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Chapter 140: Chapter 140: Descending in the Capital Of Jin Nation

The sky was gradually getting brighter.

Chen Chen left the first division of the Demon clan in a mask.

There were seven Nascent Soul realm division masters, as well as Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng behind him.

They were followed by the 34 junior division masters except for the child of the Medicine Division.

Lastly, it was the hundreds of Golden Core realm cultivators of the 36 clans.

More than a hundred powerhouses left the Demon clan proudly.

It had been several years!

How many years has it been since the Demon clan had assembled such a powerful force!?!

At this moment, the Wuxin Clan had been destroyed and they were all dejected. Although only a few Nascent Soul realm cultivators died, more than half of the Golden Core realm cultivators who were the backbone of the clan, died.

In such a state, the Wuxin Clan was definitely no match for the powerhouses of the Demon clan.

Hence, he had to succeed.

Thinking about this, the hundred-odd experts were naturally confident.

When they completely left the range of the first division of the Demon Clan, they flew up into the sky at the same time and headed straight to the capital of the State of Jin.

The Wuxin Clan was destroyed, and in order to avoid being annihilated completely, the remaining forces were all gathered in the capital.

The purpose of this battle was to go to the capital of the State of Jin and completely destroy the Wuxin Clan.

Feeling the powerful aura behind him, Chen Chen felt that he had reached the peak of his life.

Nine Nascent Soul realm powerhouses and a hundred Golden Core realm cultivators were all following his orders. No one in the two states dared to disobey him.

“System, who is the most handsome boy in this 50 meter radius!”

“It’s you, Host.”


Seeing that he was about to enter the boundaries of the State of Jin, Chen Chen began to develop some thoughts in his heart.

It was better to let some people of the Wuxin Clan stay alive.

The Tianyun Clan needed enough time to develop, and it was necessary to let the Wuxin Clan be a shield.

Fortunately, Zhou Renlong had previously ordered Chen Chen to let the Wuxin Clan off the hook as long as the ancestor of the Wuxin Clan was willing to tell the truth about what happened back then.

People like Zhou Renlong naturally didn’t care to lie to the Wuxin Clan ancestor, so he didn’t tell him to go back on his word.

“Let’s hope that it is really related to the Wuxin Clan.”

Chen Chen prayed in his heart. As long as it was related to the Wuxin Clan, he should be able to convince the Wuxin Clan ancestor to tell the truth with his eloquence.

He was just afraid that it might have nothing to do with the Wuxin Clan. If that were the case, nothing he said would matter anymore.

Half a day later, the group of Demon clan experts saw the majestic capital of the State of Jin.

Along the way, the group of people flew unrestrainedly in the State of Jin like clouds, which felt thrilling to them.

Looking at the familiar capital of the nation, Chen Chen felt emotional. The last time he came here, he was cautious and discreet, but he did not expect to arrive in such a grand appearance.

“Junior Clan Master, the Wuxin Clan seems to have abandoned the array in the capital and they’re now fully focused on guarding the king’s palace with all their might.”

Zhou Feng said with a frown as he stared at the city walls of the capital.

Chen Chen nodded. The formation guarding the capital is actually not weak but the capital is so large and operating it all the time will result in a large consumption of Spirit Stones.

In this case it would be better to use all the Spirit Stones on guarding the king’s palace.

However, that meant that apart from the royal palace, the cultivators and civilians in the other capitals were also abandoned.

“The Wuxin Clan ancestor is really ruthless. He abandoned millions of people so readily.”

The capital of Jin Nation was different from other major cities. Due to the rich spiritual energy, there was a high proportion of cultivators, though all of them were low-level cultivators.

“Junior Clan Master, what should we do? Should we kill some people to deter them?”

The master of the Poison Division laughed bizarrely with a murderous gaze as he looked at the crowd of panic-stricken people in the capital.

Chen Chen rolled his eyes at him and then flew over the capital and said loudly, “Listen up, people of the capital, the Demon Clan has descended here only to target the Wuxin Clan. As long as you and others behave, I, Zhang Chen, promise in the name of the Junior Clan Master of the Demon Clan, will never take anything from you!”

The chaos in the capital suddenly stopped as soon as Chen Chen spoke and many people subconsciously looked at him.

Chen Chen even saw some familiar people from some familiar places.

However, at this moment, they all seemed panic-stricken too.

“Anyone who moves again shall be killed!”

At this moment, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan appeared behind Chen Chen. The voices of the Nascent Soul realm experts spread further and further away. This time, the capital quietened down completely and no one dared to move at all.

“Let’s go to the palace to break the array.”

Chen Chen pointed to the palace which was completely enveloped by the formation in the distance as he gave out that order coldly.

Upon hearing his order, the experts of the Demon Clan flew in the direction of the Royal Palace without saying a word.

They did not oppose Chen Chen’s orders at all. They could understand that he didn’t want to kill or injure the innocent.

Although the people of the State of Zhou did not know, they, the senior members of the Demon Clan, were well aware that Chen Chen was from the State of Jin.

“The people here will be my citizens in the future. If we carry out mass killings here, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy to take over the State of Jin in the future. You guys understand where I’m coming from, right?”

Chen Chen said calmly as he looked below.


Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng responded in unison.

Chen Chen nodded slightly after hearing that.

“Good that you do. Go and help break the array too. If the ancestor of the Wuxin Clan appears remember to inform me.”

“Yes! However, Junior Clan Master’s safety…”

“Don’t worry, I’m not that weak, and I’m familiar with this capital. BEsides, they’re going to be by my side,” Chen Chen said, looking at the thirty-four junior division masters with a smile.

Hearing this, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng looked at each other and then quickly flew in the direction of the royal palace.

As soon as all the experts left, Chen Chen immediately started behaving smugly.

He had painstakingly made it all the way to the capital. If he didn’t act smugly, it would be a waste.

With that in mind, he flew directly to the Floral Moon House that was a short distance away.

Compared to before, the reconstructed Floral Moon House looked much more majestic and it had the splendor and dominance of the top brothel in the capital.

However, Chen Chen’s face turned sullen as soon as he entered.

It was because there was a new plaque at the entrance which read “The place where Chen Chen the successor of the Tianyun Clan killed Qi Bufan.”

He didn’t expect Gu Qingcheng to still be using him for clout after he left!

Upon sight of Chen Chen and company, the girls in the brothel were naturally frightened and some of them even shuddered, at a complete loss for what to do.

The people of the Demon clan would not reason with her or talk to her about the law of the nation. Even if they killed all the girls, there would be no point.

Just as Gu Qingcheng was overwhelmed with fear, the Junior Clan Master, Chen Chen, suddenly pointed his finger at her.

“You! Come here!”

After he did that, Gu Qingcheng shuddered and put on a professional smile before walking out of the crowd. She said softly, “Lord… do you have any orders for me?”

Seeing how frightened and terrified she was, Chen Chen was exhilarated.

‘Hmph! It’s this woman’s turn to suffer’

“Come on, say something nice.”

Chen Chen said indifferently.

Gu Qingcheng’s face stiffened after hearing his words. In the end, she racked her brains to come up with compliments and praised Chen Chen endlessly before he nodded in satisfaction.

“Do you want to receive Spirit Stones?” Clan Master asked, leaning against the chair with 34 Clan Masters standing behind him. He looked majestic and domineering.

“Lord… you must be joking,” Gu Qingcheng said awkwardly as she wiped the tears on her sideburns.

“Massage my back!” Chen Chen continued.

Gu Qingcheng had no choice but to go behind Chen Chen and massage his back. She dared not use too much nor too little force, for fear that she would offend him, the bigwig of the Demon clan.

Seeing how obedient she was, Chen Chen was secretly pleased as he finally got his revenge today.

Just like that, Chen Chen stayed in the Floral Moon House for two hours, milking the most he could out of Gu Qingcheng. At this moment, Zhou Feng finally flew back from the palace.

“Junior Clan Master, the array formation hasn’t been broken but the Wuxin clan ancestor has appeared.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen abruptly stood up and said, “Let’s go see that Wuxin Clan ancestor.”

A trace of relief appeared in Gu Qingcheng’s eyes when she heard that.

‘This horrifying person is finally going to leave. I initially thought that Chen Chen the successor of the Tianyun Clan is horrid enough but this one’s ten times as terrible as him!’

However, soon after they left, the demon’s voice sounded again from outside.

“Hey, your technique is pretty good. Come with me to the palace.”

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