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Chapter 141: Chapter 141: Don’t Bully Weak Young People

The imperial palace was now shrouded in a thick barrier composed of spiritual power.

Chen Chen hovered over the palace, looking at the Wuxin Clan ancestor who looked rather melancholic.

“Are you the one who destroyed the Wuxin Clan?”

The Wuxin Clan ancestor asked softly from the palace with no obvious signs of anger in his voice.

If not for the group of experts behind the Junior Clan Master of the Demon Clan, he would have jumped out and slapped Chen Chen dead.

Hearing the question, Chen Chen simply said calmly, “Old Ancestor, more than ten years ago, three disciples of the body refinement division of the Demon Clan died in the front line of the war between the two clans. Did you have something to do with it? The clan master said that if it had something to do with you or the Wuxin Clan, he would let you off as long as you are willing to tell the truth.”

The Wuxin Clan ancestor’s expression remained unchanged as he humphed coldly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. What does the issue of the war between two clans have to do with the Wuxin Clan!?!”

Chen Chen was not surprised to hear his words. He then continued, “The Demon Clan members have always kept to their word. Ancestor, how much longer can this array last? Do you really want to take the Wuxin Clan to the grave along with you?”

Hearing this, the Wuxin Clan ancestor looked up and laughed out loud before hollering furiously, “The Wuxin Clan has been annihilated from the moment the clan’s residence was destroyed!”

Chen Chen sighed while Gu Qingcheng who was behind him, pounded his back a few times to massage him.

“Old Ancestor, do you know why you can’t break through to the Essence Soul realm?”

The Wuxin Clan ancestor’s expression stiffened and he cursed in his heart.

‘What’s wrong with this kid’s brain? I’m a peak Nascent Soul realm advanced cultivator, why would I need him to guide me in cultivation? How can there be such a thick-skinned person?’

Before he could retort, Chen Chen spoke again.

“Old ancestor, you cultivate the Supreme Wang Qing Dao, which is focused on breaking ties and forgetting relationships. However, in the past, you had too many emotional ties, like the Wuxin Clan and Chong Ye. So, how did you break all of them?”

Hearing this, the Wuxin Clan ancestor frowned without saying a word.

“Ancestor, the only way you can step into the Essence Soul realm is by cutting off all your ties with others and removing your emotional baggage. The Wuxin Clan is your greatest attachment.”

“By destroying the clan, I was helping you remove your emotional baggage. However, becoming completely heartless and ruthless will have to depend on you.”

“If you tell me what happened back then, I will let you off the hook and spare your life. You can completely break free from the Wuxin Clan and no longer have any ties with them. You may practice the Supreme Wang Qing Dao and cultivate immortality with peace of mind.”

“I think if you listen to my advice, you will certainly be able to step into the Essence Soul realm; once you achieve immortality, you will find that the Wuxin Clan and the State of Jin are just a flash in the pan on the road to immortality.”

Hearing this, the Wuxin Clan ancestor, who had been practicing the Supreme Wang Qing Dao turned red.


‘Do you still expect me to thank you after you ruined the Wuxin Clan? How could there be such a shameless person in the world?!’

However, after thinking about it, he suddenly started sweating profusely.

At this point, he finally somewhat understood Chen Chen’s words, as he gradually felt enlightened.

In the beginning, he and Zhou Renlong were at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm. Later on, Zhou Renlong reached the Essence Soul realm, and for the sake of the Wuxin Clan, he had no choice but to resort to unscrupulous means.

Since then, his cultivation had not advanced in the slightest.

‘Could it be that… the Wuxin Clan is really an obstacle in my path to immortality cultivation?’

‘Impossible! No way! Ahh!’

“Old Ancestor, it’s hard to resolve feuds between rivals. If you tell me what happened back then, there’ll be a vast path to immortality for you.”

“However, if you don’t tell me… Ah, it means that your ties with the Wuxin Clan are too strong and you’re destined to be unable to cultivate to a higher level of the Supreme Wang Qing Dao. I’m not trying to lecture you but I’m just trying to say that you’re an elite of your generation and I’d really pity you if you make the wrong decision. This is as far as the benevolent Wuxin Clan can help you.”

At this point, the Wuxin Clan ancestor’s face turned menacing as he berated, “Kid! Don’t confuse me!”

After he spoke, he scurried back into the palace without looking back.

Looking at his back, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

The Wuxin Clan ancestor had obviously just wavered but he did not reveal anything.

There were only two possible reasons for his behavior.

Firstly, it could be that the Wuxin Clan had nothing to do with the incident back in the day, but the possibility was very small. Otherwise, the Wuxin Clan ancestor wouldn’t have had such an intense reaction.

Secondly, he probably felt that he had not reached a dead end yet. In other words, he had something to fall back on.

Thinking of this, a shadow seemed to have loomed over Chen Chen’s heart.

Within the two nations, the Wuxin Clan ancestor definitely did not have anything to rely on. If he had anything, it was probably the Great Xia Dynasty’s imperial court.

“No! I must break the array as soon as possible! There is no time to lose! This Wuxin Clan ancestor is definitely stalling for time!”

Chen Chen’s expression suddenly became grim. At the mention of breaking the array, he naturally recalled Green Bean.

However, at this moment, Green Bean which was in the spiritual beast hide bag, was still sleeping. Its head and limbs were all hidden in its turtle shell while its body was enveloped in spiritual power.

In such a situation, he really did not dare to rashly move Green Bean. Otherwise, if he hurt Green Bean and resulted in some irreparable effects, he wouldn’t be able to cry even if he wanted to.

“Seniors, how long will it take for the palace array to break?” Chen Chen asked, looking at the few Nascent Soul realm experts.

“If you don’t stop to sleep at all, it’ll probably take five days.” Zhou Feng answered.

“Can it be done in three days?”

“It’s not impossible, if you were to use some impressive array-breaking treasures. However, the Demon Clan does not possess a division that’s particularly good at arras…” Zhou Feng said, shaking his head helplessly.

At this moment, the master of the Puppet Divisions who was nearby said, “There aren’t any in the Demon Clan but there is one in the 36 clans of the State of Jin. It’s the Divine Blade Clan which often goes against the Puppet Division. They have an extremely powerful array-breaking treasure, the Wind-Breaking Cone!”

Chen Chen’s eyes lit up after hearing his words.

The Divine Blade Clan was supported by the Wuxin Clan and they were replacing the Giant Blade Clan, which was one of the 36 clans. They were extremely powerful.

The Clan Master of the Divine Blade Clan was ruthless and cunning. He was also previously the one who leaked the news of his master’s advancement to the Nascent Soul realm, which resulted in the latter getting killed by the Wuxin Clan.

Getting the item belonging to such a person was definitely not going to be simple.

“Using the Wind-Breaking Cone, how many days will it take to break the array?”

Chen Chen asked coldly.

“That item is a famous array-breaking magic treasure which once broke many of the Demon Clan’s arrays. In my opinion, it should be able to shorten the array-breaking time to within three days!” The Puppet Division master said in a deep voice.

Due to the fact that arrays were involved in puppets, he was the one who knew the most about arrays in the 36 divisions.

However, he was mostly involved in micro arrays and there was nothing he could do about such large arrays.

Hearing this, Chen Chen nodded before taking a deep breath and looking at the experts of the Demon Clan.

Each Nascent Soul realm expert was a key force and none of them wanted to leave the Wuxin Clan as they had to stay to prevent the Wuxin Clan from getting besieged.

There were a hundred Golden Core realm experts, ninety-six of whom formed some kind of powerful formation to engulf the sky above the royal palace.

In other words, the only real idlers were the four Golden Core realm cultivators and the Junior Division masters.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen said right away, “All seniors, stay on guard here. I’ll take the four Golden Core realm cultivators and the group of Junior Division masters on a trip to the Divine Blade Clan to borrow that Wind-Breaking Cone.”

After he spoke, the four idle Golden Core realm cultivators quickly took the initiative to stand behind Chen Chen.

“Borrow? What if they won’t… hand it to us?” Zhou Feng was very speechless.

“We’ll kill him then!”

Chen Chen waved his hand as he began making his way in the direction of the Divine Blade Clan, finally letting Gu Qingcheng go before he left.

Since the Wuxin Clan ancestor was stalling for time, he could not delay for a moment.

“Junior Clan Master! That Divine Blade Clan master is a half-step Nascent Soul realm powerhouse!”

Looking at Chen Chen’s as he flew into the distance, Zhou Feng couldn’t help but break out into a profuse cold sweat.

Hearing the exclamation behind him, Chen Chen looked at the group behind him. Feeling rather prideful, he exclaimed loudly, “So what if he’s a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator? Don’t look down on those who are young and weak!”

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