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Chapter 130: Chapter 131: Furious Old Man

The Thunder Tribulation dissipated.

Chen Chen gradually sobered up and he put away all the storage rings within minutes, without the slightest delay. He then removed the Thunder-Resistant Armor that was emitting a golden light, before saluting to the sky.

“Heaven, I was forced into desperation previously and started babbling nonsense. We see each other all the time, don’t take it seriously. I won’t harm anyone in the future, don’t create such a scene again in the future… Look, you’ve already harmed so many innocent people in the process and disrupted peace!”

At this moment, a low holler came from afar.

“That’s the treasure of the Wuxin Clan…”

Before he finished, Chen Chen’s expression changed and he pointed his finger, after which a thunderbolt rumbled and killed that Wuxin Clan elder.

“One last time!”

After muttering to himself, Chen Chen soared up into the sky and flew into the distance.

Logically speaking, the Nascent Soul elders of the Wuxin Clan should have come back after such a happening event. If he didn’t hurry up, he probably would not be able to leave.

In the courtyard that he passed by just now, Chen Chen found Qing Qian and Qing Heng lying among the ruins, both unconscious. He sighed in his heart and then pulled the two of them out of the ruins before feeding them two recovery elixirs. He then carried them away from the Wuxin Clan.

As a newly advanced Core Formation cultivator, he ought to accumulate merit now.

After flying for 50 meters, Chen Chen finally let his guard down and woke the two of them up.

“Where… where are you? What happened?” At this moment, Qing Qian was still dreamy and she had a look of confusion when she woke up.

However, Qing Heng seemed to have remembered what happened to the Wuxin Clan and looked particularly horrified.

‘The Wuxin Clan has been destroyed!’

‘The elders of the Wuxin clan must be furious! This is the foundation that they had accumulated for thousands of years!’

“Junior Brother Chen, did you bring us out?” Qing Qian asked, looking at Chen Chen with a complicated gaze as she gradually sobered up.

Seeing this, Chen Chen sighed and said gently, “the Wuxin Clan definitely won’t let anyone off after what happened this time. Ah, we’re both outsiders and if I don’t bring you guys out, you guys might die here.”

“But you… your cultivation level…” Qing Qian was puzzled.

“I learned some stuff from the Demon clan which can save our lives during the critical moment,” Chen Chen said.

Hearing her words, Qing Qian came to a sudden realization. Since he had been in ambush in the Demon clan, he had definitely learned some stuff from the Demon clan.

‘But, Junior Brother Chen took the risk to save Father and I, can he still go back to the Wuxin Clan?’

At the thought of this, she could not help but worry and subconsciously looked at Chen Chen.

“Junior Brother Chen, you can’t explain yourself after taking us out. What should we do next?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen looked displeased as he expected better from her.

“Saintess, the Wuxin Clan is no longer the Wuxin Clan that I loved at the beginning. Even if it didn’t fight the Demon clan properly, they should have stopped the internal affairs from going awry. Some of the disciples actually transcended the tribulation in the spirit meridian of the clan, resulting in a huge disaster!”

“Such a Wuxin Clan is not worthy of my service, I have to go to other clans and continue to contribute to the fight against the Demon clan.”

After saying those words, Chen Chen’s expression changed and he turned his head abruptly.

Seeing Chen Chen’s sudden actions, Qing Qian was stunned and she froze for a moment but in the next second, she realized something.

‘Junior Brother Chen, are you crying?’

‘Well, it’s normal for him to feel that way since his beloved clan has been ruined and he has to leave them. I can imagine how miserable he is.’

With that thought in mind, Qing Qian wanted to comfort him but she didn’t know how to start.

At this moment, Chen Chen waved at her.

“Saintess, there is no need to say more, I have dedicated my life to fighting against the Demon clan. Such a small setback is nothing to me.”

“It is rumored that the Tianyun Clan is very resolute in fighting against the Demon Clan, I will probably join the Tianyun Clan once I go there. I don’t know if they will want such a wastrel like me. Haha, the road ahead is far. Saintess, we will meet again if fate allows!”

After saying those words, Chen Chen stood up and walked towards the direction of the rising sun.

Looking at the figure below the sun who was still secretly wiping the tears on his face, Qing Qian could not help but but be heartbroken.

‘In this world, there are too many silent heroes who are truly the remarkable ones.’

Chen Chen walked a few hundred meters away and began to pick up in his pace. Soon, he was far away from the both of them.

Looking at the mask in his hand, Chen Chen was somewhat speechless.

After a long and tumultuous day, the gift from his master’s wife was finally scrapped.

Fortunately, he was quick-witted enough to not reveal his identity.

His handsome face was not ordinary and he reckoned that Qing Qian would probably be able to recognize him at a glance.

“Now there is no one from the Demon clan around, it’s time to make a trip to look for the Master.”

Chen Chen secretly made up his mind.

‘Master’s wife must have given him lots of masks, I have to ask for a new one.’

‘Besides, I must give Master a portion of the treasures I got in the Wuxin Clan.’

The Tianyun Clan still had a long way to go before it would grow strong enough to compete with the Demon Clan. They also needed plenty of resources.

The vast majority of resources in his hands were of little use to him, and these resources, if given to the Tianyun Clan members, would enable them to progress quickly.

In addition, his master’s mid-Nascent Soul realm cultivation level was still a bit low, and there was still a great difference between him and the big shots of the Demon clan.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen sped up and flew in the direction of the White Tiger Clan.

The White Tiger Clan was the main battlefield that the three clans would use against the Wuxin Clan. He reckoned that his master should still be there now.

‘As for the Wuxin Clan’s Nascent Soul realm cultivators, they have probably all gone back, right?’

‘I really wonder what would Master’s reaction be when he sees so many resources.’

Actually, it was similar to what he imagined.

There were ruins above the Wuxin Clan.

The few white-haired old men looked at the scene below, their eyes filled with disbelief.

They couldn’t believe that this was actually the Wuxin Clan!

The old ancestor who was taking the lead, began shivering vigorously and his strong aura had directly overturned several ruins below!

“Who is it! Who the hell is that!” The Wuxin Clan ancestor looked up to the sky and roared!

No one answered and he knew from the wailing that there were still some survivors within the ruins.

Ignoring the survivors, the Wuxin Clan ancestor quickly flew in the direction of the Wuxin Palace, passing by the treasure vault on the way. Looking at the empty treasure vaults, his eyelids twitched rapidly a few times, and his teeth chattered for a long while.

Fortunately, he cultivated the Supreme Wang Qing Dao, which saved him from slipping into obsession.

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

He arrived at the Wuxin Palace.

At this moment there was a huge pit that was a thousand meters deep and a hundred meters wide! It was as if it had been hit by a flying rock from the sky!

There was nothing inside, not even a Spirit Stone, let alone a spirit meridian. There was only a rich spiritual energy left in the sky which told him that this was indeed the place where the Spirit Meridians were once located.

However, what was the point of that? Without the Spirit Meridians as the foundation, the spiritual energy will dissipate between heaven and earth in no time.

“The foundation of the Wuxin Clan is gone…”

The Wuxin clan ancestor’s face was flushed and blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth.

The few Nascent Soul realm cultivators around were shocked to see that scene.

“Ancestor! Hang in there!”

“Get lost!”

The old ancestor of the Wuxin clan roared furiously and blasted the few Nascent Soul realm cultivators away. They then charged into the large pit indignantly.

An hour passed.

The ancestor of the Wuxin clan finally found the fragments of a coffin.

Seeing this coffin fragment, the ancestor broke into hysterics as he started crying and laughing maniacally. He looked even more miserable than he was when Chong Ye died!

“The Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet has been destroyed… I… How can I explain to that lord!?! I’m so furious!”

He looked into the sky and hollered. Unable to take the blow, he rolled his eyes and fell into the pit.

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