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Chapter 131: Chapter 131: The Difference In The Standards Of Disciples

The White Tiger Clan and the Tianyun Clan were located in the northern region of the State of Jin. When traveling to the capital on the flying boat, Chen Chen passed by the White Tiger Clan. Hence, he knew his way back there.

When he arrived above the White Tiger Clan, the scene below was similar to what he had imagined.

There were traces of great battles everywhere and only the Wuxin Clan could obtain victory.

After stepping into the Golden Core realm, Chen Chen’s senses were enhanced by several times. Hence, he soon sensed the breath of his master, Xiao Wuyou.

His aura wasn’t hidden either. A moment later, a stream of light flew up into the sky and arrived in front of him.

Xiao Wuyou looked at Chen Chen who was in front of him, and was suddenly filled with mixed emotions.

Although the two had met twice before, Chen Chen had been under disguise previously. Apart from making eye contact, they did not have a normal conversation.

Now that the mask on his disciple’s face was gone, could he return to the Tianyun Clan?

There were too many questions in his mind but in the end, all his emotions turned into bewilderment!

“Disciple, you’ve actually formed a core!”

Looking at his master’s shocked expression, Chen Chen coughed lightly and said, “It’s just a minor Core Formation. It’s nothing to worry about, sorry to have embarrassed myself, Master.”

Xiao Wuyou was speechless.

‘What do you mean minor Core Formation? It took me several months to form it, okay?’

However, he did feel a sense of danger. If Chen Chen were to really become an Essence Soul realm powerhouse in the future, he would not have the cheek to call Chen Chen his disciple since he was only at the Nascent Soul realm.

That would be very embarrassing!

There had been cases of disciples surpassing their masters but that would take at least a few decades to a century. There hadn’t been any who managed to surpass their master within a few years!

Xiao Wuyou couldn’t help but be worried that he might become the laughing stock of the cultivation world once the matter was recorded in the history books.

“Master, I have not seen you in a long time. Here are some gifts for you.”

Seeing Xiao Wuyou’s expression change again and again, Chen Chen chuckled and grabbed a handful of storage rings that he had prepared long ago, and stuffed them into Xiao Wuyou’s hand.

Looking at the storage ring in his hand, the corners of Xiao Wuyou’s eyes twitched.

Storage rings were indeed very valuable as only cultivators above the Core Formation realm in the Tianyun Clan could use them.

Ordinary Foundation Establishment realm elders would use storage bags.

‘Where did this kid get so many storage rings?’

Before he could figure it out, Chen Chen added, “This is filled with things.”


Xiao Wuyou exclaimed with raised brows. He casually opened a storage ring and checked the inside, only to get a huge fright.

‘It contains Spirit Stones. There are probably at least 200,000 of them!’

“This… this…”

Xiao Wuyou spluttered incoherently and checked the second storage ring again.

‘Great, there are thousands of bottles of pills here, and nearly a hundred pills are in the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm!’

‘Also, what’s up with that big pile of clothes? Aren’t they the uniforms of the inner clan disciples of the Wuxin Clan?’

“I saw that the material of the clothes was pretty good and were close to the level of spiritual artifacts, so I brought a thousand sets back. After some modifications, it should no longer look like the Wuxin Clan uniform.”

Chen Chen said somewhat guiltily.

He had even snatched away all the brooms and mops of the Wuxin Clan. Well, he couldn’t help it because the quality of the things of the Wuxin Clan were just superb.

After checking all the storage rings, Xiao Wuyou was flabbergasted and his eyes began to go out of focus. The gifts that his disciple had given him

were akin to hundreds of his family assets.

‘Am I actually that poor? When I gave Chen Chen a thousand Spirit Stones back then, I thought I was being very generous…’

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s expression changed and he hurriedly took out a calming pill which he then fed to Xiao Wuyou.

“Master, don’t get too agitated, don’t hurt your body because of some trivial matters!”

After taking the calming pill, Xiao Wuyou was finally much calmer. He put away the storage rings and said, “Disciple… did you raid the Wuxin Clan’s den?”

“Ahem, almost. I accidentally blew up the spirit meridian of the Wuxin Clan too,” Chen Chen said, feeling a little embarrassed as his face was flushed. After all, he cared about his pride.

Xiao Wuyou smiled and took a deep breath, fully exerting the effects of the calming pill which quickly made him regain his composure.

“How did I find such a disciple like you in the first place… You’re making me feel so stressed! No wonder the Wuxin Clan ancestor rushed back in such a hurry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the members of the White Tiger Clan voiced out.

“Since the successor of the Tianyun Clan is here, why don’t he come down together to discuss the major issues!?!”

Upon hearing his words, Xiao Wuyou nodded and looked at Chen Chen. “The clan masters of the White Tiger Clan, the Vermilion Bird Clan, and the Black Tortoise Clan are all here. Come with me, we’ll talk about the rest of the matters in private later.”


Chen Chen answered.

Now that the Wuxin Clan’s people had withdrawn, the four clans should be discussing the matter of union.

He couldn’t miss such a meeting. Otherwise, what if the Tianyun Clan suffered a loss?

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

Xiao Wuyou and Chen Chen sat in the White Tiger Hall of the White Tiger Clan.

Chen Chen did not expect that the clan master of the White Tiger Clan had died two days ago. Before his death, he had severely injured a Nascent Soul realm cultivator of the Wuxin Clan and now, Ye Wusheng had taken over the position of the White Tiger Clan.

Ye Wusheng had also stepped into the Core Formation realm and even the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor on his body had vanished, thus revealing his true appearance.

Chen Chen scrutinized Ye Wusheng who had white hair and a cold and handsome face.

On the other hand, Xiao Wuyou looked at the portrait of the deceased clan master behind Ye Wusheng.

He was Bai Zhan the mighty and prestigious former clan master of the White Tiger Clan.

Bai Zhan and Xiao Wuyou were also rivals when they were young, and later on, they were like both enemies and friends.

Looking at the portrait person who had been at odds against him all his life hanging there, Xiao Wuyou could not help but sigh and think to himself, “Brother Bai, this is the difference in the level of our disciples. Look at me, I’ve accepted a good disciple and now he gave me dozens of storage rings. Look at you. You accepted an unreliable disciple and now you’re dead. All that’s left is the smile on your face in the portrait!”

After this thought came to mind, Xiao Wuyou was actually a little smug, but he soon dispelled it.

‘Nascent Soul realm cultivators should not be so frivolous!’

Seeing that everyone was silent, the Vermilion Bird Clan master and the others said calmly, “The four clans may be united now but we have to select a leading clan so that we can all act in unison and keep our orders. Since the Green Dragon Clan has been destroyed, it is reasonable to say that the White Tiger Clan should take this position, but now that Brother Bai has fallen… which clan is most suitable?”

“Of course it’s the Tianyun Clan. Is there still a need to discuss this? Firstly, my master’s cultivation level is the highest and secondly, the Tianyun Clan is now ranked second among the clans in the State of Jin. Who else should take the lead if not us?”

Chen Chen answered with a firm attitude.

On the other hand, the clan masters of the Vermilion Bird Clan and the Black Tortoise Clan frowned.

‘Compared to Xiao Wuyou, this Tianyun Clan successor is much more domineering. Which ordinary successor would dare to speak to me like this?’

‘However, this successor of the Tianyun Clan is a top elite of the State of Jin and he has the right to be proud!’

‘Besides, given the current situation, the Tianyun Clan should be the leaders.’

‘However, the true experts of the Tianyun Clan are only Xiao Wuyou and this successor. In terms of foundation, the Tianyun Clan is far inferior to the White Tiger Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan…’

‘And to measure the true strength of a clan is not just to look at one or two members…’

With that thought, the two of them subconsciously looked at Ye Wusheng.

In terms of heritage, the White Tiger Clan was the strongest. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen to fight at the White Tiger Clan.

Ye Wusheng’s current temperament had changed greatly. Looking at the two clan masters who were staring at him, he said solemnly, “There are eight peak Core Formation realm elders in the White Tiger Clan. They would break through to the Nascent Soul realm at any time…”

Ye Wusheng paused because he saw Chen Chen fiddling with a token not far away from him.

That token was clearly the one that he had given to Chen Chen as collateral when he was in the capital. At that time, he declared that as long as the token was shown, he would agree to all requests even if he had to die.

Now that Chen Chen had taken out the token… it was a blatant threat!

“Clan Master Ye, continue boasting, I’m listening to you.” Chen Chen fiddled with the token and weighted it in his hand with a playful expression.

Ye Wusheng blushed and froze on the spot, completely speechless.

Indeed, you won’t get to keep someone else’s belongings forever…

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