearing the childlike voice, Chen Chen subconsciously looked over, only to see a red-gold sword darting over aggressively from afar, almost touching his body.


With an explosive sound, the large sword crashed onto the sword in Jiang Ran’s hand,causing Jiang Ran to be blasted backwards by tens of meters.

With a loud bang, the giant sword was stabbed in front of Chen Chen with a joyous sound.

Looking at the flowing light that was coming from the vibrating red-gold sword, Chen Chen’s eyes were filled with warm tears.

Although he had never seen it before, his bloodline perception allowed him to know… that it was his personal treasure.

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