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Chapter 149: Chapter 149: Homecoming

Jiang Ran’s body soon turned into ash because of various destructive forces, leaving only a storage ring and a few treasures that fell onto the ground.

Chen Chen put his storage ring and treasures directly into his pocket.

He was not in a rush to see the things in the storage ring. After encountering such a huge battle, he needed some buffer time.

Holding the Omni Divine Blade in his arms, Chen Chen lay down on the prairie.

Looking at the blue sky, his heart felt empty.

Recalling the scene where he had his limbs chopped off, Chen Chen’s heart was filled with fear. If that were to happen to him again, he would be terrified.

“Thanks to you, I survived, little treasure,” Chen Chen touched the Omni Divine Blade and said with a palpitating heart.

The Omni Divine Blade seemed to be overjoyed. After vibrating slightly, it moved towards Chen Chen’s Golden Core position, but soon flew out again, looking a little confused.

It was as if it was saying, “Where did my home go?”

“I’m the Golden Core,” Chen Chen explained with a smile.

The Omni Divine Blade seemed to understand what Chen Chen had said as it quickly spiraled into Chen Chen’s right arm.

While the Omni Divine Blade gradually slipped into silence, Chen Chen began to ponder. He took out his communication token, reported his safety to the Demon clan, then closed his eyes.

Endless exhaustion overwhelmed Chen Chen and he began to recall what Shen Lin had said before he died.

It reminded him of his parents.

He had been out for some time, so he ought to go home.

As soon as that thought emerged in his mind, he could not suppress it.

“I’ll put aside the Tianyun Clan and the Demon clan for the time being. I have to make a trip home. It’s so dangerous out here.”

Thinking about this, Chen Chen removed the mask from his face, restored his original appearance, and then fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up again, the blue sky had turned into a bright, starry night and Chen Chen was energized once again. He leapt up and flew in the direction of Ji Zhou of the State of Jin.

In the air, Chen Chen finally took out Jiang Ran’s storage ring and began to carefully examine it.

He had to admit that Jiang Ran was extremely wealthy. Although he had less treasures than Shangguan Jian, the quality of his treasures was superb, be it pills or some special magic treasures.

There were no low-grade Spirit Stones at all, as all of them were at least middle-grade Spirit Stones.

In addition to those, there was a communication token, as well as an identity token.

He picked up the identity token to take a look, only to see the words “Great Xia Imperial Dynasty, third-rank guard” written on it.

“Imperial guard? Psht!” Chen Chen cursed and threw the token into the storage ring.

The sky gradually became brighter.

The familiar Ji Zhou came into view, and the gloominess in Chen Chen’s heart gradually dissipated.

After a few more moments, he saw the outline of Shichuan County.

Compared to the time when he had left home, Shichuan County had not changed much.

However, he did not rush to fly home, hiding in the shadows to observe a bit.

Seeing those familiar figures, Chen Chen smiled.

At this moment, Chen Chen’s father, Chen Shan, was fiddling with farming tools in the large yard. His mother, Erya’s mother, and a few women from the stone village had gathered together to do some needlework and chat. They seemed rather harmonious.

On the other hand, Lao Hei was lying on all fours in the pigpen, snoring loudly.

Chen Chen descended at the entrance, knocked on the door, and then exclaimed, “Father! Mother! I’m back!”

In the courtyard, Chen Shan and Qin Rou paused.

After that, Chen Shan took a step forward and opened the door.

Looking at his son, who had grown much taller, Chen Shan was full of disbelief!

He had changed drastically in just a few months!

“Father, Mother, haha! I came back to visit you, don’t be too agitated!”

Despite saying this, Chen Chen was quite excited himself. When he previously almost drowned to death, his parents were the ones he thought of most.

At that time, he regretted not going home to take a look earlier.

“Chen Chen, you…”

Qin Rou walked over, but she was speechless.

After consoling each other, Qin Rou could not help but ask, “Chen Chen, how many days are you going to stay for this time?”

“A few more days than usual, but I’m not sure.”

While talking, Chen Chen picked a peach from the yard and took a few bites out of it before asking, “Mother, has Lao Hei changed much recently?”

“What changes can it have? It just grew larger and has a greater appetite now. If we were still as poor as we used to be, we really wouldn’t be able to afford to rear it any longer.”

“Oh? I’ll go take a look then.”

After Chen Chen finished eating the peaches, he scurried to the pigpen in a flash.

Lao Hei was still snoring loudly, in deep slumber in the pigpen, but Chen Chen could tell that its eyes were only half squinted.

It was obviously secretly observing!

‘Tsk, you’ve obviously gained sentience but you’re still pretending to be stupid! This pig is really hopeless!’

With that thought in mind, Chen Chen found a heavenly treasure from his storage ring that was specially designed to enhance the cultivation of demons and shouted, “Dinner is served!”

Lao Hei shuddered and got up, still looking sleepy.

Looking at the treasures that Chen Chen had thrown into the pigpen, it was less resistant and crawled over to eat like an ordinary pig.

As Lao Hei ate, his large belly lit up with a spiritual light and he started speaking.

“This fool Chen Chen is actually back. No, I have to play dumb or he’ll definitely torture me. No matter what, I have to keep up this pretense until he leaves.

“As long as I stay firm with my thoughts and remain determined, I will be able to get by and wait to tie, even if I become smarter and have my status of cultivation.

“Hey, it seems like something is not right…

“Damn! Why am I talking?!”

Lao Hei raised his head in horror and looked at Chen Chen with panic in his eyes. He then abruptly stood up and covered his mouth with his hooves.

Chen Chen laughed sinisterly.

Meanwhile, Lao Hei kept retreating, but as he did so, he found himself wrapped in a strong spiritual power, then moved out of the pigpen.

“What did you just call me?”

“Oink, oink!”

“You’re still pretending!”


Chen Chen slapped Lao Hei on his buttocks.

Lao Hei fell onto the ground and pretended to be dead.

An hour passed.

Astonished, Chen Shan and Qin Rou both looked at Lao Hei, who was lying on the ground and emitting a faint might.

“Chen Chen… Lao Hei…”

“It’s nothing much, this pig has gained sentience. Hehe!” As Chen Chen spoke, he took out a few mild medicines and treasures and handed them to his parents.

Chen Shan and Qin Rou looked at the ginseng in their hands, which were thicker than an arm, overwhelmed with puzzlement.

‘After being out for a few months, my son has become so generous.’

“Chen Chen, don’t you need this?” Chen Shan asked hesitantly.

“Rest assured, Father and Mother, I have plenty of these. If you eat these, I guarantee you’ll have longevity… No! You can live longer!” Chen Chen smiled and answered.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his parents’ mortal bodies couldn’t withstand it, he would definitely have given them even more powerful heavenly treasures.

Chen Chen stayed at home for two days, during which he also visited Zhang Ji’s parents.

Lao Hei had no choice but to cultivate well under his supervision.

Bright and early in the morning, Chen Chen was meditating when he began to frown.

He had detected an uninvited guest.

Just as he expected, there was a knock on the door a few moments later.

Chen Shan subconsciously wanted to open the door but was stopped by Chen Chen.

“Father, let me do it.”

After saying that, Chen Chen stepped out to open the door.

He was greeted with the sight of two women in white and a trembling old man.

Seeing the old man, Chen Shan was very surprised.

“County Magistrate, what brings you here?”

The old man could not do anything except smile bitterly.

He didn’t know Chen Chen, but he felt that Chen Chen was an extraordinary young man.

“What kind of demon are you?! How dare you create trouble?!”

A woman in white saw the old black in the distance and instantly raised an eyebrow. She drew her sword and some Sword Qi surged towards Lao Hei.

However, the Sword Qi was grasped and destroyed by Chen Chen, who had quickly grabbed it.

After the previous battle and getting some rest during the past few days, his status of body refinement had already reached the middle of the Core Formation realm.

“Xiao He, don’t be impulsive.”

Another woman pulled her backwards, then looked at Chen Chen before saying politely, “Daoist, we are disciples of the Haoran Sword Clan. My Junior Sister has offended you, please forgive her. We’re here to look for some information. Have you ever seen this token before?”

As the woman spoke, she pulled out a wooden antique token.

Seeing that token, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

Of course he had seen this token before. It was previously placed in the Zhao family’s underground treasure vault, and rumor had it that the Zhao family had obtained it by robbing others.

They had even lost a lot of manpower because of it.

Later on, Chen Chen obtained it, but he burned it again for fear of being mistaken in the future.

Thinking of this, he looked calm and shook his head in a serious manner.

“I’ve never seen it before.”

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