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Chapter 127: Chapter 127: Divine Dao Golden Core

Yuan Qingtian answered and was about to come over, when he saw that Green Bean crawling over slowly. Along the way, he also picked it up.

The two humans and one tortoise were sucking the spiritual energy in the Earth Spirit Crystal vigorously!

Chen Chen had an innate spirit body and his elixir field had also completely fused with his body, thus resulting in an incredible devouring speed! In fact, it even emitted the whistling sound of spiritual energy!

Green Bean was a Black Tortoise and it was born with a golden elixir in its mouth. Although its front limbs were tiny, its speed of absorption of spiritual energy was not any slower than Chen Chen’s.

Looking at Green Bean’s effort, Chen Chen was very pleased.

He thought of taking Green Bean out just now because of the Phoenix Blood Begonia pendant.

A jade pendant stained with phoenix blood can exorcise evil and there was no reason Green Bean could not do so. He didn’t expect to succeed in the first try.

Chen Chen looked at Yuan Qingtian with disdain.

‘This mortal is unreliable but his hand is quite large. His speed of absorption of ethereality is probably only a tenth of mine.’

Sensing Chen Chen’s gaze, Yuan Qingtian felt a little guilty too and his face turned warm. Compared to Chen Chen and Green Bean, he was far too inferior.

However, he was extremely glad that he had chosen to be under Chen Chen’s wing. He thought, ‘At this rate, it would be possible for me to defeat the successor of the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen, soon.’

At the thought of this, he gritted his teeth and fought with all his might!

Five minutes later, Yuan Qingtian laid motionless at the side and muttered, “Senior Brother, I can’t do it anymore. I’m going to reach the Core Formation realm. Rumor has it that the denser the spiritual energy in the area of Core Formation, the higher the amount of spiritual energy condensed and the better the quality of the Golden Core. I wonder what kind of core I would form…”

Chen Chen nodded slightly with a solemn gaze in his eyes. At this moment, his cultivation level had reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm but the Earth Spirit Crystal in front of him contained high quality spiritual energy, which seemed to be infinite in amount. At this moment, the colorful light of the Earth Spirit Crystal was still shining brightly!

Soon, Green Bean could no longer continue absorbing and it simply closed its eyes to fall asleep.

Chen Chen put it back into the spiritual beast hide bag and continued to absorb the spiritual energy of the Earth Spirit Crystal.

He continued for several minutes and suddenly broke through the bottleneck of his body.


With the subtle sound, a dazzling ray of golden light emanated from Chen Chen’s body!

“I’m going to form the core too.”

Chen Chen was elated!

Before arriving, he had already reached the late Foundation Establishment realm. Now, with the immense absorption of spiritual energy from the spirit crystal, he was about to reach the Core Formation realm.

After that feeling surfaced,Core Formation felt like his body had suddenly emptied out, as if the previous spiritual energy had vanished.

In the next moment, the spirit crystal of the Earth Spirit Crystal gushed into his body like a storm.

Chen Chen’s body suddenly changed from gold to the colors of the rainbow!

Only then did Chen Chen realize the problem.

When others formed elixirs, their elixirs would go to their elixir field but he did not have any elixir field, so was he supposed to be the elixir?

Besides, when one reached the Golden core realm, their bodies would turn gold but why was he colorful?

“System, where is the most powerful Golden Core in the vicinity?”

“Host, the Divine Dao Golden Core within you is the most powerful.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen was slightly relieved. No matter what, he was already considered to have formed the Golden Core and that was enough.

Besides, after his body turned colorful, the Earth Spirit Crystal became dimmer. He had no idea how much spiritual energy he had absorbed in that instant.

“Senior Brother! I actually formed a second-grade Golden Core!”

At this moment, Yuan Qingtian abruptly leaped up from the ground, sounding extremely excited. The Golden Core realm was divided into nine grades and according to his aptitude, a fifth or sixth grade Golden Core realm would be good enough. However, in such circumstances, he actually formed the second-grade Golden Core!

‘However, what is wrong with Senior Brother Chen Chen? Why is he emitting a colorful light that is so dazzling!?!’

Before he could figure out what was going on, a special induction appeared in his mind, making his face turn extremely pale all of a sudden while extreme panic appeared in his eyes!

“Senior Brother… I’m in trouble! My Thunder Tribulation is coming!”

Yuan Qingtian sobbed.

The consequences of transcending the tribulation in the Wuxin Clan was imaginable. Soon, a bunch of people would come and beat him into pieces…

He was now in the early-stage Core Formation realm but even if he had reached the Nascent Soul realm, he’d be sieged and beaten up badly!


Chen Chen was shocked, not because Yuan Qingtian had gotten into trouble, but because he had also forgotten that cultivators in Qi training would have to transcend a tribulation to reach the Golden Core realm too!

Although there were also tribulations involved in body refinement, the tribulation will only be transcended when stepping into the Nascent Soul realm. However, the tribulation would come faster for Qi refinement.

‘Does this mean that my Golden Core Tribulation is coming soon too?’

“Senior Brother, let’s hurry up and leave. I’ll bring you out. If I end up implicating you this time, I’ll have to repay my debt in the next lifetime!”

Yuan Qingtian had a sorrowful expression and he didn’t expect things to go awry. He reckoned that there must have been Tribulation Clouds condensed outside at this moment. Besides, he could also sense that the Wuxin Clan cultivators were gathering now.

In fact, the situation outside was not much different from what he imagined.

A dark cloud of several hundred meters in circumference coalesced right above the spirit meridian, and thunder rolled within it.

Several peak Golden Core realm elders of the Wuxin Clan frowned slightly when they saw this scene.

“Which disciple is so careless as to transcend the tribulation here? Isn’t there a special platform for that within the clan?”

Many disciples were also awakened and came out from the courtyard to look at the sky that was gradually darkening with curious expressions.

“Go to Wuxin Palace and check which true disciple is transcending the tribulation.”

A peak Golden Core realm elder of the Wuxin Clan said coldly to a few people behind him.

The Wuxin Palace was the place with the densest spiritual energy in the Wuxin Clan, located right above the Spirit Meridians. Generally, only Nascent Soul realm cultivators and a few true disciples were qualified to cultivate there.

They could tell from the scale of the tribulation that it should be an extremely powerful Golden Core Tribulation and if nothing went wrong, it should be a certain disciple who accidentally broke through to the Golden Core realm.

However, as soon as he said that, another peak Golden Core realm elder next to him let out an incredulous cry of shock, and his eyes were filled with endless horror!

“Senior Brother! Look over there!”

The Golden Core realm elder who spoke just now looked in the direction he was pointing and took two steps backwards, almost falling down in fear!

He saw a sea of clouds rolling in the sky ten thousand meters away, and there was a brewing thunderstorm with endless Tribulation Clouds covering the sky, surging toward the Wuxin Palace!

It was as if there were thousands of horses and armies hidden in them, roaring and launching a fearless charge!

In just a few moments, the Tribulation Cloud, which was enough to cover the sky, arrived above their heads.


The sea of clouds rolled, and the thunder within it was incessant, booming and exploding, lighting up half of the sky. It was as if it was saying to the Golden Core Tribulation, “The person transcending the great tribulation must die. Those going through the minor tribulation, hurry up and leave! Don’t create more trouble!”

In fact, that was the case too. After the terrifying Tribulation Cloud arrived, the Golden Core Tribulation collapsed and disappeared without a trace.

Looking at the changes in the sky above their heads, the elders of the Wuxin Clan trembled.

‘What exactly is going on here? How could it have triggered such a heavenly phenomenon?’

In the underground spirit meridian, Yuan Qingtian’s sorrow expression stiffened abruptly. Next, he was filled with endless ecstasy!

“Senior Brother, I don’t know why, but I suddenly can’t sense my Thunder Tribulation! Great! Maybe the people of the Wuxin Clan didn’t find anything unusual!”

Chen Chen’s smile stiffened as he listened to his words and he said sarcastically, “Is that so… Ahem, congratulations!”

After saying that, he subconsciously looked overhead and cringed.

In the next second, the terrifying Tribulation Cloud above the Wuxin Palace abruptly lit up with a bolt of lightning that connected heaven and earth, directly penetrating the Wuxin Palace and blasting thousands of meters into the ground. Finally, it landed on his body!

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