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Chapter 139: Chapter 139: Crazy Weapons Division Master

Hearing Tie Kuang’s words, Chen Chen nodded as he replied with embarrassment, “Can the few of you stand back… I have very few treasures, I’m afraid you guys will laugh at me after seeing them.”

Hearing this, Tie Kuang let off a slight frown, turned around, and left. He did not expect the new Junior Clan Master of the Demon Clan to be so prideful.

However, he did not bother to hold it against Chen Chen as he knew that it was only normal for the members of the Demon Clan to have eccentric personalities.

As the conversation continued, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng focused all their attention on Tie Kuang and without hesitation, they chased after him.

After the three of them left, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up. He then started pouring refining materials into the cauldron.

“Let’s add the materials that were tracked previously.”

“Let’s add the materials that were found on the way to the Flame Mountain range.”

“Let’s add the refining materials from the ten storage rings that I snatched from the Wuxin Clan.”

“The hundreds of treasures that I snatched from the Wuxin Clan are useless, so in they go.”

“Let’s add the treasures Zhou Renlong gave me.”

“All in.”


With a shocking explosion, the Universal Divine Gold immediately expanded in size a hundred times, suddenly turning golden-red in color!

Before Chen Chen could react, the entire cauldron turned into scraps!

After that, the Omni Divine Gold continued spewing out golden energy, directly blasting the Alchemy Pavilion into ruins! It even left seven or eight wounds on Chen Chen’s body.

Upon sight of this scene, Chen Chen was dumbfounded. He then dropped the ten-odd storage rings onto the ground…

“What happened!?!”

Tie Kuang darted back into the room and looked at the cauldron that had been ruined. He then looked at the golden-red Omni Divine Gold that was constantly quaking and emitting terrifying fluctuations. Immediately, a ray of light darted out of his eyes!

However, it soon disappeared, and Tie Kuang gained his composure once again.

By this point, Chen Chen was already close to collapsing.

Suddenly, the head of the bald Weapons Division master suddenly lit up, however, he still pretended to remain calm.

‘Oh please, your head has long revealed your true emotions.’

‘Can you tell me what exactly you want to do? Do you want to rob me or what?’

‘I may be incompetent but I will take on a fight, so can you stop scaring me like this?’

Looking at the bald head of the Weapons Division master, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan became filled with vigor as they crushed Tie Kuang.

Remaining indifferent, Tie Kuang took out a small cauldron from his storage ring and placed the Omni Divine Gold inside. He then looked at Chen Chen and said, “Drip some of your blood in it. Once this thing is tainted with your aura, it will become your personal treasure. The more blood you drip onto it, the easier it will be for you to use it in the future. It will become very hard for others to snatch it.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen made up his mind. At this point he had no idea of what Tie Kuang really wanted, but hearing the plausibility in his words, he had become convinced.

Without hesitation, Chen Chen cut his artery as blood spurted out like a fountain!

Today, he will teach the people present what a real ruthless person is!

He also secretly warned those who wanted to rob him! If they offended him, they would suffer heavy consequences!

As expected, watching Chen Chen spurting out blood, the three Nascent Soul realm powerhouses had a look of amazement in their eyes.

Only someone from the body refinement lineage could do such a thing. If someone from another division tried, they would have long been defeated.

Chen Chen stretched out his right hand that blood was spurting out of, while staring at Tie Kuang with a threatening gaze. At the same time, he took out a red ginseng from the storage ring.


He bit down hard like he was biting a carrot.

Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan were shocked by Chen Chen’s ruthlessness as he was bleeding profusely.

Tie Kuang remained still. Apart from the fact that his head grew shinier, there were no other changes in his appearance.

After a few moments, Chen Chen finally withdrew his hand, his face turning pale in fear. However, the ruthlessness in his eyes did not recede in the slightest.

In terms of ferocity, he had never been afraid of anyone!

Looking at the Omni Divine Gold that was completely stained with blood, Tie Kuang nodded and waved his hand, after which the pot-like treasure appeared again. Suddenly, a large amount of lava engulfed the Omni Divine Gold.

“This Omni Divine Gold does not need to be forged to transform into what you want. Instead, it must be placed here to quietly digest the divinity that it absorbed previously. It will take about seven days, and after that, it will become your personal treasure.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen felt relieved.

At the same time, he also lowered his guard against Tie Kuang. It seemed as if he just had an eccentric personality and didn’t really have many more thoughts.

Thinking of this, he subconsciously wanted to thank Tie Kuang, and he began brainstorming ways to compensate him, the master of the Weapons Division.

After all, he had used plenty of refining materials for him.

However, within an instant, the situation suddenly changed!

Three Nascent Soul realm auras emerged and blasted Chen Chen seven or eight steps away. By the time Chen Chen recovered from the shock, he realized that Tie Kuang was screaming at the Omni Divine Gold in the magma!

“Don’t stop me!”

At this moment, his bald head had darkened, and his face became covered in a crazy expression!

Behind him, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan grabbed his arm tightly, refusing to let him move!

The three Nascent Soul realm aura formed a storm that blew away the surrounding ruins. Clearly, at this moment, each of the three were using all their power!

“Don’t stop me, you guys! Let me melt in the cauldron, I want to be the spirit of this divine artifact!”

Tie Kuang shouted madly. Hearing his words, Chen Chen’s jaw nearly fell to the ground due to shock!

‘What is this guy talking about? What Omni Divine Gold? Isn’t that suicide?’

Hearing his words, Zhou Feng hollered, “Tie Kuang! Don’t be impulsive! We still need you in the Demon Clan!”

Zhou Shan cursed too, “Wouldn’t it be better to stay behind and work for the Demon Clan?”

“You guys are clueless! Becoming the spirit of this treasure is a glory! The Demon Clan knows nothing! Let me off! I want to enter!”

Tie Kuang hollered while struggling.

Looking at the struggle from afar, Chen Chen shuddered as he continuously thought about the scene of Tie Kuang floating over at midnight and using his bald head as a source of light.

‘Oh my god… this fool can’t become the spirit of my artifact!’

“Clan Master has long expected that you’d do such a thing, so we came over to prevent accidents from happening. With us around, don’t think of getting what you want!”

“Old Zhou! Let go of me if you’re my friend! Let me do it!” Tie Kuang hollered furiously. At this moment, a terrifying aura descended and blasted his body. They were suppressing him and making him immobile.

At the same time, Zhou Renlong hollered furiously from afar.

“Tie Kuang, if you keep fooling around, I’ll pull out your soul and melt it into the spittoon!”

Hearing these words, the madness on Tie Kuang’s face instantly disappeared, replaced by resignation and agony. Warm tears flowed out of his eyes, staining his lapel.

“Clan Master… Why won’t you fulfill my wishes? Ah…”

Seeing this, Chen Chen was speechless. It turned out that Zhou Renlong was preventing against that. He thought that there was going to be a robbery…

It seemed he had over-imagined.

‘This Weapons Division master is really ruthless… he tried to commit suicide as soon as he got the idea too. There was no hesitation at all. I seem to be inferior to him.’

“Zhang Chen, I’ll take care of this cauldron, don’t worry. Hurry up and take this lunatic to the State of Jin. I don’t have the time to hold him down all the time.”

Hearing Zhou Renlong’s instructions, Chen Chen nodded nervously and then looked at the Omni Divine Gold in the cauldron.

At this moment, the Omni Divine Gold was absorbing his blood slowly. The spirituality within it seemed to be becoming more and more sufficient, so much that he had detected it.

However, he didn’t know what would be revealed after the divinity of the Omni Divine Gold was put in place.

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