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Chapter 125: Chapter 125: The Power of the Diabolic Demonic Dao

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At this moment, Yuan Qingtian gradually appeared, and although his expression was calm, his eyes were filled with excitement.

Chen Chen got up from the bed and took out a strange stone from his storage ring and put it on the bed without saying a word.

Soon, there was a fast asleep Chen Chen who appeared on the bed and seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

As long as the Qingling clan successor does not barge in and climb into his bed in the middle of the night, she will never find out. He didn’t care about what would happen tomorrow.

The stone that created the strange scene was called the Mirage Stone, a special product of the Illusions Department of the third division of the Demon clan, which could create an illusion in a specific area.

Since he had made up his mind to infiltrate the Wuxin Clan, Chen Chen was naturally well-prepared.

Last night, he visited many of the powerful and authoritative figures of the Demon clan.

When Yuan Qingtian assassinated Chong Ye, he was equipped with various terrifying poisons like the “Mortal’s Wrath” and Chen Chen thought that since he was in the Wuxin Clan, he had to get some equipment.

“Senior Brother, what do we do about that Core Formation powerhouse outside the courtyard?” Yuan Qingtian asked with a murderous gaze in his eyes. Although he could not kill a Core Formation elder, he could still cooperate with Chen Chen.

“Ignore him,” Chen Chen said while pulling out another packet of things from his storage ring.

He then scattered it in the air, which completely disappeared into nothingness after it merged into the air. Yuan Qingtian’s heart jumped as he was frightened.

“Here’s some Distraction Powder from the sixth division. It’s colorless, tasteless and invisible, so the effects are limited to making one subconsciously distracted.”

Chen Chen held his breath and explained softly.

After hearing what he said, Yuan Qingtian began to hold his breath too.

After about 15 minutes, Chen Chen brought Yuan Qingtian to the courtyard carefully. He took out the green beans and broke the courtyard’s restrictions.

The two of them left the compound silently.

Most compounds in the Wuxin Clan were lit up late at night, with disciples patrolling from time to time. Looking at the various palaces, Yuan Qingtian was dumbfounded.

‘How am I supposed to start?’

“Senior Brother, how about we snatch a disciple over and ask him where the treasure vault is?”

“Do you think a disciple would know?” Chen Chen questioned rhetorically, rolling his eyes.

“How about we catch an elder?”

“Get lost!”

Yuan Qingtian immediately shut up. He had already decided to do more and talk less today.

“System, which place is richer in spiritual energy?”

Chen Chen asked the system.

“Thirty meters on the far right,” the system replied coldly.

To be honest, the concentration of spiritual energy within the thirty meter radius around him was almost the same. One would only be able to detect the subtle difference after reaching the Golden Core realm.

“Follow me!”

Chen Chen led Yuan Qingtian carefully to the right, and it didn’t take long for him to arrive at a courtyard.

There were no restrictions in the courtyard and it looked like the residence of some disciple.

As Chen Chen sneaked in quietly, he could even hear the faint voices inside.

“Chong Ye is dead! How wonderful! I have a chance to become the new successor of the Wuxin Clan! When the time comes, Senior Sister Qian can only submit to me!”

Through the faint light, Chen Chen saw a handsome-looking male disciple inside fiddling with his right hand while grunting with a grimace.

“True humanity shows only late at night…” Chen Chen was speechless and he then looked at Yuan Qingtian with a threatening gaze.

Seeing this, Yuan Qingtian sneaked into his room stealthily and killed the Wuxin Clan disciple with one strike.

Seeing that the odor of blood was beginning to spread, Chen Chen walked into the chamber, took out a bottle and poured its contents onto the corpse.

In a moment, the corpse disappeared into nothingness and the metallic odor of blood vanished without a trace too. There was even a faint aroma.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Qingtian was dumbfounded.

“What are you looking at!?! This is the professional Corpse Dissolving Powder of the corpse refinement division, a mandatory item!” Chen Chen said calmly as he put away the bottle.

“No… nothing, it’s just that you’re so skillful that it makes me a little scared.” Yuan Qingtian shook his head, his eyes a little fearful.

Chen Chen glared at him and took away the meditation cushion that the Wuxin Clan disciple was seated on. He asked righteously, “You’re a killer, what are you afraid of? On the contrary, It’s the first time I’m doing this for the Demon clan and my conscience hurts now, do you understand?”

As soon as Chen Chen said that, he took out another human-sized puppet from his storage ring. It was burly and could fit two people.

“What…what is this?” Yuan Qingtian asked even though he didn’t want to speak at first as he was unable to contain his curiosity.

“The digging machine of the Puppet Division. The front of the drill is a spiritual object that can absorb soil quietly. Hurry and get up!”

As Chen Chen spoke, the machine had already been drilled into the dugout and Yuan Qingtian was dumbfounded.

Under the motivation of the spiritual power, the digging machine quickly drilled into the earth, and when it sunk into the ground, Chen Chen walked out of the digging machine and covered the hole with the cushion. He then returned to the machine.

“System, which area within a 30-meter radius is the most dense in spiritual energy?”

“The soil thirty meters to the south!”

Chen Chen followed the instructions of the system and maneuvered the digger accordingly. He had to admit that it was very useful.

The spiritual object in front was continuously devouring the soil and discharging it at the back. The entire process was silent and several times more useful than the rumbling and noisy drilling machines!

“Senior Brother, where are we going?”

“The spirit meridian of the Wuxin Clan,” Chen Chen answered indifferently.

Nowadays, he had no chance of tracking on a large scale, so he could only rely on small-scale tracking to continuously travel to the place where the underground spiritual energy of the Wuxin Clan was the densest, in hopes of eventually reaching the place where the spirit meridians of the Wuxin Clan were located.

“Ah! Spirit meridian! If…”

Yuan Qingtian’s eyes were filled with shock and he dared not continue thinking about it. If something went wrong, the entire environment of the Wuxin Clan would change and that would disrupt the foundation of the Wuxin Clan!

He could even imagine the scene of being chased by the Wuxin Clan madly in the future.

After all, the successor and clan master can still be nurtured again but once the foundation was broken, it would be terrible.

Just as he was continuously imagining it, the digging machine stopped too and Chen Chen walked out of it in a space that was neither large nor small.

There was a stone wall in front of them.

To be exact,it was a huge Spirit Stone wall!

“We’re going to strike a fortune… This is going to be worth at least 100,000 Spirit Stones!” Yuan Qingtian exclaimed with a deadpan expression, almost losing his balance.

Chen Chen glanced at him disdainfully and then took out two long swords from the storage ring, one of which was thrown at Yuan Qingtian.

“Start digging, this is a Spirit-Breaking Blade that is used for digging Spirit Stones.”

After saying that, Chen Chen did not delay either and simply slashed the wall with the blade.

The Spirit-Breaking Blade was extremely powerful and it could slash the Spirit Stones like they were tofu. Soon, Chen Chen slashed to form a passage.

Seeing that Yuan Qingtian was still digging towards other places, Chen Chen scolded, expecting better from him, “Can you be a little bit more competent? What is there to dig in the low-grade Spirit Stones here? Follow me to the depths!”

“Okay… okay!” Yuan Qingtian answered frantically. At this moment, he was already convinced by Chen Chen and the only way he could express his respect is by following instructions.

The two men dug for about half an hour and dug about 50 meters deep into the passage. However, it was composed of Spirit Stones.

Yuan Qingtian was already numb to it now.

The underground mine of the Wuxin Clan had countless hidden Spirit Stones in the underground mine. The ones that he had seen along the journey probably added up to at least a million.

The deeper they went, the better the quality of the Spirit Stones and now, they were surrounded by medium-grade Spirit Stones of superior quality!

“There is only one medium-grade Spirit Stone meridian in the State of Jin… which is near the capital and is controlled by the Wuxin clan. I didn’t expect the Wuxin Clan to have an even better one!”

Chen Chen exclaimed as he dug.

When he searched the Tianyun Mountains, he had also found its spirit meridian which contained a low-grade Spirit Stone mine.

However, when compared with this spirit meridian of the Wuxin Clan, it was simply inferior. It was no wonder the Wuxin Clan could maintain the operation of the illusion array all year round.

Just after sighing, Chen Chen dug his knife into the empty space and concentrated, only to find that a huge core space appeared in front of him.

“The spiritual energy here is so rich!” Yuan Qingtian could not help but exclaim after entering the space.

In fact, the spiritual energy in this space could not be described as rich, because it had turned into fog, and the entire space was filled with spiritual fog which blurred their vision.

Chen Chen stepped into the space too and under the guidance of the system, he quickly arrived at the center of this space.

In front of him, there was a huge transparent crystal that was the size of a house. In the center of the crystal, there was a striking and dazzling beam of colorful light which seemed to be concealing some extremely precious item.

Chen Chen took a deep breath and asked in his mind, “System, where is the most valuable item nearby?”

“There is an earth crystal in the spirit meridian essence three meters in front of you, Host.”

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