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Chapter 132: Chapter 132: Another Misunderstanding

Ye Wusheng was caught in a dilemma while the clan masters of the Vermilion Bird Clan and the Black Tortoise clans frowned.

According to their thoughts, the leading clan should be one of the three clans.

After all, the three clans were closer to each other and even if their clan was not the leading clan, they wouldn’t mind having the White Tiger Clan take the lead.

Ye Wusheng was only a cultivator at the early Core Formation stage. Once they give their opinions, he definitely wouldn’t dare to defy them.

“What is Ye Wusheng doing? Why isn’t he saying anything? Indeed, most young people are unreliable and tend to get nervous during such situations.”

The Vermilion Bird Clan master secretly criticized.

“Chen Chen is not a composed or grounded person either. He seems to loaf around all day. This generation of young people is really far worse than when we were young. ”

As they thought about it, the Vermilion Bird Clan master accidentally saw the red string on Chen Chen’s neck, as well as the corner of the Phoenix Blood Begonia pendant that was revealed.

Although it was only a corner, the Vermilion Bird Clan Master could instantly recognize it to be the Phoenix Blood Begonia pendant, which she had given to her beloved disciple Xiao Huang!

“What’s going on? I gave this jade pendant to my disciple when she was still a child, how come it is now on Chen Chen’s neck!?!”

The Vermilion Bird Clan master was shocked. ‘How can a girl’s personal belongings be given to another man casually?’

‘My disciple didn’t tell me about it either but Chen Chen is so wearing it so openly without hiding…’

‘Could it be? Damn it.’

The Vermilion Bird Clan Master was a middle-aged woman who had a cool and aloof expression. At this moment, she could not help but have her eyelids twitch.

She then turned her head to look at the Vermilion Bird Clan successor, Xiao Huang, who had been standing behind her.

Xiao Huang had noticed the gaze of her master early on, but how could she explain it?

She couldn’t possibly say that she had sold her personal belongings to that shameless person, Chen Chen. What would her master think?

Besides, it was an intimate object that others usually could not see. If she said that she was forced to sell it, no one would believe her. After all, she couldn’t bare her chest openly like Chen Chen was, as that would make her seem like a bandit leader…

Hence, when faced with her master’s gaze, she had no choice but to lower her head while blushing.

When the Vermilion Bird Clan master saw that scene, her heart sank.

‘I didn’t expect it! My disciple had actually privately come to an engagement with this successor of the Tianyun Clan!’

‘She even gave him a token of love!’

‘This is outrageous…’

‘Hey, it seems that this kid is quite good!’

The Vermilion Bird Clan master subconsciously wanted to curse, but when she saw how composed and relaxed Chen Chen was, she suddenly felt that he was not ordinary.

He had a clear and handsome face,and when he spoke, he was neither condescending nor lowly. When facing the Nascent Soul realm powerhouses, he did not have the slightest fear.

More importantly, he had incredible talent and had reached the Core Formation realm at such a young age.

Although Ye Wusheng was also in the Core Formation realm, he had been hiding under his armor for years and became a little psychotic. He really wasn’t a good candidate for any companionship for life.

Thinking of this, the Vermilion Bird Clan Clan Master suddenly smiled and said calmly, “I think we can make the Tianyun Clan the leading clan. After all, Clan Master Ye is too young and it might be difficult for him to take on a huge task like this.”


The Black Tortoise Clan master who was at the side, looked at her in puzzlement. When Xiao Wuyou flew away just now, they had already discussed and agreed not to let the Tianyun Clan be the leader. Yet, she changed her mind at the last minute.

‘This woman is so unreliable.’

Ye Wusheng was astonished too. ‘I was just slow to speak and I got betrayed just like that?’

The Vermilion Bird Clan master ignored them and stared at Chen Chen with a benevolent smile.

During such a moment, she already knew who was closer to her.

After making eye contact with the Vermilion Bird Clan Master, Chen Chen couldn’t help but shiver as he hurriedly sat up straight and put on a solemn expression.

He did not know what she was thinking but he vaguely felt nervous.

The Vermilion Bird Clan clan master’s sudden change of heart jeopardized Ye Wusheng’s speech. Two of the four clans supported Xiao Wuyou and they were also on the same starting line. So, how could he compete with Xiao Wuyou, who was in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm?

Besides, Chen Chen still had the token of the White Tiger clan.

The Black Tortoise clan master gave up at this moment too. He simply looked up at the sky outside, looking nonchalant as if he had decided to stay out of it.

Realizing that his master was looking at something outside, Xuan Hong hurriedly followed suit,only to realize that there was nothing special about it.

Seeing this scene, Ye Wusheng took a deep breath, stood up and looked at Chen Chen who was sitting not far away.

“Chen Chen, let me ask you, will you be the clan master of the Tianyun Clan in the future?”

Chen Chen did not speak, but Xiao Wuyou who was next to him, interjected, “Of course he will. When he steps into the Nascent Soul realm, I will step down and let him take over as the patriarch of the Tianyun Clan.”

Hearing his words, Ye Wusheng nodded slightly with a solemn expression.

“Good to hear, since that’s the case, Chen Chen, you and I shall fight a battle. If you defeat me, the White Tiger Clan will naturally become the leader of the four clans. Otherwise, it would be better for the four clans to be under the lead of the White Tiger Clan now.”

“It’s not that I’m going back on my word but this is a matter of great importance. After the previous battle, the White Tiger clan has suffered heavy casualties. If I don’t put up a fight, I’ll really be letting down the late members of the White Tiger Clan.”

“Of course, no matter who wins or loses this battle, the White Tiger clan’s order is still valid. You can still let me do one thing in the future.”

As soon as Ye Wusheng said that, the Vermilion Bird Clan spoke up in displeasure before Chen Chen did.

“Clan Master Ye, you’re being ridiculous. As soon as you stepped into the Core Formation realm, you refined the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor that you stained, into a Dharmic treasure and retracted it back into your body. Chen Chen doesn’t have the time to refine any Dharmic treasures yet. Don’t you think you’re bullying him by challenging him who doesn’t have a treasure?”

Hearing these words, Ye Wusheng’s face stiffened.

‘Why is the clan master of the Vermilion Bird Clan always nitpicking on me?”

Chen Chen was also a bit puzzled. ‘I’m the main person involved but I have no objections. What are you objecting for? I’m not your son-in-law!’

Sighing helplessly, Chen Chen stood up and said, “Yes, I accept your challenge.”

Ye Wusheng was relieved to hear this. Fortunately, Chen Chen agreed, otherwise he would probably be utterly embarrassed.

“In this case, let’s get to it sooner rather than later.”

A few moments later, a group of people arrived at the clan ring of the White Tiger Clan.

On the ring, Chen Chen and Ye Wusheng both stood silently and still not uttering a single word.

The Tiger Spirit Chain Armor on Ye Wusheng’s body began to float out of his body.

Chen Chen felt a little embarrassed. Before going on the ring, the Vermilion Bird Clan clan master gave him a bunch of stuff. At this moment, he was still clad in a phoenix feather robe and holding a flaming longsword in his hand. He looked just like a woman dressed as a big boss.

Looking at Chen Chen who was on the stage, the Vermilion Bird Clan clan master became more and more satisfied and she turned her head to look at Xiao Wuyou who was next to her. She said smilingly, “Junior Brother Xiao, we’ll be a family from now on.”

Xiao Wuyou was astonished to hear her words. Although he had reached the Nascent Soul realm and developed an aura that was more outstanding than before, he was still faithful towards You Ruoshui.

‘What does the Vermilion Bird Clan master mean? What does she take me for?’

‘Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you support the Tianyun Clan becoming the leader of the four clans?’

‘Damn it! I don’t care for it!’

Thinking of this, he subconsciously moved farther away from the clan master of the Vermilion Bird Clan with an arrogant expression.

On the ring, Ye Wusheng looked at the odd-looking Chen Chen with a perturbed expression. “Chen Chen, in fact, when you encroached on the White Tiger Clan’s Heavenly guest room on the Wuxin Clan’s flying boat, I wanted to fight with you. However, I decided to hold back for the sake of the greater good.”

“Later, when I arrived at the capital, I witnessed how strong you are so I knew I would be no match for you. Hence, I suppressed the urge to fight you.”

“Now that I have reached the Golden Core realm, I have broken free from the restraint of the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor and it has also become my greatest aid.”

“At this moment, I finally understand the good intentions my master had when he told me to put on the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor. So, for the sake of fulfilling my master’s wishes and for my plans then, I must fight you. Chen Chen, don’t blame me for bullying you!”

Upon hearing his long speech, Chen Chen said with an indifferent smile, “Ye Wusheng, bring it on. What’s the point of saying so much?”

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