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Chapter 126: Chapter 126: Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet

“Spirit Meridian Essence, Earth Spirit Crystal!”

Chen Chen muttered softly. He could tell from the names of the items that they were superior.

Since it was called a Spirit Meridian Essence, it meant that it was vital to this spirit meridian.

Humans would die without their souls, what would happen to the spirit meridians if they lost their essence?

While thinking about it, Chen Chen had already begun reaching his hand forward but at this moment, Yuan Qingtian who was near them suddenly yelled in horror!

“Damn it! What’s this damned thing? I got a great fright!”

Hearing this cry, Chen Chen’s movements came to an abrupt halt.

He had really been careless just now. If someone from the Wuxin Clan had come in and set up something inside, he would have triggered something by reaching his hand out.

“System, are there any traps nearby?”


After receiving the system’s answer, Chen Chen was relieved and he walked towards Yuan Qingtian with his mind at ease.

“You’re an assassin, why are you so timid?”

“Senior Brother, look! There’s a coffin!” Yuan Qingtian answered softly.

Chen Chen’s heart sank.

‘Could there be some terrifying powerhouse sleeping here? If there is, wouldn’t it be over for me?’

However, he was stunned and froze in front of the coffin.

This coffin was transparent and everything inside could be seen clearly.

There was indeed a person lying inside. To be exact, it was a humanoid creature that was wrapped in wool and their bodies were emitting an opaque light, resembling crystal jade.

That “human” had a distorted body and the various body parts were of different proportions than ordinary humans.

The more frightening thing was that he was squinting and grinning widely, seemingly laughing maniacally!

“Damn it! You scared me to death!”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart. He felt that that thing could only be described as a monster.

However, he remained calm on the surface and said coldly, “We the members of the Demon clan have seen all sorts of oddballs.”

After saying that, Chen Chen asked the system in his mind, “System, who is the most powerful person around here?”

“It’s you, Host,” the system answered truthfully.

Hearing this, Chen Chen rephrased his question, “Where is the most powerful life-form in the vicinity?”

At this moment, he had already put Green Bean back inside the spiritual beast hide bag. Only him, Yuan Qingtian, and the monster in this coffin in the area full of mist.

“Host, one meter in front of you, there is a semi-finished Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet that is formed by the absorption of endless negative emotions such as greed, anger, obsession, resentment, hatred and evilness.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen secretly lamented in his heart.

She could tell that the item was extremely impressive. The Wuxin Clan members cultivated the Supreme Wang Qing Dao but they used all kinds of negative emotions to secretly condense this evil thing underground!

“Senior Brother, what should we do? Should we get rid of it?” After Yuan Qingtian snapped back to his senses, he took out a dagger with a murderous intent in his eyes.

Chen Chen hurriedly stopped him while taking out a large bunch of things from his storage ring, including Dragon-Taming Wood and the Dragon-Slaying Sword which would ward off evil.

“System, is there anything around here that can exterminate this monster?”

“You, Host.”

“Me? How do I exterminate it?” Chen Chen was a little shocked.

However, that question was beyond the system’s scope and thus the system did not answer.

Chen Chen stood in place and began to ponder hard.

“It should not be blood. Otherwise, the system would directly state so. Do I have to use many different means?”

After pondering for a moment, Chen Chen’s gaze gradually became firm.

‘This thing is going to be a variable. Since I can exterminate it, I’d better do so.’

‘Otherwise, I can’t be at ease.’

‘I’ll get rid of it while it’s distracted!’

Since he had already made up his mind, Chen Chen summoned Green Bean without hesitation and broke the restrictions on the coffin.

After opening a crack in the coffin, a terrifying Yin energy emanated from inside, causing Chen Chen to shiver.

At the same time, a tyrannical intent surged to his heart, causing his eyes to turn red instantly!


Chen Chen exhaled a breath of turbid air and shook his head. In addition, the Phoenix Blood Begonia Pendant that he had gotten from Xiao Huang after tricking her, emitted a red light in his arms, dispersing the evil energy.

“This thing is really evil!”

Filled with shock, Chen Chen turned to look at Yuan Qingtian who was near him.

“Qingtian, stand further away, this item is really strange. Only people like me who were hot-blooded, zealous, and have the ability to stay true to my heart, won’t be affected!”

Hearing this, Yuan Qingtian hurriedly shunned far, far away to hide in the mist.

However, he had just absorbed some Yin energy just now and almost lost his rationality just now. If not for his Senior Brother, he wouldn’t have known what happened.

‘Senior Brother managed to restore his sanity after being attacked by the Yin energy. I’m amazed by his strong willpower.’

Seeing that Yuan Qingtian had gone far, Chen Chen felt a lot less emotionally burdened and he reached his hand into the coffin, after which a powerful lightning force burst out from his hand and blasted at the monster in the coffin!


The lightning represented the heavenly might which was extremely harmful to evilness. After being blasted by Chen Chen’s lightning, the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet’s smile became twisted and it seemed to be opening its eyes as they trembled slightly.

Bang bang bang…

The coffin also began to tremble violently with the change in the expression of the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet. Upon sight of it, Chen Chen hurriedly pressed the coffin plate while desperately channeling his attacks.

“This doesn’t seem to work!”

Seeing that the impact of the coffin was increasing, Chen Chen panicked and gritted his teeth before opening the storage ring.

All the items that would ward off evil were put to use.

He scattered the Corpse Dissolving Powder from the corpse refinement division.

The intense poisons of the Poison Division were also thrown into the coffins.

He put the cursed effigies given to him by the Witchcraft Division.

Next, it was the special potion used by the Demon division for painless self-recovery.

The insect-shaped attacking puppets from the Puppet Division were thrown in too.


The coffin board trembled more and more violently, as if there were fireworks inside. Not only were they flashing, smoke was emitted continuously too.

The cold sweat on Chen Chen’s forehead flowed down uncontrollably. He had already given his best, if he still couldn’t kill it, he would curse the system even before his death!

Yuan Qingtian heard the movement from afar and said with some concern, “Senior Brother, do you want me to help? It feels so intense!”

Chen Chen hurriedly refuted, “Don’t… don’t… don’t come over, this scene is too brutal, you will be traumatized if you see it!”

‘What a joke, I’m still giving out lightning, what if my identity gets exposed?’

Seeing that the coffin board could no longer be pressed, Chen Chen quickly pulled out Green Bean and placed it on the coffin board.

His beady eyes were filled with some confusion and the tortoise shell had already been cackling because of the violent tremor of the coffin.

However, after sensing the Yin energy, Green Bean’s eyes suddenly became cold, and his body then emitted a dark light.


Green Bean stomped its forelimbs and the dark light immediately suppressed the coffin board.

The coffin board instantly closed and there was no longer the slightest trace of movement. However, there was still colorful smoke and flames darting out in all directions.

About three minutes passed.

The movement in the coffin ceased and the monster completely vanished, leaving only a pile of filthy liquid in the bottom of the coffin.

Immediately afterwards, the transparent crystal that formed the coffin slowly cracked while cracks began to form on the massive essence too before finally turning into dust.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen vaguely understood something.

It seemed that the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet had not only been absorbing all kinds of negative emotions, but also the power of the Earth Spirit Crystal through that crystal.

“I wonder if that commotion just now has attracted the attention of others.”

Chen Chen was a little worried. Without saying a word, he went to the Earth Spirit Crystal and drew his Spirit-Breaking Blade.


With a crunching sound, the Spirit Breaker Blade broke directly.

Chen Chen was speechless. He tried to move the Earth Spirit Crystal with all his might but to no avail.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen made up his mind and pressed his hand on the Earth Spirit Crystal, maximizing his Innate Spirit Body. He started absorbing the power of the Earth Spirit Crystal!

The spiritual energy in the Earth Spirit Crystal was extremely pure and Chen Chen felt his Qi training level soar!

However, the light of the Earth Spirit Crystal did not become much dimmer. Looking at Yuan Qingtian and Green Bean from afar, Chen Chen exclaimed, “Green Bean, Qingtian, come here and suck some spiritual energy. We’ll empty this thing out today!”

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